Does Vinyl Flooring Meet Expectations? *

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Among the many queries that get raised about luxury vinyl flooring being a good investment is what exactly has improved about it and what it offers towards the home environment.

It's a fair point to raise, with so many brands claiming to be the best and offering guarantees that may or may not pan out to expectation, but in truth, it all comes down to what you want improvement on. If it is style, comfort and lifespan then vinyl flooring certainly can provide in those areas. If it is for authenticity, then vinyl flooring cannot offer a genuine product, but a perfect replication of one. 


When people discuss vinyl flooring as an option, people will mention Karndean Click vinyl flooring as the main brand on the market. This is not just because it is a cheaper option, but because it is the confident leading brand.

Unparalleled in stylish appearances and professionally manufactured quality, Karndean has undergone decades of design to be easier in installation, protection, and maintenance. It is simple enough to install yourself if you can clear a few hours in the afternoon, which saves on your professional installer costs on top of the cost freed by not going for the pricy genuine article.

Not only does this mean you can have it installed in many different design ranges, but you could also go room by room if you prefer to have a consistent look at the home.


If you ever choose to sell your home, the floor will be the first thing people notice when they walk through the door.

People respond well to light and dark woods when entering a room that provides a sense of comfort. The good bonus that vinyl flooring provides is that due to its anti-scratch design and stain resistance, your floor can take decades of abuse and remain the way it was upon first laying it if properly taken care of. This can be achieved by simple sweeps and occasional mops each week.

Due to its eco-friendly design, it can raise the worth of your home also, especially if you partner it with underfloor heating for added comfort. Vinyl flooring can be fitted over existing levelled flooring and a variety of subfloor types such as timber and concrete.


Carpets, hardwoods, and stone floors can see plenty of damage in the form of scuffs, cracks and tears in its lifetime, which does not look great or reduces you to cover them up with furniture or rugs.

Karndean Click vinyl flooring provides a ton of protective measures to ensure your floor looks great after every kind of incident, providing vast improvement to your home that will last way past its warranty if adhering to care instructions.

If you want the vinyl to meet expectations laid out, choose Karndean Click vinyl flooring.

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