Testing Too Cool For School's Caviar Lime Range

-If a product is marked with an * then it was PR/Gifted to me. This post contains no paid content-
Too Cool For School are a brand I'm already familiar with. Their Egg Mousse Body Oil is actually one of my fave body care products and I literally can't be without it! So I was really excited to be sent some of the products from their latest range Caviar Lime. The Caviar Lime range is 100% vegan and has ingredients sourced from Australia. The range focuses on hydrating, brightening, exfoliating and resurfacing your skin with 9 types of vitamin complexes and 6-layered hyaluronic acids. 

I've been using three products from the line up which are the Hydra Vita Drop Essence RRP £29.99*, Hydra Eye Treatment RRP £24.99* and the Hydra Bubble Toner RRP £22.99* which are all available to buy from Boots.

The Hydra Bubble Toner* was definitely the product I was most excited to try because it's a bit different to your bog-standard toner. It also claims to have brightening and anti-wrinkle properties which I'm definitely into right now. According to the info on the box, the foaming toner contains 55% caviar lime which helps to smooth the skin texture as well as moisturising the skin too. So I do like that it contains a good amount of the main product and what the range is all about. Some brands say a product is all about X ingredient and then the product only contains a small percentage of the "it" ingredient which really annoys me because it's basically like selling a lie if you get what I mean? Also as expected the Caviar Lime range all smells citrusy which gets another thumbs up from me. It definitely helps to remove any remnants of cleanser which is great as I find sometimes if I don't throughly remove my cleanser then I sometimes get tiny little spots around my hairline (nice!). It also leaves your skin feeling super refreshed too. I have been enjoying the toner and I could see myself picking it up again in the future.

Next is the Hydra Eye Treatment* which is described as an intense eye moisturiser and I definitely agree with that. It is a bit different to what I usually opt for as I tend to use more eye gels or serums as they're more lightweight and sink into the skin quicker too. However, I do like the Hydra Eye Treatment, it isn't super heavy and thick but it's heavier than my usual eye products so it does take a little longer to sink in. So I've been using it as my night eye cream and I do think it's helped to hydrate my skin and brighten my under eyes a little. I also think it's priced really well for the amount you get (30ml). 

The last product I've been trying out is the Hydra Vita Drop Essence* which is a vitamin capsule serum. It's a watery kind of serum so a little goes a long way and they claim that the serum will replenish dry skin and add radiance and moisture. I can imagine this being nice to use in the summer as it's really cooling and refreshing but obviously super lightweight too so it doesn't take a long time to sink into your skin and get to work. It's definitely something I need to use for a longer amount of time before I make my definite mind up on it but so far, I do like it and it's good if my skin feels like it needs some extra moisture but I don't want to reach for something that feels super heavy on my skin.

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