Preparing For Black Friday

So Black Friday is a pretty new thing over here in the UK. A few years ago when it started big, it seemed like people were being possessed and we had people being shown on the news literally having full on fights for TV's and falling over each other (lol?) Which is why I would rather wake up early, stay snug at home, in my comfy pyjamas and try and get my deals online. So I thought I'd share my little tips on preparing yourself for Black Friday.  

Save, Save, Save
I know when this post goes up that Black Friday will be just under 2 weeks away on the 25th of November and you can't really save a huge amount of money up in that time. But if you can save money between now and then or hold back on spending money on things you don't REALLY need right now, then you're probably going to be a happy bunny when you get yourself some bargains!

Back Up Pennies!
Also having a little bit of back up money is a good idea too, just because you never know what other things you're going to see that may catch your eyes. The best way to do this is think that you only have X amount to spend to get your deals but really you've got another X amount to spend for extra goodies. If that makes sense? Idk

Bookmark and Don't Give Into Temptation
I did this last year and I've done it again this year. I've gone around websites (New Look, Boots, Superdrug, Asda etc) and bookmarked things I really want or want to buy as gifts for Christmas and now I'm just going to wait and see if they get a discount or go on offer on Black Friday because there's nothing more annoying than buying something and then seeing it go on offer days later, right?

Christmas Is Just Over 6 Weeks Away! 
Like what I've just wrote above, this is the perfect opportunity to get your Christmas pressies sorted (and save some money!) and maybe even bag yourself a few more treats too without feeling too guilty! Hello 3 for 2 offers! I like you a lot.

Browse Early
If you look around now, things that are already in the sales will more than likely go a little more cheaper during Black Friday. Because companies know that their sites will be busy and we all get the impulse to put more than we really want or need in our baskets. So if they reduce items even more for one day only, then people are going to give in and buy them. Plus companies are more than likely just trying and needing to get rid of old stock to make room for new. 

If you know people who work in stores that have items that you're interested in hopefully getting cheaper during Black Friday then ask them if they know of anything that's going to be on offer and they may spill the beans lol.

So there's my tips on preparing yourself for Black Friday. Hope you liked reading this post and If you're going to hit the high streets instead of staying snug at home, then good luck and try not to get yourselves on the news. haha x 

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