10 Things To Do In Lockdown *

-This is a collaborative post but all thoughts and opinions are my own-

In today's post, I'm talking about some things which you can do in lockdown if you're stuck for ideas. Some of these are things I've already done in lockdown or I'm currently doing and some are things that I'm considering potentially doing soon. I know that the lockdown we're currently in is supposed to start being lifted gradually from next month but life is obviously not going to go completely back to normal for a while whilst a lot of us are still unvaccinated. So I hope you find this post useful and don't forget to share your ideas of things to do in lockdown in the comments as well.

First up is some form of self-care. Whether that's meeting up with one person outside of your household for a walk in your local area for exercise and a catch-up (within the guidelines obviously), a pamper evening using all of your boujee and/or fave products, giving yourself a day off to just binge-watch your current fave TV show or doing some meditation. Everyone's idea of self-care is different.

Make sure you stay connected with your family and friends either via text, phone or via Zoom. Also, don't forget to check in with people who you know who live on their own more often than usual and make sure they're doing okay as lockdown is probably hitting them the hardest. 

Now is the perfect time to finally get around to watching that TV show you've been wanting to watch for ages but the amount of episodes or seasons has put you off. Also if you are looking for TV shows that have a lot of episodes then I highly recommend Jane The Virgin, Orphan Black, Lucifer and Stranger Things. I also did a blog post about binge-worthy TV shows to watch in lockdown last year which you might be interested in.

I've seen loads of people getting more creative in lockdown and doing things like macrame, buying pottery kits, drawing, painting and more. I've actually been considering buying a Cricut machine so I can make things such as mugs using sublimation mug templates from Design Bundles.

, t-shirts, tote bags and more. I think it'd be quite interesting and fun to see what I could create. I've also seen so many people start new side businesses in the past year and it's so nice to watch them grow and it's definitely made me consider starting a side business so I have a second stream of income.

You could also decorate your house or just change things up a little by buying some new homeware. We've decorated and changed up quite a few rooms in our house during all of the lockdowns, the last one being the kitchen as we were planning on pretty much starting afresh with the kitchen but we don't feel comfortable having workmen in our house right now (unless it's essential) as we are all more vulnerable to COVID in our household due to health issues. Also with the weather slowly getting better and the lighter nights gradually coming back, you could start planning on doing some gardening soon.

I really want to learn some new recipes but I find cooking quite difficult with my chronic pain and weird allergies and I tend to just opt for the easier option and choose things that I know are quick to make and also agree with my body. But I'm definitely interested in trying to learn a few new quick and easy recipes to make.

I always find distracting myself really helps me when I'm having a bad time with my anxiety. You can make your way through your Netflix watch list or just watch a few TV shows or films you know you already love so you don't have to concentrate too hard (my go-to TV show that always cheers me up is Gogglebox). You could also make your way through your TBR pile or pick up a new book that everyone seems to be talking about at the minute that you're intrigued about or maybe play some games on your phone or game console.

As soon as lockdown started last year someone in our town set up a page on Facebook so that people who may be in need of help if they're shielding or have COVID symptoms could post on the page that they need help or they know someone who needs help. It's usually small things like picking up someone's prescription from the pharmacy, doing a food shop for essentials or taking someone's pet to the vets. I just thought it seemed really nice so I'd definitely see if someone has set anything up similar in your local area so you can either volunteer or offer free items that you no longer need in your household or so that you can reach out if you or someone you know needs some help during the lockdown.

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