Trying Out New Products from the Latest In Beauty New + Noteworthy Box!

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 A few weeks ago I received an unexpected parcel from Latest in Beauty which was a nice surprise! They kindly sent me their New + Noteworthy Box and I was so excited to see quite a few brands and products that I'd actually had been planning on picking up and trying. There's also a few brands that I'd never heard of before and I'm always up for trying new brands. The box is worth £181 but available for a bargain price of £28! Unfortunately the box is now sold out but if you're interested in the products featured in the photo above then carry on reading. 

First up is the Umberto Giannini Flowerology Rose Drops Vegan Miracle Mist* which I was really excited to see in the box because I was actually planning on trying some products from the recently released Flowerology range. I'm absolutely obsessed with this and I'm not usually a massive fan of heat and colour protective hair mists because I tend to prefer creams. Obviously if you're not a fan of floral scents then you'd probably not like this but it really does make my hair softer and glossier. I will 100% be repurchasing when I run out.

I haven't actually tried the Time Bomb Youth Juice Secret Oil* because it's basically an oil that adds hydration to your skin and right now my skin is going through a spell of being super oily (I think it's hormonal or something) so I haven't tried it yet but I will try it at some point in the near future once my skin settles down.

The Cake Beauty Mane Manage'r* smells gorgeous - kind of like a coconut cake scent. I love it! The spray is a little bit harsh and I'd prefer it to be more of a mist in terms of how it comes out but the product itself has been making my hair feel extra soft and it's also made it easier to manage and style too. I can't wait to pick up some more products from their hair range soon! 

Another product I was excited to try out is the Patchology AquaFlash Daily Gel Moisturiser*. I'm a big fan of gel moisturisers - the Origins GinZing Gel Moisturiser has been my go to for a while however I'll admit I've been getting a bit bored of the strong orange scent. So I've switched out the Origins one for now for the Patchology AquaFlash Daily Gel Moisturiser and it's been lovely to use. It smells very fruity which I like and it sinks in quickly and doesn't block up my pores. It's another product I'll definitely be picking up when I run out.

When I saw the Argentum Apothecary Illuminating Hydration Bar* I wasn't that excited to try it because I tend to not get on with soap facial bars anymore. I find that they dry out my skin and irritate it. However it contains Silver Hydrosol which is known for clearing up blemishes as well as balancing the skin and my skin definitely needs that. I have enjoyed using it and I do feel like it's helped my skin a little but the thing that put me off buying the full size is that it's a whopping £104 per (150g) bar! Ouch. So unfortunately even though my skin seems to like it my bank balance says no.

I haven't actually tried the Lore Originals Legend Hair Mask* yet but I'm definitely intrigued. Why? Because it's a dry hair mask treatment which is suitable for all hair types and genders. The only reason I haven't tried it yet is because I'm worried it'll strip my hair dye out when I've recently dyed my hair. So once my hair starts to fade I'll be trying it out and reviewing it on my insta stories.

The MUA Blushed Liquid Cream Blusher in Misty Rose* was actually on my to buy list for my next big Superdrug order so I was happy to see it in my LiB box. The reason why I wanted to try a few of the MUA Cream Blushers is because they really remind me of the Glossier Cloud Paints which I basically can't live without. So I wanted to see if they were a good dupe so I could save myself some money. Although let's face it, I'd probably still buy the Glossier ones because they're so nice *heart eyes*. I've found that the MUA Cream Blushers are nice but not as pigmented as the Glossier ones but I've still been enjoying wearing the Misty Rose shade for minimal makeup looks just for a slight hint of colour. I think I might pick up a few more shades to see how they perform just in case they all work a bit differently. 

The A.T Antao ColourLux Lip Lacquer (4 shades available) in the shade #2 Strawberry* is nice but I'll admit I'm not really a red lip wearer anymore. I think the last time I wore a red lipstick was Christmas time last year so I don't think I'm going to reach for it often.

I was looking for a new cleansing oil to buy and then LiB sent the New + Noteworthy box and basically blessed me with the Lumene Nordic Detox [Sisu] Recover & Protect Facial Oil* which I've been obsessed with. Lumene are a pretty new brand to me but the products I've tried so far have been amazing! The Nordic Detox Facial Oil contains Nordic Pine Bark Extract, Blackcurrant, Bilberry and Lingonberry Seed Oils along with essential omega fatty acids and Vitamin E and it removes makeup so easily, it smells nice and natural (in a good way) and also leaves my skin feeling soft. It's now replaced my Pixi Double Cleanse which my skin had started to disagree with for some reason.

The OPI Pro Spa Advanced Softening Gloves* are what I'd call a bit of a luxury moisturising treatment. I wouldn't say they are an essential you need in your beauty stash when you can just use a nice hand lotion but I do like to change it up a little sometimes and buy hand and foot treatment masks and the OPI Pro Spa Advanced Softening Gloves were nice to use and left my skin feeling super soft.

The box also came with the Jurlique Radiant Skin Foaming Cleanser* but I've stopped using foaming cleansers on my skin because I've realised my skin isn't a big fan so it's just not one for me unfortunately. So I'll either pass it on to someone who I know will use it or I'll pop it in my next giveaway (there is one coming soon!).

I found the Bio Miracle Bubble Sheet Mask in the Flamingo option* to be quite a fun face mask to use and I do think it purified my skin a little. I do like bubble masks because I do like a bit of a gimmick. I wouldn't say you need to rush out and buy it right now but if you fancy trying a bubble face mask then it is a nice, fun one to use. I think it'd be a great face mask to pop in a birthday hamper or bag if you're buying someone a few different things.

I was a little bit sceptical of the Laidbare Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! Hair Minimising Cream* which is supposed to minimise hair growth after shaving but guess what? I think it actually works! Another good thing is that it's super cheap at £6.99 and it's 96% natural as well as being vegan friendly and gluten free. I have only tried it on my legs but I do find that my leg hair grows quite quickly and I've definitely noticed it not growing as quick as usual after just a couple of applications. So I highly recommend picking up and trying for yourself!

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  1. The MUA blush sounds interesting. I've wanted to try the Glossier Cloud Paints for a while so I'm very tempted to give the MUA ones a try! x

    Jordan Alice

  2. I really need to sign up to a beauty box subscription, you get such amazing things to try!
    Chloe X