Trying Too Faced's Skincare For The First Time

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Too Faced may be a well-known brand in the world of beauty but I've only tried a handful of makeup products by them myself but the products I have tried I really love and repurchase often. I would say my top three products are the Damn Girl! Mascara, Born This Way Foundation and the Born This Way Sculpting Concealer. I also like the fact that Too Faced are a cruelty-free brand. So when an email landed in my inbox recently about trying out some products from their skincare range, I was super excited to give them a whirl because we all know by now that I'm obsessed with trying and buying skincare.

They kindly sent me three skincare products to try out from the "Hangover" range and here are my thoughts on each product...

First up is the Hangover Good in Bed Ultra-Replenishing Hydrating Serum RRP £32* which they describe as a super-charged replenishing serum that's like a tall glass of coconut water for your skin. It also contains super nourishing ingredients such as vitamin B5, yoghurt prebiotics, hyaluronic acid and antioxidant-rich exotic dragon fruit which I really liked the sound of. It works to improve the skin's texture and moisture levels and gets to work right away. It also comes in a glass bottle and I think it just looks pretty on your skincare shelf. It definitely helps to nourish your skin, I think this is something I'll reach for more when my skin is feeling a bit dry and/or irritated for me personally with my having quite an oily skin type. It doesn't leave you with any sort of greasy residue or tackiness which is something I find often with serums and I'm pretty sure it leaves my skin looking clearer if that makes sense, I'm guessing it's the ingredients which help to improve the texture of your skin. I can see this being a great product for people for dry skin in particular!

Next is the Hangover Good to Go Skin Protecting SPF 25 Moisturiser RRP £29*They describe the moisturiser as a lightweight but still ultra-hydrating with a protective formula that deflects UVA and UVB rays and protects your skin but still gives you a nice glow. It contains coconut water which gives it that signature tropical scent everyone talks about as well as prebiotics and probiotics based ingredients. I definitely agree with the claim about it leaving you with a nice glow, however, sometimes you have to be careful how much you use as it can leave you looking a bit oily and almost like you have a film over your skin if that makes sense. But overall, I think it's a nice moisturiser and it seems to have agreed with my skin and although it's a lightweight moisturiser, it still hydrates your skin nicely. I also really like the coconut scent which is throughout the whole Hangover range too.

Lastly is the Major Hangover Replenishing Face Primer RRP £40* which I know a lot of people rave about when talking about Too Faced products and it's a product I've been meaning to try for myself for a while. Like the other products in the Hangover range, it's infused with hydrating coconut water and probiotic-based ingredients as well as skin revivers which all work together to boost the skin's radiance, promote elasticity and help to hydrate your skin, all whilst keeping your makeup locked down and looking fresh for longer. I really like the fact that it is silicone-free because a lot of primers which claim they will smooth and revive your skin contain silicone which is basically just cheating really, isn't it? Also, I feel like a lot of silicone primers leave my skin feeling like my makeup is just going to slide off which isn't a great feeling and then I just feel paranoid that my makeup is halfway down my face all day. I think out of the three skincare products I've tried from Too Faced (so far), the Major Hangover Replenishing Face Primer is my favourite because it just works so well for me. I use it as a primer prior to makeup and I definitely think it helps the makeup to last longer than usual and I also use it on my makeup-free days just to give my skin a bit of a booster. I feel like it really helps my confidence when I'm having a bit of a rubbish time with my skin and I don't want/can't wear a face of makeup because the primer seems to just "lift" everything and makes your skin look more awake as well as smoother.

Overall, I'm impressed with the products I've tried so far. As I've already said, the primer is definitely my fave but I also like the moisturiser quite a lot too. The serum is ideal for when my skin is feeling a bit dry/irritated but I think it's aimed for more of a drier skin type overall. I'm very intrigued to try more from Too Faced's skincare range after trying these three, so keep a lookout on my blog for potential future reviews! 

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  1. I wasn't aware that they had a skincare line! I love the sound of that serum though, plus the packaging is super cute like you say. With SPF moisturisers I always think they should be a minimum of SPF30
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks