Spring Self-Care Ideas

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I thought I’d do a little blog post about some ways to practise self-care this Spring. Also, I’m not going to lie I’m kind of writing this blog post for myself to take note from considering I’ve been a total stress head lately. So if you’re like me and need to take some time out and do things which are good for your mental wellbeing then hopefully this post might be helpful. 

Get outside 

Spring is without a doubt my favourite season. It’s not too hot but it’s not freezing cold either, so it’s a perfect time to go for more walks, drive around in the car with the windows down and it’s also a nice time of the year to have a picnic.

Chill and have some me time 

Take some timeout for yourself to read, have a pamper in the bath or shower using your fave products, watch a film or start a TV series you've been meaning to watch and pop on a face mask and/or paint your nails. 

Talking of nails, I’ve actually only just recently started painting my nails again and I’ve been really enjoying using the Butter London Nail Polishes in the shades Bang On!* which is a lovely warm Teal shade and All Hail The Queen* which you can wear on its own just to add a little bit of something to your nails or you can use as a glittery topper shade (I find it suits nudes and muted pinks the best). I also really like how fast the Butter London polishes dry as well, there’s nothing more annoying than smudging fresh nail polish. 

Start a new hobby/learn a new skill 

You could also starting a new hobby such as photography, reading or crocheting or learn a new skill such as cooking or baking. I’m actually planning on buying a few ‘Make Your Own’ creative kits from some small businesses on Etsy soon and I really want to try Sculptd too and attempt to make a little jewellery holder or dish and some little plant pots.


Mediating is a great way to relax and reduce anxiety. I personally like doing mindful breathing exercises as I find it helps to calm my mind and it also helps me to sleep sometimes too. 

Revamp your skincare routine for Spring 

Something else you could do is revamp your skincare routine for Spring by adding in some new products. I’ve personally been really enjoying the Fenty Skin products I’ve bought earlier this year which you can read about in this blog post and I’ve also been using the Evolve Beauty True Balance SOS Mask to help with a pretty bad hormonal breakout recently and it made me realise how well it works and I like how it doesn’t suck the moisture out of your skin like some face masks do. I was also sent over some retinol products from Peace Out Skincare and I’ve been really liking their Retinol Eye Stick*, I can already see an improvement under my eyes in terms of my fine lines and texture and it’s so easy to apply. It contains a blend of Retinol, Peptides and Astaxanthin which all work together to provide brighter and bouncier skin by improving your skin’s natural moisture barrier. 

Gardening and/or buying some new house plants

Getting your green fingers out and doing some gardening is a great way to spend some time outside and it’s nice to monitor how well your plants grow. You could also pick up some new house plants for your home to bring the outside in. I really like succulents as they’re easy to look after and I also bought a baby Chinese Money Plant last year which I’ve somehow managed to not kill so far. However remember to research what plants your planting outside or putting in your home if you have pets as a lot of things can be dangerous to animals, unfortunately. 

A Spring clear out

Having a good old spring clear out is so good for your brain, I almost feel like a weight has been lifted when I sort through my clothes or makeup and get rid of things I don’t want, need or use anymore. It’s also a good way to make a little bit of extra cash too. I tend to pop on a Spotify playlist and sort through everything and separate clothes I’m getting rid of into Keep, Sell and Donate piles to make it a little easier. 

Digital detox

Finally is to digital detox. Now I’m not saying to abandon your social media for a huge chunk of time at a time but just taking a few days off here and there is a great method of self-care. You also have to remember if you’re feeling a bit low about just ~life things~ that people tend to only put their good times online and not their bad times. 

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  1. I did a HUGE spring clear out, got rid of like 3 bags worth of clothes and it felt amazing to purge, I am a huge hoarder of stuff that I never end up wearing and I've decided that I need to actually make room! I would love to do a proper digital detox on a weekend away actually, switch off and enjoy the moment! xx