Plus Size Fashion Finds For Summer 2024

I thought that I would share some plus-size summer fashion finds on my blog today. I’m all for body positivity and wearing what you want to wear and what you feel good in but let’s be honest, everyone has parts of their bodies that they feel self-conscious about and in the summertime, you tend to show more of your body meaning most people tend to feel more self-conscious during the summer. For instance, I’m self-conscious about the tops of my arms because they’re chunky and I also have Keratosis Pilaris (which I find Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion helps with but you have to keep on top of it), I don’t like my legs as they're like wibbly wobbly tree trunks at this point and I also don't fake tan so my pale-ness stands out even more in the summer. So I thought I would share some pieces which give you some "protection" if you're a plus size girl like me who's a bit self-conscious of their body but want to feel comfortable in the heat. 

First up is a brand that I recently discovered on TikTok shop called ZOHRA. They sell a range of leggings and pants on their shop. Other plus size creators' ads kept popping up and I finally caved and bought some of their regular leggings, capri leggings and some of their shorts and they are so comfortable! They’re not see-through, they feel soft and the waistband is very stretchy so I would recommend sizing down a size. They also have a variety of colours to choose from. The shorts make great chub rub shorts under dresses or great to just wear with an oversized t-shirt during the hot weather. They are priced at £7.49 but are usually on offer for a little less and if you spend over £12 you get free postage. I highly recommend them if you're in the market for some leggings/shorts.

If you’re a bit conscious of your arms like I am then I find that kimonos or shirts work really well in the summer as you can stay cool and comfortable and I feel like they can add something to your outfit as well if you're feeling like your outfit is a bit bland. You can choose smart-looking kimonos or shirts for work or opt for an oversized fit for a casual, carefree vibe. I buy a lot of my kimonos from Shein just because there are lots of different patterns and styles to choose from and Boohoo have some nice oversized shirts in stock right now. I tend to wear shirts undone with a vest top or T-shirt underneath. 

I personally love a smock dress, I know they're not for everybody but I think they're just nice and floaty which is ideal for the summer time and they're great if you feel a bit bloated or conscious of your tummy area. I personally like a mini or midi smock dress as I'm quite short and most of my smock dresses are from Boohoo or ASOS.

Shein VCAY Plus Hollow Open Cardigan RRP £16.49 // Simply Be Black Hole Knit Boyfriend Cardigan RRP £29 // Shein EZWear Plus Multi-Coloured Floral Crochet Cardigan RRP £20.49

I also recently picked up a Shein Knitted Cardigan in Apricot (which is an off-white beige colour) as I was in the market for a new crochet-looking cardigan and I realised how well the style works for summer. They give off a beachy, summer vibe and because they’re holey, air still gets around your body nicely so you don’t get super hot but you still feel covered up enough if you're feeling a bit self-conscious. 

Lastly is elasticated waist wide leg trousers which I’ll be honest, I didn’t use to like as I feel like they made me look bigger but now I get the hype. You can easily dress them up and down and once again, because they’re wide fit and roomy you stay cool. I’ve just bought a pair from The Chic Hero via TikTok Shop and I’m looking forward for them to arrive as they have so many different prints available and they were on offer for about £12 so I'll definitely go back for more if they are as good as the reviews make out they are. I’ll probably just pair them with a white or black t-shirt with sandals and maybe a denim jacket if it’s a cooler day.