VR and How It Is Impacting Online Slots *

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The gambling industry is famous for embracing new technology and its very success can be attributed to this attitude. Moving with the times has proved to be the key to the making of it. Gambling in the UK has never been as popular as it is now and the reasons for this can be traced all the way back to 1996. Two seismic events occurred that guaranteed that the gambling industry would flourish well into the future. During 1996 the first online casino opened its virtual doors to the public and the first video slot hit online casinos too. The success of these new gambling formats was unprecedented and the industry has not looked back since. 

The Growth Of The Video Slot

Slots developers today have an arsenal of state of the art technology at their disposal to create the hi-tech games the public now demands. Graphics are constantly improving and this only enhances the experience for the players. Improved graphics and gameplay also attract more gamblers to these slots. Even though slots at Dream Jackpot are becoming more immersive and visually extravagant, they are still simple to play and understand and this is why the core fan base remains solid. This choice of slots punters have to choose from is constantly increasing too and there is now something for everyone.

Where Do Online Slots Go From Here?

Games developers are constantly trying to outdo each other and this competition is helping shape the future of the industry. The slots industry remains in great shape and it has the financial security to create the next generation of slots. The next big trend in slots games is thought to be 3D and virtual reality. If you are to believe in what futurist predict, then entertainment of the future will not be a passive experience, the full immersion of the audience is where we are heading. It is not just the gambling world that needs to be aware of this, film and video gaming produces the need to prepare too.

An Early Taste Of The Future

Some slots have already flirted with some basic VR visuals and these include Gonzo’s Quest and Jack And The Beanstalk. The next step would be to imagine this games in a virtual casino that can be accessed through a headset in full 3D, and punters enter the actual world of the slot and place themselves amongst the action.
 An early example of this concept came courtesy of an app called Riftcasino. This software allowed punters to walk through a 3D virtual casino. They could even play slots that needed full interaction to control them.
SlotsMillion was one of the first casinos to offer players the chance to gamble with real cash in a virtual casino world. Although this is still a work in progress it proves that there is a market out there for virtual reality slots. In fact, this casino is so immersive that it even allows punters to interact with each other on the casino floor.

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