A Guide On Knowing How Your Car Tyres Are Safe To Drive With *

-This post is in collaboration with Point S, all opinions are my own-
Making sure your car is safe for the road is obviously a big must but some people let things slide or forget to check their car over as often as they should. In this post I'm talking ways you can check your car over and make sure it's safe for the roads as well as some garages you can visit if you live in or near Paisley. 

Check your tyre pressure often -
Ideally you should check your tyre pressure every month for normal driving routes but if you're planning on driving a long distance or on a motorway then you should check your tyre pressure before doing both. Remember to always check your tyre pressure when they are cold so it gives more of an accurate reading because if you check it when they are warming up or hot then the pressure increases and so the reading will be wrong. Also remember to use a reliable tyre pressure gauge. 

Check and sort out any wear and tear issues -
Sorting out wear and tear sooner rather than later will more likely cost a lot less than letting something get worse and worse until it completely breaks. So you're better off getting small minor things sorted for not only your peace of mind but to save some of your well earned cash too.

Frequently clean your cars wheels to check for any damage or on set cracks - 
Another tip is to clean your wheels properly every month or so and basically get up close and personal with them so you can see any on set cracks, bulges or anything dodgy going on which requires attention. 

Check tyre tread every 2-4 weeks ideally - 
Checking your tyre tread should often be on your to-do list. The reason why it's so important to make sure you check your tyre tread every 2-4 weeks is because the less amount of tread on your tyres means a bigger breaking distance as there isn't as much grip left. This means when you brake, you won't come to a stop as quick as you should. Also if the weather conditions are bad then you could easily slide off the road or into another car/person so it's just not worth the risk of driving around with unsafe tyres. Also make sure you're car's tracking is okay because if it's slightly out it can cause your tread to wear quicker. You can have your car checked at the garages in Paisley I'll be mentioning shortly.

The law says you should have at least a 1.6mm depth but many manufacturers would recommend a change of tyres before then usually around 3mm. You can check your tyres by using a special device called a tread depth gauge or you can use the simple "20p test". To do this you just place a 20p coin into the grooves of each tyre and see if you can see the outer band of the coin. If you can't see the band then the tyre you're checking is safe and above the legal limit but if you can see the outer band then it means your tyres are not safe or legal and need changing ASAP.

Make sure you get new tyres as soon as you know they are needed -
As soon as you know your tyres need changing you should get them done ASAP to make sure your car is safe. If you live in Scotland then you can check out tyre range in Paisley from Point S. Their trained, professional staff will offer expert, product-neutral advice and are always up to date with their training meaning you will get great advice and service. 

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