PMD Beauty Wave Pro Review + Discount Code

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I’ve reviewed quite a few PMD Beauty devices on my blog over the past couple of years which you can check out here. In today’s post, I’m going to be reviewing one of their latest releases, the PMD Wave Pro RRP £119* which is described as an advanced skin spatula that extracts, infuses, and lifts using SonicGlow™ Technology and EMS to leave skin glowing and radiant. I’ve also got a 30% off discount code which can be used on selected products on the PMD Beauty website to share. So stick around if you want to know my thoughts on the PMD Wave Pro and/or if you want to bag a 30% discount. 

The PMD Wave Pro* is a multi-functional device which is travel-friendly, rechargeable and available in two different colours London Fog and Blush. It comes with a charging cable, instruction manual as well as a 1-year-limited warranty. PMD Beauty claims that using the device can help to minimise the appearance of enlarged pores and blackheads, reduce oil congestion, help make skin softer and smoother, help skincare products to absorb deeper into the skin and lift and tone the skin. 

So how does the PMD Wave Pro work and how often can it be used? 

The Extract mode (Mode 1) uses negative ions that help lift debris, dead skin, and sebum out of the pores. To use the Extract mode you face the device with the ‘scraper’ side to the skin and then gently glide in an upward and outward motion, applying gentle pressure. It doesn’t and shouldn’t hurt whilst using it, it just vibrates on the skin. 

The Infuse mode (Mode 2) uses positive ions that split skincare into smaller molecules. This allows skincare to be more easily absorbed into the skin. Using the back of the device, gently move the device in an upward motion. It does have a slight clicking and beeping sound as you use it. So that’s just something to bear in mind if you or your recipient are sensitive to sounds. It doesn’t hurt or feel strange (in my opinion), it actually feels quite relaxing to me and it’s just a nice extra step to help you get the maximum potential from your skincare products. 

The Lift mode (Mode 3) uses EMS, an electrical current to stimulate the muscles, helping to give a more toned and youthful appearance. It also gives off the same clicking and beeping sound as the Infuse mode. To use you place your fingers on both Touch Points on the sides of the device and lift in an upward and outward direction by crow’s feet, eyebrows, and lip lines. I haven’t seen any improvements since I started using the Lift mode but it’s early days and I think it’s one that you have to be consistent with for a longer period of time before you see results.

Both Mode 2 and Mode 3 can be used daily, Mode 1 should only be used once or twice per week. 

There’s a simple step-by-step guide to follow in the manual/on the website, however, I personally feel like the steps are slightly jumbled up as it says to use the Extract Tool (the two holes on the device) right at the end of the routine which I just don’t think makes sense to do once you’ve applied all your skincare products. Also after the Extract Mode, it says to move straight to applying your skincare but I always make sure to rinse my skin after Mode 1 (and the Extraction Tool) just to make sure no gunk from the ‘scrape’ is leftover on my skin. 

So to break it down my routine is: Wash my face (so that my skin is damp), Mode 1 (Extract), Use the extraction tool on the device if needed, Rinse skin, Apply skincare, Mode 2 (Infuse), Mist skin with toner/water, Mode 3 (Lift and Tone). 

I’ve been using the device on and off for a couple of weeks and I’ve decided that Mode 1 (Extract Mode) is my favourite mode so far just because it’s so satisfying to use because you can see the gunk from your skin and it definitely helps to get stubborn blackheads up to the surface. I have already seen a small improvement in my skin, especially in the more congested areas such as my chin which has been causing me havoc since my teens. 

I definitely feel any skincare lover would like this device and I do think it is worth the RRP price of £119 purely because it offers three different modes which all do very different things. It’s like having a fancy little at-home spa treatment in your bathroom. You can also get 30% off the PMD Wave Pro using this link or by using the code ASTOLDBYKIRSTY at checkout. The discount is only available on selected PMD products and is limited to one use per customer. 

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