5 Ways To Improve Your Wellbeing *

-This post is in collaboration, all opinions are my own-
How we're feeling both physically and mentally is a big part of our everyday life and I think we should all be checking in on ourselves often and making sure that we're feeling okay or if we feel we need to make some changes or do something to improve our overall wellbeing. In today's post, I'm talking about 5 different ways that I have found to improve my own wellbeing and have just given me a bit of a boost.

Surround yourself with people with make you feel good 
Unfortunately, over the past couple of years, I've had to wave goodbye to quite a few friendships just because I feel like I was putting more effort into the relationship than they were and I don't want to be a full-time friend and getting a part-time friend in return if that makes sense. I thought some of the people were going to be in my life for the rest of my life but when I became unwell, it really showed who was really there for me no matter what and who wasn't, which is a shame and it did suck at the time but I've now reconnected with some old friends which has been nice and I've made a few new friends too. So I just feel like surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good, put in the effort, make you laugh and are there for you come rain or shine is a must. 

Make sure you sleep well each night 
Sleep is a big deal for me. I'll be honest and say that my sleeping pattern can be all over the place, for example, I'm writing this blog post at 4am in the morning lol (I have slept earlier though). But I feel like everyone needs to figure what is the right amount of sleep for themselves and aim to sleep for that amount of time or thereabouts each night. I've kind of got a nightly routine at the moment which is spritzing my bedding and room with a pillow mist such as the This Works Sleep Plus+ which is fab if you're tired but really struggling to drop off asleep because you can't "switch off", then I go to do my skincare routine whilst the mist is settling and after I've completed my skincare routine I get into bed and either read, watch an episode or two of a TV show or catch up on a few videos on Youtube and although my sleep pattern is a mess (mostly down to my chronic pain), I do sleep for 7-8 hours most nights.

Have regular check-ups for peace of mind 
Looking after our bodies is a must as it's what carries us through our life so having regular check-ups is always a good thing to do for our own peace of mind. This includes having a simple blood test or blood pressure check to having a women's health check-up such as having your cervical screening (or pap smear test if you're in the US) to getting an STD test. Remember some STD's can go undetectable for some time so if there's any chance you might have one, it's best to get tested ASAP. It's essential to keep on top of our health and although I do get nervous about seeing my doctor sometimes, I do appreciate knowing what's going on with my body and finding out if there's anything that needs attention. If you are US based then you can buy an at-home STD test which means you can do the test in the comfort of your our home (which is super handy right now!) and the test will be done in 1-2 days. You can also get $15 off the kit by using this link.

Take time out when life gets too stressful 
I know depending on your situation, taking time out for yourself may be difficult, especially if you are super busy with a full-time job and/or have children etc but taking even just 30 minutes out of your day just for yourself works wonders if you're feeling like life is just getting too much. I'm really into self-care and just looking after myself, even if it means I have to be a bit selfish sometimes. I think everyone's idea of self-care methods are different and these can be from going for a walk/run, yoga, eating a super nutritious meal and more but for me, I would say having a long soak in the bath and doing a full-on pamper routine, meditation and reading are the things that really help to chill me out when I'm feeling stressed.

Learn new skills and/or find new hobbies 
I feel like learning a new skill or finding a new hobby is a good way to boost your mood and it's also nice to find something new to spend your spare time on. I've been attempting to get into cooking again and being a bit more adventurous with my food choices, getting back into reading and I've even thought about maybe trying one of those monthly crafting boxes where you learn how to do things such as make a macrame wall hanging or a spring/summer wreath or even how to do embroidery.
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