8 Things I Do To Help My Anxiety

I've had anxiety for most of my life. It ranges from being just about bearable to insanely bad and ruling my life. So I thought I'd share some of my tips and ways that I try and calm myself when I'm suffering with my anxiety. 

Have some Me Time
When my anxiety is at it's worst, I tend to find being around people really overwhelming and I can get quite irritable too. I just kind of want to shut myself away and just do my own thing. So that's what I do. I love to just either have a bubble bath and put on some happy songs to try and make me feel better or I'll snuggle up in a blanket and just read for a few hours. 

Spend time with family or friends
In contrast to having Me Time, when my anxiety is there but it's not at it's worst I find spending with family and friends helps too. I think it's because they are my loved ones so I feel safe and happy when I'm around them.

Put my attention elsewhere
I always tend to watch a film, read a book or watch a TV show. Also since starting my blog I tend to write blog posts too when I'm overthinking. Just putting my attention elsewhere, takes my mind off off all my worries.

Let it all out
There's nothing better than having a good old rant to a friend or family member, right? I do this way too often lol. Also writing down all your feelings and thoughts and then ripping up the paper and throwing it away is another good technique.

Do breathing exercises
I tend to inhale through my nose, hold my breath for 5-7 seconds and then slowly exhale through my mouth and repeat until I feel more relaxed. There's loads of breathing techniques you can find on google and you can find which suit you best.

I know this might be one that you're thinking ew no. But even doing light exercise for 10 minutes makes me feel better. I'll admit I don't use this one all the time when my anxiety is running wild because it's the last thing I want to do. But if I feel like it, then I will. Or another form of exercising which helps is walking. Don't worry, I'm not talking about a trek up a mountain. Even just walking around a shop or two (and treating yourself to something new) helps too!

Listen to music
I like making little playlists on Spotify or on my phone for different moods. So I tend to listen to happy/catchy kind of songs when I'm feeling like crap just to try and make me feel better.

Whether it is a normal cup tea (sweet and strong for me!) or a herbal cup of tea. I always find tea is the answer when I get an anxiety attack. I love the Pukka Tea range and the Clippers Snore and Peace tea! 

So there's some of the things I do to ease my anxiety.
 Hope this post helps and leave a comment if you have any tips to share!

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  1. Awww lovely tips! When I am anxious there is nothing that will distract me or bring the feelings down, it is a living hell >< but it has to come down eventually and it helps me so much to practise self care and look after myself to relieve the stress on my body :D your body is so beautiful, I love it! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Aww thanks! and I think it depends on how bad my anxiety is really. Sometimes I can't snap out of it and I'm just not good to be around if I'm being honest. And yess! Self care helps loads x

  2. When I had anxiety a couple of years back (currently 3 years free of panic attacks!), I found that colouring books were a great escape. The sound of the pencils on the page instantly calmed me down and now, you can buy mini ones to take travelling with you.

    Always here if you need a chat about anxiety. Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig is a fantastic book about mental health.

    EL xx

    1. That's so good that you haven't had any panic attacks for 3 years! and yes, I like colouring books too! I've got one with lots of Mandala's to colour in. And I still haven't got round to reading Reasons to stay alive but it's on my book pile to read lol x

  3. I suffer with anxiety and I do a lot of these things too! I definitely need Me Time when my anxietys bad, I just can't be around people as everything is so hightened and I just get snappy and shout at people! It's awful sometimes.

    Lovely post x

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

    1. Yeah I'm the same and then I feel really guilty for snapping and it just makes me anxiety even worse. Such a vicious circle :( x

  4. I wouldn't say my anxiety is as bad as it was last year, but I think that's purely down to the fact I've managed to surround myself with good/positive friendships and people with a lot of confidence.

    Self-care is so important so I find taking a breather and putting my mind to work on something else can be extremely helpful! x


  5. Having positive and understanding people around is always good! I've left a few people behind in 2016 who were no longer there for me as much as I was for them and people who made me feel not good enough etc x

  6. I struggle with anxiety as well. I think these are all great tips for handling it, especially on the bad days. I also find that taking a nap or cleaning help me too!

    1. Thanks! and yeah they both work well too :) x

  7. Tea is definitely my go to when I'm feeling anxious. Or a cup of tea in the bath! xx

    1. I love having a cup of tea in the bath sometimes too! so relaxing x

  8. Love this post, it's really helpful! x http://www.unitedasonevoice.co.uk/