Top Tips For Updating Your Kitchen *

-This post is in collaboration-

 Is your kitchen looking a bit weathered these days? We spend a lot of our time in our kitchens, so it makes sense that it would take on a lot of wear and tear over time. If you’re in the market for updating your kitchen, I have teamed with a business that specialises in kitchen design in Crouch End to offer some tip tips on giving your kitchen a facelift, even if you’re working to a budget.


Sometimes, simply just changing the lighting in your kitchen is enough to make it feel like a brand new space. Bringing in new fittings, a new lamp or changing the current position of the ceiling fittings can create new focus points in the room, and can bring a new sense of style. 

Add a Backsplash 

A backsplash serves both a functional and a stylish purpose in your kitchen. Not only can they protect your walls from grease and grime, but you can select a pattern or colour that speaks to your personality. It’s a very simple way to add a bit of character to your kitchen, all the while helping keep your kitchen clean and looking fresh. 

Update Hardware 

It may be that your kitchen is looking a little dull because your cupboards and cabinets are particularly a little worn out. Changing those up can give your kitchen a whole new appearance. Even if you paint or varnish what it is you already have or replace them entirely, updating your hardware, from cabinets to faucets, can give your kitchen a new lease of life, particularly if you go in with the idea of completely changing their colour and style. 


Buying new accessories for your kitchen is a very simple but effective means of brightening up your kitchen design. Particularly if you buy with a colour scheme in mind, having new accessories, from cooking utensils to cutlery, can help bring a more cohesive sense of style to your kitchen, as well as giving you fun new kitchen gadgets to evolve your kitchen setting into a more modern culinary space. 

-Image source: Pexels-