Candescent Lip Balms *

Unfortunately, it's still Winter, which means chapped, dry lips are quite the norm. How attractive...

I seem to have hoarded quite a lot of different lip balms over the past few months, but I either lose them, get bored of them or they don't actually help much. Thankfully the very lovely people at Candescent Shop sent me these handmade lip balms* to try out and review.

Candescent are a new and upcoming shop. All the lip balms they sell are handmade, natural and cruelty-free. They are available on both Etsy and Ebay.

The lip balms come in a 15ml aluminium tin with a screw cap, meaning you won't have to break a nail, trying to get inside the tin. The writing is cute and easy to read. They also come in cute tie up bags and I think they'd make lovely, little gifts.

They are made from Beeswax, Coconut Oil & Vitamin E 

I've been using these lip balms since I received them and they are so good! I love the fact that they are handmade and natural. They are very similar to the LUSH lip balms which I love, but these are a lot cheaper and you get more product per tin. I love that they glide on and melt onto your lips and leave them moisturised for literally hours. 

The unscented one is perfect to pop on at night and is also a really good base/primer for matte lipsticks too. I love all the flavoured ones, they all smell so amazing. My favourite is definitely the Bubblegum one!

The flavoured tins are £3 each and the unscented lip balm is £2.50 both with free delivery. They currently do not ship outside of the UK.

They are also planning to start selling the balms in tubes for easier application too.

If you'd like to stay up to date with Candescent Shop then you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram and you can buy their lip balms on either Etsy or Ebay.

Will you be trying the Candescent Shop lip balms?

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*this post contains gifted items


  1. Hooray for cruelty free goodies!! Chapped lips are one of my least favourite things about the colder months, so products like this are a godsend! I'll definitely be checking out this brand on Etsy! Thanks for sharing, fab photographs here 😍😍

    Abbey ✨

    1. Same! Bloody hate chapped lips. And thanks, glad you liked the post! :)

  2. These are so cute, would definitely make lovely gifts. I always want to try the lip balms from Lush but never want to spend too much, will definitely be looking for these on Etsy :)

    Tiffany x

    1. I agree, they are cute. And I know what you mean, they are quite pricey in Lush!