How To Bag A Sponsored Post

I'm really into writing about blogging and insta tips at the minute and I have plenty more planned over the next month or two. So I thought in today's post I'd talk about how to get a sponsored post. I do sometimes get emails and DMs about how I reach out to brands and how I get sponsored blog posts often and I'll be honest it can be hard, especially when there's quiet spells. But in this post I'm talking about how to make your blog more appealing to brands and companies, being prepared to pitch to a brand and also where to find paid opportunities too.

Work On Increasing Your DA Score -
A lot of brands want at least a 20+ Domain Authority (DA) score in order to work with them on a paid collaboration. If your DA is below 20 or has dropped below 20 then it will be harder to find paid collaborations unfortunately. So working on your DA score is a must no matter what your DA score is! Moz predicts how well a website is performing and ranking on search engines and it is then scored on a 0-100 scale. It measures the links pointing to your site and also any linking root domains. I find that commenting on other people's blogs, linking one or two older posts in your latest posts and also checking for broken links often all help to increase your DA score. I know that Wordpress has plug-ins that can check and remove broken links but if you're on Blogger it's more time consuming. I use
Broken Link Check and I try and keep on top of it by checking it once or twice a month and removing any new broken links.

Cover Different Topics - 
If you cover a variety of topics then you've probably got a better chance at getting sponsored blog posts as they'll be more brands/companies to work with. I cover quite a few different topics but my main ones are currently beauty, lifestyle and fashion. However I do like talking about mental health, my chronic illness/pain (to raise awareness) and also home and interiors because I bloody love anything to do with restyling rooms and I love homeware shopping too.

Have A Media Kit Ready - 
Sometimes if you get in touch with a brand first about potentially working with them on a paid collaboration then they may ask you for a media kit. So it's always handy to make sure you have an up-to-date kit at the ready at all times. In the media kit you should mention about your blog (when you started it and things like that), it's niche, your blog views, social following and DA score. If you've already worked with some brands in the past that it's a good idea to mention some brands you've worked with too. I've even put a part of my media kit on my "Work With Me" page on my blog, so any brand checking out my blog can see an overview of some well-known brands/companies I've worked with over the past couple of years. You don't have to cram everything onto one page either as a lot of fellow bloggers (myself included) have spread their media kit out onto 3-5 pages. Mine's personally 3 pages long. So I have page one which is all about my blog, it's monthly views, social following, DA score etc. Page two is about brands I've worked with and page 3 is about how I can work with brands - from sponsored blog posts, insta ads, giveaways, social media takeovers and also what I charge for each service. I always make my media kids on Canva as it's free but there are people who do media kit templates or will make you a media kit from scratch on twitter and Etsy. But just be careful because some people are a bit cheeky and they make them on Canva for free and then sell them on. So you could just make it yourself and save some money.

Follow Opportunity Pages/Accounts -
Make sure you're following accounts which post about new opportunities. I run BloggerOppsxo on twitter which I try and update every other day. I post various different opps from gifting, paid and events. I'm also following two blogging pages on Facebook where I've applied for numerous sponsored posts before. Just search for Official UK Bloggers and UK Influencer Opportunities and request to be added as they are both private groups. Also make sure you check the #BloggersWanted or #BloggersRequired tags on twitter often as a lot of brands and PR's use these tags to reach out to suitable bloggers.

Email Brands You've Already Worked With -
If you've already worked with some brands on paid collaborations in the past then pop them an email to see if they're looking for bloggers for any relevant campaigns. I find this is always a good way to get sponsored blog posts if you've had a quiet month or if you really want to work with a particular brand again. I always leave it for 2-3 months before emailing them again though. 

I hope you find this post helpful! 

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  1. Thank you so much for including the broken link website! I've just put my blog on it now and I have so many broken links! That's my day sorted...haha!
    Chloe X

  2. I love this post so so much. Lots of very useful tips. I think the biggest thing is to create consistent content so that when you approach brands you have a benchmark to show them.

    The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog