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Fashion is everywhere these days and not just on the high street. From trending fashion on the ‘Discover’ page of Instagram to collaborations with Love Island Stars, it’s morphed into something beyond the usual brick and mortar department stores that our Mums used to drag us around when we were little! So, how do you get your fashion business to stand out in this crowded marketplace? Have no fear, Megan Airey the super talented Paid Media Manager at Manchester Based SEO Agency Embryo Digital is here to impart her advice and give you some important tips about how you can make your fashion business stand out in the digital marketing landscape.

Keep. Things. Consistent.

This is so important. It applies to virtually every business but it’s super important in the fashion business. In such a visual industry it’s vital you’re Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok (basically whatever social media you’re using) all have the same ‘look’. Getting that ‘look’ may take a moment but it’s important that, once you’ve got it, you use it and remain consistent. This will ensure people will see you and recognise your brand wherever they find it. 

Have A Unique Tone Of Voice

Think of all the great fashion brands from high end to the high street - they all have a voice that is unique to them. Topshop is sassy, empowering and female-focused whereas something like Arket is quite minimalist and understated. Both are equally as effective in their own way. Spend time to really figure out what you sound like as a brand. Social media is just as much about amazing captions as it is the images. Whatever copy you create should reflect that voice.

Remind Your Customers About Closing Their Carts

Consistent ‘looks’ and a great TOV are one thing but if people aren’t buying your product then it has all been for nothing. From a sales perspective, make sure you’re using an appropriate CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) system that will alert people about abandoned shopping carts. Closing these sales is the backbone of your fashion business.

Use Video As Much As Possible

From modelling your best selling pieces to showing an amazing behind the scenes video - video is such an incredible way to grow hype, offer insight and provide a view into your fashion brand. Video is an accessible medium that requires no effort from the user (i.e. they can just sit and watch) which means people are more likely to watch it. In addition, video marketing can be used across a load of different campaigns making it a really dynamic medium that you should absolutely consider using.

Have A Blog

Become a fashion industry thought leader with a well-written, engaging blog. Not only can a blog help boost your website’s SEO but it can also help build brand loyalty and ensure people think of you as a knowledgeable source of information. Creating a high-quality content calendar that is rich with great blogs is one of the key tools you can use to become successful. 

This blog was written by Megan Airey, Paid Media Manager at Embryo Digital

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