AD | Reasons Why We Should Choose To Buy Antique Jewellery

-This post is in collaboration with Carus Jewellery-

In today's post, I'm going to be talking about jewellery and not just any type of jewellery, I'm going to be talking specifically about antique jewellery and why we should consider buying antique jewellery over brand new jewellery. I'm personally a big fan of antique and vintage jewellery pieces, I always have been, especially necklaces as they're just 'my thing'. I'm also going to be reviewing Carus Jewellery who sell beautiful, handcrafted antique jewellery which has been authenticated to an exacting standard to guarantee it's quality and provenance.

So why should we be thinking about buying antique jewellery over brand new jewellery? 

First of all, it's more sustainable and better for the environment because it takes a lot of resources to mine gemstones and precious metals which means it's not very environmentally friendly and we should either be stopping or significantly reducing doing things that harm the planet especially when there are alternatives that are better for the planet. Also, a lot of antique jewellers tend to be family-run (like Carus Jewellery) which means if you buy from them, you're also supporting a small business which is always nice to know.

Another reason is that they already have a story to tell because they've already had a life prior to you purchasing them which makes them even more charming. You're basically creating history by extending a piece of antique jewellery's life.

It's also very unlikely to come across an antique or vintage jewellery piece that is the exact same as another piece as jewellery wasn't mass-produced back in those days. Instead, they were handcrafted by highly skilled craftsmen which makes them super unique and even more irresistible.

Antique jewellery also tends to be more robust and better quality with it being handcrafted. If an antique or vintage jewellery piece is still in good condition and can still be used as intended all these years later than it shows that it has been made to last.

Review of Carus Jewellery 

Carus Jewellery sell an exclusively curated collection of antique jewellery from the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods. Every piece has been authenticated to an exacting standard to ensure it's quality and guaranteeing its provenance. They also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on all purchases with no question asked as well as free worldwide delivery on all orders. Their website is easy to navigate and browse and also has a helpful FAQ's section and an About Us section if you want to find out more about the owners and company.

They also offer Layaway Plans to its customers on orders over £500 which is helpful if you've got your eyes on a specific piece whether it's for a special occasion or a piece you want to add to your collection but can't afford to buy it outright.

I've been browsing their website in awe of all the beautiful pieces they have curated, I think my top 3 favourites have got to be the 15ct gold Edwardian Seed Pearl Necklace pictured above which is definitely an eye-catching statement piece. I think it would look lovely against a plain black or navy dress if you were to wear it for a special occasion.

I also really like the look of the Edwardian Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Ring. It's described as an old cut diamond weighing 30 points and raised above a surround of 8 round cut sapphire gemstones and set in 9ct yellow gold. I just think it looks really pretty and the kind of ring that would glimmer in different light settings.

Lastly, is another Edwardian piece which is a 9ct Gold Moss Agate Pendant which is described as a cabochon moss agate gemstone weighing 4.25ct which has been set in 9ct yellow gold. It has a closed-back setting and decorative border and suspended from a cable link chain. The reason why I added this into my top three pieces from Carus Jewellery's website is because I actually had a necklace similar to this years ago and I barely took it off because I loved it that much. Unfortunately, I somehow lost it and I'm still upset and mad at myself for losing it. It was just one of those necklaces that looked nice with so many different outfits.

Do you have any antique or vintage jewellery pieces in your jewellery collection?