If You're Buying A Used Car, Buy Smart

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When you’re looking at the prospect of buying a car to replace the old one, you typically have two options: you can buy new, or you can buy used. For a lot of people, used is a lot more feasible and budget-friendly, but it comes with the acceptance that you’re buying a car that is not going to be in the same condition as a new car. But what does that mean? Should you be willing to tolerate a car in whatever condition it might be in, so long as it’s affordable? Of course not, here are a few options to consider.

Be extra careful with private sellers

Not every private seller is out there to try and scam you, by any means. That said, you should definitely at least be aware of some of the common car-buying scams out there and, in general, be a lot more sceptical if you’re buying from a private seller.

Hook up with a dealership

Typically, if you want to make sure that you have a smooth experience of buying a used car, you want to do it from someone who can more easily be held accountable. Car dealers are established and registered businesses, so they can be put to task. They also typically do more work to ensure that the used cars they sell are actually operational and working, just be sure to keep your negotiating cap on when they start offering the extras.

Take the time to test it

If you want to make sure that you’re comfortable with a car, then you should take the time to get out and test it on the road. Get a feel for how it steers, and how it feels to be in the driver’s seat, and don’t be afraid to check out its tyres and other immediately noticeable markers of its health. A test drive isn’t just to see if you like driving the car, it’s your chance to run a little diagnostic check on it.

Get it checked by a mechanic

Of course, you’re likely not an expert, so there’s only so much you can tell about how healthy a car is. If you’re about to buy a used car, then you might want to consider asking if your mechanic can take a look at it as well. If a seller is unwilling to let a mechanic near their car, then that’s a sign that you should run the other way.

Consider getting it certified

Some dealers also sell what is commonly known as “certified preowned,” which effectively means that the dealer has worked with the manufacturer to make sure that a car meets all of the criteria set by its maker to ensure that it is as close to a new car in terms of performance and operation as possible. However, this certificate also typically comes with a hefty price bump.

With the tips above, you should be able to get a much better idea of the kind of used cars that you should be looking for and avoid the clunkers that some people are trying to sell.

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