A Beauty & Lifestyle Haul

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I thought I would do a little beauty and lifestyle haul of things that I’ve picked up or received recently. I definitely want to do more posts like this on my blog just to add a bit more variety to my round-up style blog posts as they usually tend to be just beauty focused. So I hope you enjoy reading about my little haul of things I've got recently.

First up are two budget-friendly skin tints/light coverage foundations which I wanted to try out to see if either are a dupe of my all-time fave bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Cream which I love but it is quite expensive for what is basically a tinted moisturiser.  

The Rimmel Kind & Free Skin Tint Foundation (30ml) priced at £9.50 has a lightweight but moisturising formula and it also gives you a blurring effect which I personally like. I picked up the lightest shade Rose Ivory 10 but it’s slightly too deep for my skin tone, however, once I’ve applied a small amount of extra concealer and my powder I can make it work. It looks fresh and dewy upon application and it sits nicely on the skin. It doesn’t sink into any fine lines nor does it cling to dry patches which is fab for the price. So overall I do like it, it’s not quite the same as the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue but it's a welcome addition to my makeup bag. 

I also picked up the No7 Essentially Natural Foundation (40ml) priced at £9.95 however I actually got it for just £3.50 (the delivery cost) as I used a referral link/code to get £10 off my first No7 order. If you’re also interested in getting £10 off your first No7 order then click here or use my code at checkout: KIRSTY-R7B. The foundation itself has a lightweight creamy consistency which is buildable and it also contains SPF15. I picked up the shade Calico and it matches my skin perfectly which is great! Like the Rimmel Skin Tint, it gives you an airbrushed effect, however, I would say the No7 Essentially Natural Foundation has more of a matte finish with just a hint of dewiness. Out of the two skin tint foundations, I would say that the No7 one is most like the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue. 

Authentic House are an eco-friendly online shop which stock different brands including their own and they kindly sent over their Authentic House Jasmine & Honeysuckle Candle priced at £12* for me to try out recently. Their candles are handmade and vegan and they are also paraffin, phthalate and palm free. They’re made from a blend of coconut and soy wax and the candle itself smells so nice, it has a strong kind of scent that fills the room but not in an overbearing way. I also think it looks super pretty with it being decorated with red cornflower petals and presented in a rose gold tin. Also for every order made they plant a tree which I think is really nice to know. 

Whilst browsing Authentic House I also spotted the Sunshine Trinket Dish by Beci Callow priced at £4.50 and I just had to buy it. It’s so cute and ideal for popping your jewellery in at the end of the day. You could also use it for makeup pads or even a crystal or two and I’m also definitely going to use it in my blog photos as well. 

I also picked up some Bamboo Face Mitts from George at Asda from their Just Wellness range. You get a set of 5 for just £4 and they’re great for taking off cleanser/makeup. I mainly bought them for removing face masks and thick cleansers. 

PMD have recently launched their PMD Clean Mini* which is priced at £59 and available in 4 colours - Pink, Purple, Orange or Yellow. I love my PMD Clean devices, I think they are a good way to know that your skin is properly cleansed. I personally prefer using my PMD Clean with a gel cleanser as I find that’s when it works best for me. The PMD Clean Mini is a great gateway into skincare gadgets with its budget-friendly price tag and with it also being travel friendly. Like the original PMD Clean it is suitable for all skin types, breaks down oil and dirt at 7,000 vibrations per minute, has 4 different modes and is also antibacterial and waterproof. 

I’ve been wanting to try some Ice Globe Sticks for a little while and I managed to find some on Amazon for £11 recently so I snapped them up. I’ve not only just wanted to add them into my skincare routine to help massage products such as serums and oils into my skin but I also thought they might be good for headaches too which I’ve since found out they are which is handy. You just pop them in the fridge or in some cold water for 15-30 minutes and they’re ready to use. I can see them being nice and refreshing to use when the weather gets warmer too. 

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  1. What a fab selection of products. I'd really love to try a pmd cleansing tool, or something similar. I bet they make the world of difference.
    Claire. X

  2. Keep meaning to pick up the new range from Rimmel! It looks and sounds amazing x

  3. The Jasmine and Honeysuckle sounds so lovely. Sounds very summery!

  4. I love the sound of the ice globe sticks I need to check them out

  5. Oh I do love PMD, I really need to try the PMD Clean mini, that looks perfect for travelling with! x

    Lucy Mary