Bellissima Steam Elixir Hair Straightener Review

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In today’s post, I’m going to be reviewing the Bellissima Steam Elixir Hair Straightener RRP £149.99* which I was very kindly sent by Influenster for review purposes. I was excited to try the Bellissima Steam Elixir Hair Straightener* as I did actually own some steam hair straighteners many years ago and I remember I really liked them at the time. I’ve been using the Bellissima Steam Elixir Hair Straighteners for both straightening and curling my hair for around two weeks now and here are my thoughts… 

First of all, you’re probably thinking… what’s the difference between using regular hair straighteners and steam hair straighteners? According to a quick Google search, steam straighteners are a lot more gentle on your hair as it prevents thermal shock and breakage of the hair fibres and the steam helps to smooth your hair too. The steam can also help to penetrate hair product ingredients into your hair as well. 

More about the Bellissima Steam Elixir Hair Straightener….

The hair straighteners have 4 temperatures to choose from -  170°C, 185°C, 200°C and 230°C and are fast heating. They also have an LED screen which is a lot fancier than my old hair straighteners. The swivel cord is 3m long and the straighteners also have an auto-shut-off function after 60 minutes which is good to know if you're like me and always think you've left your straighteners on.

The Ceramic Coated floating plates are infused with Argan Oil and there is also an integrated removable comb. I think I actually prefer to use the straighteners without the comb but I guess it's a personal preference. The integrated reservoir you refill each use using the bottle included is easy to pop out and back in again and the box also contains a silicone mat so you can protect your surfaces. 

Overall I’ve found that the Bellissima Steam Elixir Hair Straighteners are really easy to use and you can achieve shiny, straight hair in no time. My hair also looks and feels a lot softer when I use the steam straighteners compared to when I use my regular straighteners. My hair which is naturally pretty frizzy also stays straight for a longer period of time using the steam straighteners as well. 

The only niggle I have is that I wish that there was an easier way to empty the reservoir as I always find I have leftover water after I’ve straightened/curled my hair and I don’t want to leave it in there until I next use the straighteners as I don’t straighten/curl my hair every day. I wish there was either a cap on the end to take off to empty the excess water instead of trying to shake the excess water out of the tiny hole you fill the reservoir up with. It’s a bit annoying. 

Also because the Bellissima straighteners are chunkier than my previous straighteners and are not as rounded on the edges, I have been finding it harder to curl my hair but I think I just need to get the hang of manoeuvring them. I think it’s more of a me problem. 

If you’re interested in trying out some steam hair straighteners and you have the budget for the Bellissima Steam Elixir Hair Straightener* then I would recommend them as they are cheaper than other alternatives. I’m happy with them so far and I really like how my hair looks and feels after using them and it’s made me want to try more tools from the brand. I’ve currently got my eyes on the Bellissima Air Wonder 8 in 1 Hot Air Brush

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