Simple Ways To Revamp Your Living Room Space *

-this post is a paid collaboration with Land of Rugs and contains a gifted rug. All opinions are my own-
I'm a big fan of switching things up and revamping spaces in the house. I think I just get bored of things looking the same for too long, so in this post I'm talking about some ways you can easily revamp your living room space without having to go all out and redecorate the whole room.

In our living room we have a feature wall above the fireplace which has been a warm teal colour since last year and the rest of the walls are white and we do have a lot of wood going on in the house because when we first moved here, my dad loved rustic/tudor looking houses but we recently decided to strip back the teal colour and to put up a bold wallpaper above the fireplace instead. It was a bit of a risky move because my mum went wild in B&Q and picked out the wallpaper herself and let's just say sometimes my mums wallpaper/homeware choices are a bit well... crazy. Thankfully we all like it and I really like that it's main colour is kind of a mustard yellow because I've been loving anything mustard colour over the past couple of months. I also think that the wallpaper goes really well with the rustic looking wooden mirror we've had for literally years (no idea where it's from - sorry). 

To tie in with the feature wall and wooden mirror we also wanted to get a nice cosy rug to make everything go together when the whole room is complete. For this we chose a rug from Land of Rugs who sell lots of different styles and colours of rugs which will suit any home. There's definitely something for everyone! We chose the Noble House Beige Rug RRP £99.99* in the medium size option of 120 x 170cm (3'11x5'7) so that it fills the area in front of the fireplace which as you can tell Charlie has already taken to, so god knows what the cats will be like in the winter when the fire is on. I like that the geometric design kind of resembles honeycomb. I don't know why I just find it nice to look at. I also really like that it looks glossy and silky because I think it makes it look even softer if that makes sense. I definitely think it will make the room feel even cosier when the colder months come around too. You can also buy the rug in various different colours - 7 to be exact if the beige-almost-brown option isn't to your liking.

 Another few simple ways you can revamp your living room without going all out is by choosing some new curtains and also buying some new homeware bits such as ornaments, cushions, candles, vases, mirrors etc. Because we're going for a brown, purple and mustard yellow colour scheme in the living room we've got some new brown curtains to tie in with the room which I think will look really nice once they've been altered (they're slightly too long at the minute). We're also planning on doing a Matalan and George at Asda shop in the next week or two to see if we can pick up some nice cushions, a couple of oversized cosy throws and maybe some new cute ornaments to put on the shelves on either side of the fireplace too.

Are you planning on revamping any rooms in your home?
If so, how and what plans do you have?

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