Some Simple Changes I've Made To Be More Eco Friendly... *

-This post is in collaboration with Core Bags and also mentions gifted items, all opinions are my own-
I've been really trying to be more sustainable and eco-friendly this year and I thought I'd share with you some simple changes that I've made that have made a big difference and don't make me miss the item/product I was using previously. So stick around if you're thinking about how you can change your lifestyle and become a bit more kinder to the planet.

Reusable Cotton Pads
I've been trying out different reusable cotton pads for the majority of this year. Some just did not agree with either my skin or my washing machine apparently. However I have ~finally~ found some reusable cotton pads that work really well for both my eye makeup and base makeup and also wash well too. I'm going to be talking about them in a blog post next week so keep your eyes out for that if you're interested.

Reusable Shopping Bags
I've been using reusable shopping bags for a few years now both because it's more eco-friendly and also so that you don't get caught out in a shop when you've done a lot of shopping and have to pay for plastic bags which are bad for the planet. If you want to jazz up your shopping bag or if you have a business and want to add your logo or something related to your business then you can easily pick up personalised tote bags on Core Bags who are environmentally friendly and care about the planet and want to reduce plastic waste.

Metal Straws
I know there's a big debate on straws because of the new paper ones that have been brought in but I've just been using the Orbis Hill metal straws* for a while now and I really like them. They don't break the bank, they're travel friendly and come in a canvas bag and they can also be used in hot drinks as well as cold. So I just think they're a good all rounder.

Shampoo Bars
Although I still haven't found the perfect shampoo bar yet because the ones I've tried have either made my hair feel dry or stripped my hair dye out, I am still planning on hopefully switching to a shampoo bar in the near future. 

Period Underwear
Something which has completely changed the way I handle my periods is using period underwear instead of pads. I tried out some ModiBodi underwear* earlier in the year and they're honestly game changing. You can read more about my thoughts and experience using ModiBodi underwear in this post.

Reusable Water Bottle
I've been using reusable water bottles for years but sometimes you just forget to take one with you and then you have to buy a single use bottle of water or juice instead. But now I make sure I take a reusable water bottle with me all the time and I also have a back up one in the car just incase. I tend to pick up cute water bottles from ASOS.

Cutting Back on Clothes Shopping
I've been cutting back on clothes shopping for a variety of reasons including the all important reason which is to be more sustainable. But I'm also inbetween different dress sizes right now and I recently had a good rid through my clothes that were in my wardrobe and in storage bags for the colder seasons and found some old favourites... as well as some clothes which still had tags on (oops). 

Face Cloths/Flannels
This seems like an obvious one but using a face cloth or flannel to remove your makeup instead of face wipes. I've been using this method for ages because face wipes are not only really bad for the planet but they were also really messing up my skin too. I prefer to use reusable cotton pads for my eye makeup and then a flannel to remove my base makeup and lipstick with either a balm or oil cleanser. 

Buy More Products With Aluminium and Glass Packaging 
Something I've been looking for when I shop for either food or beauty products is products with aluminium or glass packaging just because I'm trying to bring less plastic in the house and obviously glass and aluminium are both recyclable.

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