10 Ways To Up Your Shower Game *

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In today’s post, I’m talking about 10 ways you can up your shower game. Not only can showers help reduce anxiety, joint pain and improve cardiovascular health, along with many other benefits, but they’re also obviously cleaner as they evenly distribute continuous water all over your body. Although baths are nice and relaxing, I actually personally prefer having a shower these days as I just feel cleaner and more refreshed afterwards. So here are 10 ways you can up your shower game… 

Add mood lighting

Remove the harsh lighting and add some dim lighting to make the room feel more cosy and relaxing. You can do this by either buying an adjustable main light and/or by adding some candles or even battery-operated flickering candles, just make sure they’re waterproof and suitable for a bathroom before buying. I’ve even seen people on TikTok using galaxy projectors in their bathroom which is pretty cool. 

Get organised 

There’s nothing better than an organised bathroom, it also helps to see what products you already have and stops you from buying unnecessary products that you don’t really need. If you need a new shower organiser and want to revamp the inside of your shower you could buy a self-adhesive shower caddy or a caddy that you hang from your shower fitting. You could also buy some new storage for your bathroom to store towels and extra loo rolls etc. 

Invest in a steam shower 

Steam Showers are a great way to unwind and relax your body after a full-body workout or meditation practices such as yoga. They can also potentially help with asthma symptoms, alleviate aching joints and enhance the immune system as well. The Steam Showers from Insignia Showers contain features such as aromatherapy-infused steam, LED mood lighting, Omni directional jets, a fold-down cushioned seat and even Bluetooth connectivity for smartphone audio. 

Add some plants 

Adding some plant life can really help spruce up a bathroom and they can also help improve the air quality in the room as well. Some plants that are good in a bathroom environment include a Bamboo Plant, Snake Plant, Spider Plant and Aloe Vera. 

Add a Bluetooth speaker 

If you want to be able to listen to your favourite songs, relaxing spa music or your current choice of audiobook or podcast whilst showering then you could add a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to keep you entertained whilst you shower. 

Treat yourself to some fancy new products

You could also buy some new products to make your shower a bit more exciting. I always have at least one Rituals Shower Foam in my shower organiser because they just smell so lovely and are gentle on the skin and I also like the Whipped Soaps from Sassy Shop Wax which are multi-functional as they can be used as a body wash or shaving foam. 

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Make the room smell nice 

You can make the room smell nice either by using a reed diffuser, a scented candle or even by hanging a dried eucalyptus bunch from above your shower. This causes the steam to release the essential oils from the eucalyptus and creates a lovely aromatherapy-like environment. 

Buy a towel/blanket warmer 

If you want to be extra boujee then you could buy a towel/blanket warmer. They’re perfect for the colder seasons so your towel and dressing gown are all cosy and warm after you shower.


A new shower mat 

Buying a shower mat is one of those purchases that make you feel like ‘Whoa, I’m actually an adult buying mundane homeware essentials’. I tend to buy shower mats that either have either a funny slogan or something cute with moons, animals or stripes etc. 

Cold water rinse 

Lastly is to rinse your body with cold water at the end of your shower. It might not sound very relaxing but it can do a world of good for your health. A cold shower rinse can apparently help increase metabolism, combat symptoms of depression, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, make your hair look shinier and more. 

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