Why Good Tyres Keep You and Your Passengers Safe *

-This post is in collaboration with Iverson Tyres-
Driving in London is a frenetic task, especially in rush hour, and having a puncture is no fun. Keep yourself and your passengers’ safe by keeping the following in mind:

Picking the right tyres for the job
Choosing good tyres is one thing: choosing the right tyres for your driving conditions is another. London, largely, has good roads, but if your job or a holiday is going to take you onto rough or untreated roads, then you might need to invest in tyres designed for rough terrain. This will not only ensure that they tyres last better, it will keep everyone in the car safe as sturdy tyres will grip poor road surfaces better.

Trust the experts
Mechanics and tyre vendors know everything there is to know about tyres and can easily ensure that you have the right tyres for both your needs and to fit your vehicle. Book your car tyres in London from Iverson Tyres. It will not be long before your car is fitted out with new tyres that fit properly.

Know when to replace your tyres
If you are only an occasional driver, and take good care of your tyres, it can be tempting to keep old tyres on your vehicle for a bit longer. While tyres that are well-maintained certainly can last a little longer than those that have been abused, the recommendations for replacement are there for a reason – your safety! Change your tyres according to manufacture recommendations and enjoy greater peace of mind in your travelling!

Running in your tyres
For approximately the first one or two hundred miles travelled, your tyres should be considered new. New tyres are still settling in to the job and any (very rare) manufacturing faults will present themselves at this time, but they are also unwieldy, rigid and tend to be a little bit shiny from the manufacturing process. Therefore, while you are running your tyres in: take it slow and careful, avoid sudden acceleration and deceleration and stay on good quality roads as much as possible. Once the tyres are run in, you will enjoy a more secure and stable driving experience.

Check the fitting
Make sure you buy the right size tyres from your supplier. The tyre size is etched onto the side of the tyres, or it will be in the owner's manual. If it is not there, you can always check online to see which tyre size is right for you. 

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