Trying Vitage Skincare For The First Time

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Earlier this month I received a lovely package from Vitage Skincare which included their new Renewal range and a gorgeous necklace from Decadorn. I've been trying the skincare bits for around 2 weeks now and I thought it was about time to check in and talk about the products and also if I think they actually work for my very temperamental skin. I've also got an exclusive 25% off discount code which you can use across Vitage's website which I will leave at the bottom of the post.

I feel like since I hit 25 earlier this year, I've noticed fine lines appearing and I'm not going to lie, it has made me feel a bit low at times. I know since last year when I became unwell, I've started to look more stressed in my face, especially around my eyes, so I've been opting for products that are suitable for my normally oily but currently combination (dry/oily) skin as well as products that claim to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

The first product I'm going to talk about is the Renewal Daily Moisturiser which Vitage claim renews, hydrates and protects the skin against environmental stresses whilst restoring the skins natural moisture. Suitable for dry, combination and sensitive skin types. It contains lactic acid, glycerin, bisabolol, vitamin e, hyaluronic acid, apricot kernal oil and chamomile extract.

I usually opt for a super lightweight moisturiser because of my oilier skin type, I've been really enjoying gel moisturisers this year and I feel like they give my skin enough hydration to keep it happy. If I use heavier creams I tend to look and feel more oily and also more likely to break out, which is what I'm obviously trying to avoid. 

The Renewal Daily Moisturiser* which is priced at £39 is a little bit heavier than what I'm currently used to and I'm not going to lie, upon first application I thought it was going to be one of those moisturisers that sits on the skin for ages but thankfully, it's not. It did take slightly longer than when I'm using my usual gel moisturisers but overall, I've enjoyed using the moisturiser over the past two weeks. It smells nice, it's kind of a mixture of a calming spa-like and herbal scent at the same time. I also like the fact that it contains lactic acid because I've become a big fan of lactic acid this year as I've found it's been a god send for the texture on my cheeks which I'm pretty sure the pill has caused, ugh. There's a blog post about that here if you're interested.

Next up is the Renewal Night Recovery RRP £39* which Vitage claim is a multi-action cream to regenerate your skin whilst you sleep. Suitable for all skin types and lighter than expected, it contains a combination of ingredients to enhance skin texture and revitalise the skin and hydrate through the night. It aims to improve skin texture and refine pores whilst reducing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It contains glycolic acid, vitamin e, glycerin, retinyl palmitate meaning it's slightly different to the daily moisturiser.

I'm not going to lie, I rarely get on with night moisturisers and I use daily moisturisers for both morning and night. I just find them too much for my temperamental skin and it just freaks out and I wake up with a ton of new spots the following morning. So it was a big shock when I applied the Night Recovery and I didn't wake up to my skin going crazy. I think it's mostly down to the fact that the cream doesn't feel super heavy on the skin as they claim. Obviously I can't say if it's helped with my fine lines and onset wrinkles when I've only used it for two weeks but I do like it and I'm pretty sure it's the first night time cream that hasn't made me breakout or look more oilier the next morning. 

Lastly from the Renewal range is the Renewal Antioxidant Treatment Mask RRP £24* which is a gentle but effective mask which instantly recharges tired skin with a combination of AHA and antioxidants for both professional and at home treatment. They claim it's a deeply hydrating mask which replenishes moisture and strengthens the skins protective barrier. After use your skin should feel firmer, soothed and rejuvenated and it's jam packed with ingredients such as glycolic acid, vitamin E, Glycerin, aloe vera, licorice, apricot kernal oil and chamomile extract.

I think out of the three products I've tried from Vitage, the Antioxidant Treatment Mask is my favourite just because as soon as you take it off you can see a difference. My skin looks more evened out no matter what's going on with it, whether I'm having an hormonal breakout or having a day when it reacts to everything and my cheeks goes bright red, I find that the Antioxidant Treatment Mask just helps it out loads. It also leaves your skin feeling super smooth and I love the herbally scent of the mask too (I think it's the licorice and apricot kernal oil mixed together).  

If you're interested in any of the products I've talked about in this post or interested in what other products Vitage have to offer then you can get 25% off using my code: ASBK25 (not affiliated).

Have you tried anything from Vitage Skincare before?

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  1. I have these three products so I'm excited to try the mask now! x