How To Create a Fuss Free Garden *

-This post is in collaboration with Grass Direct, all opinions are my own-
There's plenty of reasons why you might want to create a fuss free garden. It might be because you don't have the time to keep on top of the maintenance, you or a family member are disabled or unwell, you don't really like gardening but want somewhere to sit and relax in the summer and more. So in this post I'm talking about some ways you can create a fuss free garden that needs minimal attention throughout the year.

If the thought of having to mow and maintain the grass in your garden makes you want to cry then maybe artificial grass for the garden is the answer. There's plenty of reasons why having artificial grass might be better for you and your garden such as it being low maintenance, animal and child friendly and also because it contains no pollen. As silly as it sounds we only have real grass down in the garden for our cats because they really enjoy playing and rolling around in it in the summer but if we didn't have cats then we would definitely opt for artificial grass instead because it's so much easier to look after and it still looks realistic too.

You could turn your garden to nature and plant some Wildflower seeds in any bare areas that you just don't know what to do with. I personally love the look of lots of wildflowers all bundled together and they also make a great home and/or a place to hang out for many animals such as insects, bees and butterflies. So not only are you making your garden look pretty and colourful, you're also helping out the animals and environment a little too. You can pick up a box of wildflower seeds at well known shops on the high street and they're super cheap so you could have a mini wildflower meadow growing in your garden in no time!

You could plant some stubborn plants in your garden either in the ground or in plant pots which can put up with minimal watering and/or extreme weather conditions. Planting your plants in plant pots means that you can easily move them around your garden if you fancy a change around too. There are plenty of stubborn plants you can easily pick up at your local garden centre. These include: Lavender, Cat Mint, Echinacea, Pansies and more. 

If you want a designated area to grow certain plants or vegetables then I highly recommend getting a green house. Everything grows a lot quicker in a green house (in theory) and I find that growing your own vegetables is actually really satisfying and it also makes you appreciate the food you're eating more if that makes sense.

If you don't have a lot of space for plants or you just don't want too many to deal with then you could buy some climbing plants such as Roses, Honeysuckle, Sweet Pea (one of my all time faves!), Clematis and more. I think they can add so much to a garden in such a simple way. Some are easier to look after than others so you would have to research what would suit you and your garden the best before going out and buying them.

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