My Top Ten Favourite Lush Products

So this is another posted stolen from my old blog that I've kind of abandoned (explained in my previous post) But I've tweaked this post a little. I was planning on writing up a new post but plans changed I kind of ran out of time to write one. Will write that one up tomorrow and post probably on Friday. Admittedly when I wrote this I was going to do a Top Five but it’s impossible to choose just 5 products when I love so many. I’m a complete sucker for Lush. I have been for about 2 years now. If I go in a Lush, it’s takes ages to get me out of the doors again (it’s like I’m hypnotised by all the colours and gorgeous smells or something) Since swapping and changing products from other brands to Lush, my skin has got better and I have found products which really do what they say. Another reason why I love them is because you get free samples when you ask them so I’m not wasting money on things that maybe don’t work for me or I don’t like the smell of etc.

Also another thing I wanted to add is that I just got these product pictures from google because I haven't got all of these products in to take pictures of right now. I was expecting my delivery to arrive before posting this post but it hasn't been dispatched yet :(
My Top Ten aren’t in any order and all these are products which are all available at all times and not special occasion/seasonal products. 

Rose Jam Bubbleroon
So the Rose Jam scent is one I discovered due to the Boxing Day sales. Personally I’m not usually a huge fan of rose scent so I never bothered even giving it a try. I think it smells maybe a little old fashioned sometimes and doesn’t stay on for long. But the Rose Jam Shower Gel came in the “Home For Christmas” gift set and now I ration it because I love it so much but it never comes in the Lush Kitchen and waiting until it's released in the Christmas range is so annoying. It’s a different kind of Rose smell, it’s less old fashioned and smells sweeter and stronger and it lingers for hours and hours. So the next best thing to the Rose Jam Shower gel is the Bubbleroon. It turns your water into a lovely deep pink and makes tons of bubbles. I use this when I need a pick me up pamper and it definitely makes me feel better. Price: £3.95.

American Cream Conditioner
This conditioner smells gorgeous and makes my hair look really healthy and shiny! I tend to only buy the smaller 100g bottle just because I think it is a tad pricey so I usually just put it in my mid lengths/ends when I have a pamper or fancy a change of conditioner and the smell sticks around until my next hair wash. It smells like strawberries and cream but not in a sickly way, more of a fresh way. Whenever I use this I can’t stop from smelling my hair either. (Yes I may look like a crazy person doing this but it’s so worth it) Price: £4.95

Twilight Bath Bomb
I know I said I didn’t put these in any order but this probably is my favourite product of all time from Lush. I think it was the first bath bomb I bought from there and it smells so good. Whenever I have a really bad day or when I need to try and get some extra hours sleep but feel quite awake I use this bath bomb. I’m never without one. I never shop in Lush or on the website without buying one of these amazing things. It smells like a sweet Lavender smell but not too overpowering like some lavender scents are. It’s just amazing. Currently priced at £3.75.

Intergalactic Bath Bomb
Minty fresh work of art. That’s how I would describe this. I probably would have this bath more in the morning/early afternoon because it does wake you up and gets you motivated for the rest of the day. But at the same time you may get sidetracked by all the colours and glitter and stay in the bath for hours too. (I did warn you)  But it’s definitely a refreshing treat for your body. Price: £4.25

Coal Face Facial Soap
Here we have my holy grail for part of my skin care routine. I have pretty oily skin on my t-zone and then I go through phases of dry skin on my cheeks here and there and then get dry patches on my chin then it goes really greasy again and then it goes around in a circle again and again. I did use to swear by the Dark Angels Exfoliating Cleanser but it was really drying out my skin more and when I bought it online it didn’t always have a long product life span left. Like I’ve literally had a Dark Angels which was dated to expire 3 weeks from when it arrived. I love the smell of charcoal though and my face literally squeaks after using Coalface and I think it’s mattifies my skin too. I’ve also noticed since using this, that my make up stays on my skin better as an added bonus. Definitely wouldn’t change to a different product and if it was discontinued I think I would have some sort of breakdown. Currently priced: £5.95 / 100g | £14.85 / 250g | £29.75 / 500g

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub
This product I do love a lot which is why it’s in my Top 10 but I don’t really use it for what I should use it mainly for. I find it isn’t gritty enough for a shower scrub for me even when you use it on dry skin before getting in the shower like the pot suggests. It just doesn’t feel like it’s done anything. The reasons why I buy this product is because it makes my hair look voluminous because of the fine sea salt present and because it smells absolutely delicious. But if you’re looking for a really good exfoiliator then this probably isn’t your product. Maybe you should try looking at Cup o Coffee? Price for Rub Rub Rub: £8.95 / 350g | £14.95 / 665g

Big Shampoo
This makes me feel like a mermaid or like I have sea air in my hair. First of all I want to talk about is the smell! If they did it in a perfume I’d buy it in a heartbeat. I can’t even describe what the smell is but it’s so good. I find the sea salt is a little bit rough on my scalp sometimes though. But on the other hand it makes my usual frizzy natural hair look amazing and easy to work with and can help to make the perfect beach waves style on my hair. I think it’s more of a trial and test kind of product. I personally find that this is best used with Big Blue bath bomb just to get the perfect seaside feel. Price: £6.75 / 100g | £12.75 / 330g | £21.50 / 600g

Karma Soap
This lathers up so well and it’s last forever and doesn’t lose it’s scent. If I had to choose one soap to use for the rest of my life it would definitely be this. It’s uplifting, does what it supposed to do and is very well priced at £4.25 / 100g | £10.60 / 250g | £21.25 / 500g
If you like citrus-y smells this is definitely one for you.

Don’t Rain On My Parade Shower Gel

So this is a new one for me. It’s the most recent shower gel I’ve just bought purely because it smells of violets. It was sent with one of my orders as a unexpected extra sample but in the wash sheet version. The only reason I didn’t buy/sample this sooner is because of the blueberry juice that it says is present in it. But thankfully I can barely really smell the blueberries (I’m not a huge fan) and more of the violet kind of smell. Another good thing about this is that I love the colour of the gel and a little goes a long way because it lathers so well. I think the wash sheet sample smelled a little more, I don’t know… maybe musky? but in a good way but I still love the shower gel and will definitely repurchase. Price: £5.95 / 100g | £11.95 / 250g | £19.95 / 500g | £34.95 / 1kg

Silky Underwear Dusting Powder
Another newbie for me because I’d heard so many good things about this dusting powder! It was actually given to me in a Lush gift bag in April this year for my birthday. and I use it probably every other day and there’s still over 3/4 a bottle left. Considering it’s only a 60g bottle I think it’s lasting really well. It’s got a very light, delicate jasmine scent which is really lovely. I think considering I only got this just under 3 months ago and it’s made it’s way onto my top 10 lush products list, then I must really like it. I think it’s a must buy for summer time especially. Another good thing with this product that I’ve read about and also I’ve tried myself is that it can be used as a light deodorant too. Price: £4.95 / 60g
If you have any questions about any of the Lush products mentioned then don’t hesitate to comment this post or even tell me your favourites! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post. New post will be up probably on Friday or over the weekend. Thanks for reading!
Kirsty x