Thinking Of Moving House? Here Are Some Tips You Should Consider Before The Big Move *

-This post is in collaboration with The Man Van-
In today's post, I'm talking all about some things you should consider before moving house. It's been a long time since we last moved house but there definitely some things we would do differently if we were to move again in the future but there are also some things that worked well and we would do again too. So here are some tips that should hopefully help you if you are currently in the process of moving or planning on moving house in the very near future.

Have a big declutter -
I highly recommend having a big declutter throughout the whole house before moving house because why would you want to take things with you that you no longer want or need? Also, remember to be brutal with things you can't make your mind up about, if you haven't used an item for a while then it's most likely time to let go of it. On the flip side, sometimes whilst having a big declutter, you find things you forgot about and it can almost feel like getting something new all over again, which is always a nice feeling, isn't it?  Decluttering is also good before a big move because then you can write down things you need to buy for the new place and keep an inventory of things you already have and don't need to repurchase or waste money on particularly if you're budget is tight. I'd definitely recommend starting writing a list of things you need or need to replace and then write a list of things you want and then you can make up your mind about the urgency of the items in question.

Get some help on moving day - 
If you have a lot of belongings then I highly recommend getting help from some professional Movers and Packers to make life easier, especially when it comes to large, hefty furniture and/or awkward shaped spaces or doors. We had such a problem trying to get some of our furniture into our house when we moved in - it was a nightmare! So hiring a professional mover or team just makes moving a lot less stressful and they also offer 100% guarantee of safe delivery of your house or office contents. 

Start packing early - 
Even if you haven't sold your house or found your next house yet, if your house is up for sale then I'd get cracking on the packing process because it takes a long time usually, unless you're extremely minimalistic. Don't forget to label literally everything so it makes it easier for when you do finally get into your new place and remember to store your packed boxes in the least used room/space in the house whether that's a spare room, garage etc so you're not surrounded by lots of boxes every single day because that would get annoying, very quickly.

Leave it clean and tidy for the new owners - 
Lastly is the make sure you thoroughly clean and tidy your home before you move out. This is just a nice gesture to do for the new occupants because you wouldn't like to move into a new place that isn't very clean or tidy, would you? You can even maybe leave a greetings card to say congratulations on your new home which again is just a nice gesture, especially if it's someone's first home since moving out of their family home because they could keep the card in a memory box.

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