New In From Typology! | Tinted Serums And Reusable Bamboo Makeup Removal Pads

-If a product is marked with an * then it is a PR sample. This post contains no sponsored content-

Typology Paris are a vegan, cruelty-free and ethically-sourced brand whose products are all made in France. I reviewed some of their products on my blog back in the Summer which you can read here. They've recently added some new products to their ever-growing product range and they reached out to ask if I would be interested in trying out their new Tinted Serum RRP £24.80 (30ml)*. I love a tinted product to just even out my skin so I was obviously said yes!

The Tinted Serum RRP £24.80 (30ml)* comes in 6 different shades and I chose the lightest shade which is Type 1 Fair. The serum is described as a silicon-free and non-clogging tinted serum for a light 'no-makeup' finish and its formulated with Vitamin C for radiance and squalane and aloe vera for deep hydration and has a 99% naturally-derived formula. 

The serum comes in a frosted glass bottle with a pipette which I really like, it's kind of fancy and it's obviously recyclable too. Typology say that you can apply the tinted serum with either your fingers or a brush, I personally just use my fingers as it's quicker and easier and it feels more like you're using a skincare product then as well. The coverage is light and natural as it's described which just evens everything out nicely and leaves you looking fresher and kind of radiant. Obviously, if you want or need more coverage around your eyes or on any blemishes then you can just pop a little concealer on those areas. I personally really like the tinted serum, I think it's a nice no-makeup makeup product which just perks up my skin a little. It doesn't cling to any dry patches and you can't feel it on your skin. I'll probably even wear this on Christmas Day this year just for a bit of coverage.

Typology also popped their new Reusable Makeup Removal Pads + Pouch RRP £15.80* in the parcel which was a nice surprise. I've talked about using reusable eco-friendly products in this blog post last month and why I think people should make the switch sooner rather than later. The pouch contains 8 pads made from bamboo fibres and the pouch itself is made from recycled cotton. I've tried a few different reusable makeup removal pads now and these are definitely the softest and feel the nicest against your skin. I do think they are quite pricey at £15.80 for 8 but you can tell that they are good quality and they also wash well as well! However, if you want to prevent makeup stainage on any sort of reusable bamboo makeup removal pad then I would recommend popping a little bit of soap on them and rinsing them under warm water straight after using them. I tend to just use a bar of Dove soap and it works really well, especially if you're trying to remove stubborn eye makeup. 

Have you tried anything from Typology before?

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