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We all know how many online slot games there are these days. The choice has got to the pint where, in honesty, it can be a bit overwhelming. Themes are more elaborate than ever which, of course, is really exciting if you are an avid player of online gambling titles. Graphics are better than ever and we are living and playing in an era that has seen slot games become well respected video games with their own narratives. But despite all this, quite simply, you cannot beat the classics, and Burning Wins proves this - find out more. 

Burning Wins Summary 

We think that the fact that slot games can such ambitious and thrilling 3D adventures this days, actually plays to the advantage of Burning Wins. The game has very, very simple gameplay and a charming retro feel that brings everything back to basics. With the likes of fruit and bells on the reels, this really is an old school slot game and there is something quite brilliant about that. 
A game for those who want a break from the more modern, all action slot games that we everywhere today, Burning Wins is just some good simple slot game fun. There are just the three reels on offer which, of course, is the original format of a slot game as introduced by the legendary Liberty Bell well over a hundred years ago. You could say that the legendary company are paid tribute to as well, with the bell on the reels playing a key role. 
The graphics are far from flashy but that is very much on purpose, as this game looks more like a classic fruit machine you would find in an arcade, rather than one that you would play on your laptop, tablet or handheld smartphone device. But that said, Burning Wins will work just fine on all three platforms, looking as wonderfully timeless as it does on your desktop screen as it will on your iPhone. 
The betting starts at just 10p and is capped at a big £100, making for a title that will appeal to gamblers of all budgets. There is no progressive jackpot here or any of that, just a simple spin and win style slot game that we are sure you will all appreciate. There are a lot of games released these days but less and less with the so-called classic theme. Burning Wins is one of those and pulls of the theme superbly. 

Playson - Developers of Burning Wins 

If you have ever wondered who it is that makes all of these fancy online slot games, then this is the section for you. The developer is something of an unsung hero of the online gambling game. In reality, these brands are incredibly important to the entire online gambling industry and consistently provide brilliant online games, such as online video slot games, that just seem to get better and better, more and more advance each week and month. 
The developers of this slot game are Playson, an established brand who have been putting out online slot game titles for a while now. They are certainly capable of working on some really ambitious games and producing titles that boat superb graphics, themes and original layouts. But that said, Playson’s stance in the development game means that they can also put out a classic themes slot like this one and Burning Wins embodies a different side to their brand. 
An appreciation of the history of gambling and slot games is obviously present in Burning Wins, and this comes together with a really user friendly interface that many people are loving to play with. The graphics are simple yet well done, with the hot rod style flames marking the top of the screen. As ever from Playson and as already mentioned, Burning Wins is available across all major platforms. Not only this, but the game looks great and plays just as smoothly as ever accords tablet devices, smartphone devices of desktop devices like laptops. 

Playing Burning Wins  Assuming you have played a fruit machine before at some point in your life, you will know exactly how to play Burning Wins. It is the epitome of an old school slot machine or fruit machine, the sort we are used to seeing in old arcades and casinos. With just the three reels, it is really simple to play and easy to understand, harking back to the days when gambling games were just more simple. 

While simple does not always mean better, there is something to really savour about the humble nature of Burning Wins. You have 5 pay lines to work with so do not expect any wins out of the blue. What you see is what you get with this retro styled game, right down to the fiery animations and graphics that the game takes it’s name from. 
If you prefer a slot game to have all kinds of features, this might not be the game for you. But for us, this title offers a welcome break from the modern, more innovative slot game and gives us warm feeling of nostalgia, which is always welcome. Look out for the likes of lemons, oranges, grapes and bells on the reels, all offering differed sized wins that will hopefully make your time spent spinning worthwhile.  

Burning Wins Slot Bonus Features and Free Spins  In keeping with the old school, almost minimal theme that is on offer here in Burning Wins, there are no special features to report. This could be seen as a limitation of Burning Wins but again, what you see is what you get with this title and if you want a slot game with lots of bonus features and mini games, we are sure you will not have to look too far to find one. 

Verdict on Burning Wins  If you like your slot games simple and your wins big, then Burning Wins is the slot game for you. A true classic both in terms of looks and gameplay, there is a lot to enjoy about the retro slot game.

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