AD | Refreshing My Gallery Wall With Desenio

-AD: Some of the prints featured were bought with a gifted Desenio voucher-

It’s been a while since I switched up the prints on my gallery wall, so I thought it was about time I gave it a little refresh. This time I decided to go for a slightly 60/70’s inspired vibe when choosing my latest gallery wall prints and I’ve also kept a few of my favourite Desenio prints up as well but I’ve just changed them around a little. If you want to find out more about Desenio, how to get 45% off prints and 10% off frames and also which prints I chose and why I chose them then keep on reading… 

By adding some wall art to a wall, you can easily add a pop of colour to a room and it can also be a nice way to inject your personality into the room as well. A gallery wall is also a good way to add a focal point to a room which is what I did with my bedroom on my brick wallpaper feature wall just to break it up a little.

I chose Desenio for my prints and the majority of my frames because there’s literally something for everyone on their website and it makes it easier to get everything all in one place. They don’t just sell prints and frames, they also sell picture ledges, clips, picture mounts and poster hangers depending on your preference. There’s also a good array of sizes to choose from and the frames are really light which makes it easy to put them up and easy to take them down when you want to switch up your prints. They also have a gallery wall tool which can help you put together prints and decide what looks good together as well.

First up the Golden Sun Poster 13x18cm which I chose because I thought it tied in nicely with the Here Comes The Sun Poster 21x30cm beside it and I thought it’s a nice nod to the summer and obviously to the much-loved song by The Beatles song as well. 

I chose the Be Brave Repeat Poster 21x30cm below the Golden Sun Poster because as I’ve said before, I struggle with anxiety and I’m always telling myself to "be brave" and "you've got this" in my head when something is playing on my mind, usually, it’s something silly that’s just niggling my head but I thought it was just a little reminder to myself. I also like the colours used in the Be Brave print.

The Breathe Poster 13x18cm is an old favourite of mine and it’s just another little reminder to just take some time out and just take a deep breath and breathe. It’s simple but meaningful to me. 

I chose the Pink Paris Perfume Poster 13x18cm as I thought it gives kind of a girly touch and the pink ties in nicely with the Be Brave Poster too. I’m also pretty much a perfume collector at this point as I’m obsessed with perfumes, especially ones that come in pretty bottles, so that’s another reason I chose the print.

The & Poster 13x18cm is a good kind of bold statement corner print. I don’t really know why I like it so much but I just do. 

The Flower Grid Poster 30x40xm is the largest print on my gallery wall and I feel like it definitely gives off 60s/70s retro kind vibes which is what I was going for with my updated gallery wall and I think it suits my room really well.

I also picked up the smaller version of the Makes You Happy Poster 13x18cm as I really like positive quotes and I also like the font and layout of the print as well. It’s definitely one of my favourite prints from Desenio.

The Red Lips Poster 21x30cm is another kind of retro-y vibe print, I like that it’s quite bold and the red lips kind of ‘pop’ against the other prints on the wall. 

The Meet Me in New York 21x30cm is another one of my favourites, I like the hand-writ font style and New York is also on my travel bucket list too. 

You can get 45% off prints + 10% off frames (excludes personalised + canvas’) by using the code astoldbykirsty. Expires on the 3rd of August 2023. 

Have you shopped at Desenio before? Or are you planning to place an order? Let me know in the comments below. 

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