Favourite Winter Nail Polishes

I thought I'd share the nail polishes and colours which I have been reaching for the most over the past month or so and do a mini review of each. So here they are... 

MUA - Stormy Skies
This has been in my nail polish collection for a while and I've only just started to wear it. I always seem to buy black nail polishes and then I feel they're just too dark against my skin. It's like an never ending circle lol. But I wore this for Halloween and fell in love. I don't use it as much as the others but I have worn it about a handful of times. I like it because it has got gold glitter in it so it just gives it a little bit of something else. The only thing I'm not keen on is the brush but for £1 you can't really complain lol.

                                         AVON Colour Attract - Fuschia Force

I don't think AVON sell these anymore? But this was given to me earlier this year. I do like the colour and the fact that it has some glitter but not an dramatic amount. The only thing I don't like about this is that it seems to take a while to dry.

PS Quick Dry Nail Polish - 16. Rose Quartz

I LOVE Primark nail polishes. They're so good and they stay on so much longer than more expensive polishes too. Plus these ones are the mini's so they're travel friendly. If you're for some super cheap polishes, these are the ones I'd recommend! 60p each! Can't fault them.

Collection 7 Day Wear - 18. Suede

This is a really nice easy to wear colour which is always a good thing! It's an grey/purple shade. I got it from Superdrug for £1.99. The only problem is that it does chip very easy! It definitely isn't 7 day wear unfortunately. But now I tend to double up on the top coat to try and get it to stop chipping so easily. (Yes that's how much I love this colour lol)

MUA - Plum Noir

This is such a pretty colour. It's a slight different colour than the bottle but it's still an very nice and wintery shade. Again I'm not too keen on the brushes of these because I find them to make the nail polish streaky but they're only £1! 

PS Quick Dry Nail Polish 18. Rose
This colour is probably the one I've been wearing most since I got it last month. It's so lovely. It's a very muted pink. Kind of like mink pink shade. It's lovely. I haven't got another colour like this in my nail polish bag either. Again it's a Primark 60p polish and it stays on really well.

So there's my current go-to nail polishes!
What are your faves right now?

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