Trying Milk Makeup For The First Time


A couple of weeks ago Cult Beauty had a 20% offer on the skincare section and because I was dealing with a bad pain flare up and was feeling a bit rubbish, I fancied treating myself to something. Weirdly, the first thing that popped up on the recommendations was the Milk Makeup KUSH Stash Bag which was RRP £44 reduced to £22 + 20% off so I snapped it up because I've been wanting to try some products from Milk Makeup for a while and the Cannabis Hydrating Face Mask which is in the set is something I was thinking of picking up anyway and that alone is £21! So I got 5 products (2 full size and 3 minis) plus the bag for just £17.60 which I thought was an absolute steal. 

Inside the "stash bag", you get the Cannabis Hydrating Face Mask, KUSH Lip Balm in the Green Dragon (Clear) option, Mini KUSH Mascara, Mini Cooling Water Stick and some Cooling Water Eye Patches. I couldn't wait to start testing everything out and now I have, I thought I'd share my overall thoughts.

The Cannabis Hydrating Face Mask is described as a hydrating, multi-tasking mask and contains the likes of aloe and kaolin clay which help to soothe, hydrate and draw out impurities. Because it's in a stick it means you don't waste any product, it's super easy to apply and it's a good mask to throw in your bag if you're travelling too. Apart from the fact that I was wandering around my house looking like Shrek for a solid 10 minutes (thank god the postman didn't knock on the door whilst I had it on!), I think it's a really quick and easy mask to use. I'm not sure about it being super hydrating though as my skin actually felt like it had been stripped after using it and I have pretty oily skin. So I would say if you have super dry skin then maybe don't get this one. I do think it brightened up my skin though after using it, it was almost as if you could see where it'd drawn-out any dead skin and impurities but I definitely need to apply moisturiser straight after using it.

The KUSH Lip Balm in Green Dragon was probably the product which I was least excited about just because well, it's a lip balm. However, after using it over the past week, I actually think it's a really nice lip balm as it's super hydrating, probably one of the most hydrating lip balms I've tried! It has a subtle flavour which is peppermint and sage according to the website and it's also got a really satisfying magnetic lid haha. You can also buy the lip balm in different shades too. I'm definitely going to be picking this up again!

The Mini KUSH High Volume Mascara actually works really well with my lashes, considering it doesn't have the type of brush I usually go for. However, I don't know if it's because it's a new mascara but you can easily go from nice fluttery lashes to clumpy AF lashes. So I do like it but I don't know if it's something I'd rush out and buy when and if I run out. 

The Mini Cooling Water is definitely something I can see myself using more when the weather gets warmer because it really does have that nice, cooling effect on the skin. You can use it on your face and on your body too. It contains caffeine which helps to energise and boost your skin whilst hydrating it too. I really like it, it's definitely better than the MUA Soothe and Cool Primer Stick which is an obvious attempt at a dupe.

The Cooling Water Eye Patches were unfortunately a big let down. They just didn't feel like they did anything at all. They didn't even feel cold and refreshing when I applied them like you would expect and I didn't see any difference after using them. 

So overall, my first impressions on Milk Makeup is a bit of a mixed review. I love the lip balm and mini cooling water, I like the cannabis face mask, although I don't think it's super hydrating as it's described, the mascara is okay but not amazing and the eye patches didn't seem to do anything. I definitely want to try a few more things from Milk though, including their Lip + Cheek, Watermelon Brightening Face Mask and Vegan Milk Moisturiser.

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  2. What a bargain!! Good thing about something like this is you can try out certain things before commiting to the full price and like you have, if there is something you're not a fan of, it isn't the end of the world!
    Amber |