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It Cosmetics are definitely one of my fave beauty brands, I honestly couldn't live without their Your Skin But Better CC Cream+, it's my go-to base product! (I use the original most days and then in the summer I switch to the matte version). They have recently launched some new products which they kindly sent me over to try out. So in this post, I'm going to be reviewing both of them.

First up is the Confidence in a Cleanser* which is obviously an addition to their popular "Confidence" range. At £26 (148ml) the skin-transforming cleansing serum is what I would call a high-end cleanser but I don't mind spending a bit more than usual on a product if it works well for me. I'm already a fan of their Confidence in a Gel Lotion* so I couldn't wait to try the cleanser. It has a sensitive-friendly formula which they claim washes away makeup, SPF and daily dirt. I found it does work well for all of the above but I still like to remove the majority of my makeup with a cleansing balm first just because I feel like it really gets in there and removes everything properly and then I go in with the Confidence in a Cleanser as my second cleanse, which leaves my skin feeling super clean and soft because of it's "serum formula". I found the cleanser hasn't upset my skin in any way so it definitely coincides with the sensitive-friendly claim. Overall I've been enjoying using the cleanser and I would pick it up again.

Matte (L-R) - Vision, Humble and Like a Dream
Cream (L-R) - Vision, Humble, Like a Dream and Wish List
They've also released their "Pillow Lips" Lipsticks RRP £20* in two different formulas - Matte and Cream which both come in unique packaging which I really like because if you're indecisive like me and have a ton of lipsticks at the bottom of your makeup bag then you can spot the IT lipsticks from a mile off. The moisture wrapping lipsticks contain lip nourishing extracts including collagen and hyaluronic filling spheres which plump up your lips, nourish and smooth fine lines and the shades have been made to complement every complexion. Talking of shades there are 10 of them in total and 4 of them you can buy in both the Matte or Cream formula depending on your preference. I chose 4 different shades in total and three of the shades I chose, I received in both the Matte and Cream options so I could compare them against each other. 

The shades I chose are -
Vision - a peachy everyday nude*
Humble - A pinky-brown nude*
Like a Dream - A vampy mid-pinky-purple* 
Wish List - a rose-pink* 

After trying them over the past week or so, I've come to the conclusion that I actually really like both of the formulas. The matte isn't too matte and doesn't feel drying on the lips at all and the cream is comfortable and doesn't "smoosh" up your face easily like some cream lipsticks do. I'm also a fan of the unique shape of the bullet because it hugs your lips and makes it super easy to apply. I think because I've been opting for more of a glossy-creamy looking lip over the past year I would probably choose the cream option over matte. My favourite shades are Vision and Humble just because they're more of a wearable everyday kind of shade. I definitely need to be having a more confident day to wear Like a Dream and Wish List personally, although they are both really pretty shades. Wish List is an ideal shade for the spring for that "pop of colour" look. I also think the formula really does help to enhance your lips and give them a more plumped look.

Will you be trying any of the new releases from It Cosmetics?

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There has been so many great releases from brands over the past month or so and I thought I would ~try~ and get it down to just five things I've really been loving and I'm not going to lie, it was hard, but I've finally managed to do it. So I thought I'd share with you my top 5 new-ish beauty releases which I've been enjoying recently.

5 New Products On Trial

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I've recently picked up and also received some new beauty bits so I thought I'd kind of do a round-up review blog post with mini reviews and thoughts on each product.

Embryolisse Smoothing Eye Contour Care 15ml £24.99*

I was recently sent this and it couldn't have come at a better time. I've been suffering with quite dry skin (I think it's winter eczema) around my eyes since the beginning of October. It's been driving me crazy and I've been using so many different different lotions and potions but none have really worked that well. The only product that did work is LUSH's Dream Cream but I don't think it's really supposed to be used on your face so I've been trying not to use that unless it gets pretty bad. The Embryolisse Smoothing Eye Contour Care has definitely helped and given my skin some much-needed moisture and it's also been really soothing on the irritated skin. I've been using it after I've cleansed and toned and then using the Rich Honey Moisturiser from Cougar Beauty and I think they've been complimenting each other nicely. The dry skin still hasn't completely gone away but it's definitely calmed down and it isn't as red or itchy. I've also noticed that my dark under eye circles aren't as bad as they normally are either, which is obviously a good thing too.

The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF 50 Multi Protective Essence 60ml £20

Because I've been using more products containing Salicylic and Glycolic Acid lately and I know that using those acids can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, I decided to not mess around and pick up this SPF 50 Skin Essence. It's very light weight and watery which suits my oily skin well and it takes no time to sink in either, which I like. I've also found it to be a great base for makeup as it kind of feels a little tacky once it's dried down a little. I'm not overly keen on the strong scent, especially considering it cost a lot of money for a moisturiser in my eyes but I do feel more comfortable and well protected from the sun and it hasn't broken me out either like most sun protectants do. 

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution £4.50

I've finally jumped onto the bandwagon and picked up a product from the brand The Ordinary. I've been trying to get my hands on the Salicylic Acid 2% Solution for ages but it's always out of stock everywhere. I managed to get it from ASOS and I've been using this for the past few weeks now and I can honestly say it's a miracle worker! I totally get the hype and I could literally see a difference overnight. Yes really. I use this in the evening after I've removed my makeup and cleansed and toned and I then apply my La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ afterwards and I've had minimal breakouts since and my complexion just looks a look more clearer and brighter. Next time I see it in stock I'm going to bulk buy it because I don't think I can be without it now.

Essence Lash Princess Mascara £3.30*

I'm already a HUGE fan of Essence products as you may know if you've been reading my blog for a while now but I was so excited to give this mascara a try as it's received a lot of hype online and in magazines lately. The brush is tapered which I like and I find that this mascara does everything I'm looking for in a mascara - it curls, volumises and just makes my eyes kind of pop. The only thing I will say which I'm not to keen on is that it does clump a little and I do sometimes find myself having to go in with a more spikier and plastic wand (usually my Technic Waterproof Mega Lash Mascara*) just to help define my lashes because I'm not a fan of clumpy looking lashes. But I do use this a lot and I would pick it up again and would say give it a try because it's so affordable.

Collection Fast Brow - Medium/Dark £4.99 
I've been looking for some hassle-free kind of brow products lately because I'm just going through a stage where I just can't be arsed with them because they just don't want to cooperate with me at all and one always look a lot thicker and flatter than the other. So I saw this on Collection's instagram and thought I'd give it a try because I'm rarely let down by Collection products. I'm going to be honest before even trying the product I was a bit underwhelmed - the packaging is weird as it looks as if it's got a lipstick wand inside... which I still don't understand. It also comes with a eyebrow brush with a spoolie on the other end. I did think that it was just basically like my Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Gel but after trialling it a few times I'm actually so impressed by this. It tints my brows in a natural way so I can apply this and then not really worry about my brows for a few days. I also think you get a great amount of product for the price. I'd say if you're a fan of natural looking brows or just want a slight tint if you have fair coloured brows then I'd definitely give this a try before spending a fortune on the other tinting brow products out there which cost £20 and more.
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*PR sample, all opinions are my own

So today's post is a little review on the new Colab Paradise Dry Shampoo, which I'm sure you've probably seen all over your Instagram and Twitter feeds by now. 

So the main reason why I bought this is because of the packaging (obviously, how could I resist the flamingo print?!). It's so cute and eye catching. I just love it!

I do like Colab dry shampoo but I do prefer Batiste, just because Colab seems to leave a white residue in my hair. Whereas most Batiste dry shampoos I buy, don't. But because this one states "amazing oil absorption without white residue" I thought I'd try it out and see if it does what it says. 

It literally does smell like Paradise - It smells very summer-like because of the tropical coconut scent. I also really like the fact that it doesn't leave a white residue like their previous released dry shampoos and it doesn't make your hair feel like it has product build up on it either. 

Overall I love everything about this dry shampoo and I'm definitely going to be buying it again! 

Have you tried this dry shampoo yet?
If so, what did you think? 

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Today's post is all about my thoughts on these makeup tools from Beauty Atelier Shop. I kindly received the #Perfectionist Make Up Sponge and the #Heartist Make Up Brush Cleaner to try out and review, as well as some other products which you can read all about in my First Impressions post here

Beauty Atelier sell high-quality makeup tools and also false eyelashes which are supplied by 88 Infinite Cosmetics. Everything they sell is handmade and cruelty-free. I love the cute, handmade vintage looking packaging of these products and the fact that everything they sell is named with a hashtag.

Also, Beauty Atelier Shop has started to sell:

ABH Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette £35 
ABH Master Palette by Mario £26 
Zoeva Brush Sets ranging from £22-£30 

I  also received a promo code so that my followers get free delivery which I will pop at the bottom of this post!

So first up is my thoughts on the #Perfectionist Make Up Sponge/Blender - The makeup sponge is made from vegetable fibre and is has been made so it will not waste any of your product, like most beauty sponges do. It's also Latex free. I usually stick to my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponges. But I have noticed that they do eat up and waste some of my makeup product. So it was nice to try something new! I used this with my go-to foundation, which is the L'Oreal Infallible Matte in shade Porcelain and I loved it! It expands loads when used damp and it applied my make up really well and it looked nice and natural but also a little dewy. The sponge itself feels quite tough and well structured, which is another reason why I like it. It also didn't waste any of my makeup product. Overall I really like this! I've been using it over the past week and it hasn't let me down. The #Perfectionist make up sponge is £12 and I definitely recommend you to try it!

I also received the #Heartist Make Up Brush Cleaner. Which is just so cute! It feels like really good quality (because it's made from high grade silicone) and it isn't flimsy at all. I also really like that it has 4 different patterned nodules to clean different types of brushes. (The brush cleaner I'm currently using only has 2) This adorable looking brush cleaner is also easy to hold and to use. I cleaned all my dirty brushes with this and they all look lovely and clean again. I really love this and it's only £8!  

As I said in the intro I love the packaging of all of the products I received from Beauty Atelier Shop. I thought I'd add in a few more photos of the packaging of both #Heartist and #Perfectionist. I think they'd made such great little gifts for people who you know, who like handmade gifts as well as their makeup tools/products.


If you're thinking about treating yourself or someone else to some lovely items from the Beauty Atelier Shop website, then I have been given a special code so that my readers can get free delivery on any order! Here is the code:

KIR 10 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! 
Which of the two do you like the look of most? 
I love them both!

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*gifted items which were sent to me to review

Unfortunately, it's still Winter, which means chapped, dry lips are quite the norm. How attractive...

I seem to have hoarded quite a lot of different lip balms over the past few months, but I either lose them, get bored of them or they don't actually help much. Thankfully the very lovely people at Candescent Shop sent me these handmade lip balms* to try out and review.

Candescent are a new and upcoming shop. All the lip balms they sell are handmade, natural and cruelty-free. They are available on both Etsy and Ebay.

The lip balms come in a 15ml aluminium tin with a screw cap, meaning you won't have to break a nail, trying to get inside the tin. The writing is cute and easy to read. They also come in cute tie up bags and I think they'd make lovely, little gifts.

They are made from Beeswax, Coconut Oil & Vitamin E 

I've been using these lip balms since I received them and they are so good! I love the fact that they are handmade and natural. They are very similar to the LUSH lip balms which I love, but these are a lot cheaper and you get more product per tin. I love that they glide on and melt onto your lips and leave them moisturised for literally hours. 

The unscented one is perfect to pop on at night and is also a really good base/primer for matte lipsticks too. I love all the flavoured ones, they all smell so amazing. My favourite is definitely the Bubblegum one!

The flavoured tins are £3 each and the unscented lip balm is £2.50 both with free delivery. They currently do not ship outside of the UK.

They are also planning to start selling the balms in tubes for easier application too.

If you'd like to stay up to date with Candescent Shop then you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram and you can buy their lip balms on either Etsy or Ebay.

Will you be trying the Candescent Shop lip balms?

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*this post contains gifted items

Today's post is all about my thoughts on these beautiful handmade, silk eyelashes from Beauty Atelier Shop. I kindly received these to try out and review, as well as some other products which you can read all about in my First Impressions post here

Beauty Atelier sell high quality make up tools which are supplied by 88 Infinite Cosmetics. Everything they sell is handmade and cruelty free. I also love how everything they sell is named with a hashtag and the packaging is so pretty and eye catching! In the above photo we have -

#Romantic (White Packaging)
#Sexy (Red Packaging)
#Precious (Blue Packaging)
#Glamorous (Black Packaging)

Each set of silk eyelashes are priced at £15 and should be able to worn up to 20 times, if gently washed and looked after.


These were the lashes I was most excited about trying in my first impressions post. But unfortunately, because my eyes are quite small (ugh, why couldn't I be blessed with lovely, big eyes?!), these lashes didn't look right on me when I applied them. But even though they didn't suit me, I did love how easy they were to apply and the high quality of them. If you like longer looking false lashes, then these would definitely be right for you!


I loved these lashes! They suited my eye shape and eye size really well and I like that I can wear them with an everyday makeup look. Again like the #Romantic lashes, they were very easy to apply and easy to remove. Also, I couldn't tell I was wearing them either because how light weight they are. 


I really liked these ones too, but I would personally probably wear them more for occasions than everyday wear. Just because they are a lot more fuller and voluminous. I think these would look lovely with a nice smoky eyed look! I love how there is lots of different length eyelashes to make them look more fluttery too.  


If you're looking for some full, dramatic lashes then you've found them! I do like these a lot and again, I think they'd be great for an occasion like a party or a night out. If you prefer to wear fuller lashes with an everyday look then these would definitely fit the bill!


 My favourite pair of Silk Eyelashes from Beauty Atelier are the #Sexy Lashes which I am wearing in the photos below. 

Overall I do really like the Silk Eyelashes from Beauty Atelier. I love the fact that they are handmade and cruelty free. Also because the high quality of the lashes, they will definitely last up to 20 times (if handled and washed carefully).


If you are thinking about trying the Beauty Atelier range yourself, then here is a promo code to get free delivery on your order! Yay!

KIR 10

I hope you liked this post! 
Which of the eyelashes I've shown in this post do you like the look of most? 


Also I will be posting everyday next week on my blog because I have a lot of blog posts all written up and ready to be posted, so I thought why not!? So follow my blog here or follow me on twitter here to keep up to date and see what I'm posting about.

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* contains gifted items

Today's post is all about the new and upcoming Beauty Atelier Shop! They very kindly sent me all the products in this post, to try out and share my thoughts on. In this post, I'm going to tell you who Beauty Atelier Shop are and also what I received, the concept of each product and also the price.

So... who are Beauty Atelier Shop? What do they sell?

Beauty Atelier Shop is a website which sells handmade high-quality makeup tools -  Including makeup sponges, makeup brushes and a very cute heart shaped brush cleaner. They also sell lots of styles of luxurious false eyelashes. Their products are supplied by 88 Infinite Cosmetics and everything they sell is cruelty-free. They've also just started stocking Zoeva Brush Sets too.

What I received in the package which Beauty Atelier Shop sent to me...

#Romantic (top left), #Precious (top right), #Sexy (bottom left), #Glamourous (bottom right)
Handmade Silk Eyelashes - 
I love the look of these eyelashes, I can't wait to try them out! The packaging is very pretty and eye catching (as I've said before, I'm a complete sucker for packaging!) and I love how everything has been named as a hashtag -

#Romantic -  Lovely to add a little flutter and sweetness to your everyday makeup look
#Precious - Would look lovely for a minimal or natural makeup look
#Sexy - A perfect pair of lashes to pop on for a date night!
#Glamorous - If you like your full of volume, dramatic eyelashes, then these are for you! 

They are £15 per pair and they should be able to be worn up to 20 times if gently washed and looked after. 

#Lightly, #Softly and #Kinky
Handmade Mink Eyelashes -
Again, I love the packaging of these eyelashes! They are in a little plastic case to keep them neat and looking pretty. You can easily pull them out and put them away with no hassle. Also, these are described as lightweight and very comfortable. 

#Lightly - Great for adding a little something more to an everyday look
#Softly - To give you more 
volumized, full looking eyelashes
#Kinky - High-density eyelashes for a dramatic look

The Mink Eyelashes are £19 per pair and should be able to be worn up to 20 times if they are gently washed and looked after. Love the look of the #Lightly eyelashes! (top left)

#Perfectionist Make Up Sponge
A good sized, teardrop shaped makeup sponge. Which is handmade and latex free. It's made from 100% vegetable fibre -  it's designed to not absorb and waste any of your makeup product. Yay! The #Perfectionist is £12.

#Heartist Brush Cleaner
A very cute, silicone makeup brush cleaner. Just to make cleaning brushes more bearable and less a chore. We all know what I'm talking about here, right? It's also a good sized one, which will clean all of your brushes from eyeshadow brushes to powder brushes, but it will still fit inside your travel bag perfectly too! It is only £8.

The #Heartist Brush Cleaner and The #Perfectionist Make Up Sponge both are packaged so nicely -  including ribbon, sequins and a little thank you message on each, which is such a sweet little added touch. Would be great for gifting to friends or family who love handmade products and also love their makeup and makeup tools too.

You can follow Beauty Atelier Shop on Twitter and on Instagram!

I will be reviewing everything featured in this post over the next few weeks on my blog. So keep a look out! You can subscribe by email to my blog or can follow me on twitter to see when I post.

Hope you liked this post! 
I'm looking forward to trying all these products out!

Which do you like the look of most? 

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*this post contains gifted items
all opinions are my own

I was kindly sent this by the upcoming brand Beauty Essentials to try out. Beauty Essentials have created an collection of essential beauty tools and their products are going to be available to buy in Sephora and online when their webpage launches in the UK. 

The product I'm writing about today is the Shadow Switch Dry Make Up Brush Cleaner*. The purpose of the product is to be able to use just one eyeshadow brush when applying our eyeshadow and let's be honest, to stop us using our pyjama bottoms or dressing gowns to wipe previous eyeshadow shades on lol. Because of it's size and the fact that it doesn't contain any liquid, it makes it travel friendly and perfect to just pop in your bag and go.

All you have to do is gently swirl your brush in circular motions on the sponge and the eyeshadow is all removed and your brush is ready for another shade! It''s easy to use and very effective. Obviously you still have to deep clean your brushes but this is great for cleaning in between.

If you want clean your sponge then you just need to use some warm water with fragrance free soap and then leave it to dry. It's also recommended that you change your sponge every 2 months. 

The packaging of the product is changing too so I've added what the new packaging will look like below. So you know what to look out for!

You can already get your hands on this little make up bag essential on Amazon for just £5.99. You can also follow Beauty Essentials on twitter @BeautyEssUK and on instagram @beautyessuk and see what new and exciting products they will be releasing soon. 

I definitely think Beauty Essentials will be one of the "it brands" of 2017 and I'm excited to see and try more of their products. Also it was very nice of them to send me this to try out. I love it!

What are your thoughts?
Have you or are you planning to try this out for yourself?

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*This post contains gifted items. But all opinions are my own.

Today's post is my thoughts on the Simple Kind To Skin Dual Effect Eye Make Up Remover. I am a fan of Simple and I love their Oil Balancing products because of my combination skin. So I was intrigued when I saw this. I have really sensitive eyes and I find it hard to get a product that doesn't sting or irritate them. So because of this I've just been using face wipes to remove eye make up and/or the Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water, which I always use to remove the rest of my make up. Then I obviously cleanse before I go to bed.

The dual effect eye make up remover contains cleansing oil with pro vitamin B5 and purified water with vitamin E. So to get the product to work, you have to shake the bottle well before use to get everything inside to mix together. I was a little worried when I first tried this because it was a little oilier than I expected, so I was worried it was going to break me out around my eyes because of my skin type being combination (and annoying).
I've used this to remove a full on eye make up look whilst wearing Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (which we all know is a bitch to remove) and it literally removes it in about 2 minutes. Every single trace. I pop some on some cotton pads, place them over my eyes and gently move the cotton pads in small circular motions and it gets my eyes back to looking like their tired old, natural selves again. Also I love that it doesn't have a scent and it doesn't sting at all. Definitely recommend giving this a try!

What are your favourite make up removers? 
And have you or are you going to try this eye make up remover?

So here's a little mini Christmas Lush haul I ordered on the release day of the Christmas range. We all know when the Winter range is on the shelves in Lush it's basically means Christmas is here, right? So I thought I'd share what I got and why...

So first thing I chose from the Christmas range is the newly designed Shoot For The Stars. I only bought one of these because I didn't know if I'd like the new display and the bath melt which get's released from the golden stars. Sometimes my skin gets irritated by things like that but I'm really hoping my skin behaves so I can buy more. The smell is the same as usual and is one of my all time favourite scents from Lush which is Honey I Washed The Kids. I think Honey I Washed The Kids smells like Honey and Caramel mixed together. The price of these bath bombs is £4.25. I really hope I like this one as much as the old design. I have kind of got my doubts about it because the old one released a lot of different colours (blue, yellow, pink, purple) so obviously it was a very colourful bath bomb. The new one looks like it just releases an blue colour and then the golden/yellow bath melts cast a golden shimmer over the top of the blue. But we'll see.

I will more than likely post a picture from the bath bombs I've bought in this mini haul on instagram in the upcoming weeks so you can follow me here to see them if you'd like.

Next from my little haul is the Rose Jam Shower Gel in 500g. I've wrote about this shower gel already on my blog. I came across it purely accidentally because of the boxing day sales. Because of the usual crashing on the website I just put whatever I could click on in my basket and checked out and Rose Jam was in one of the gift sets I got. (Home For Christmas gift set? maybe?) And I fell in love with it. I've never smelled this scent in anything else before, it's an unusual Rose scent and I find really calming and relaxing after a stressful day. It's one of those smells that you can use all year round as well. So I've basically been rationing an 100g bottle since January this year and now I have the huge 500g bottle, yay! I was going to buy another 100g for now but I found out was going to get an 250g bottle as one of my Christmas presents this year because I'm always going on about it. So I've put the money to that to get the bigger bottle so it'll last me longer. So yeah my Rose Jam shower gel is a very early Christmas present lol. 
The prices range between: £4.95 100g, £9.95 250g, £16.50 500g and £27.79 1kg.

Next is the redesigned Northern Lights bath bomb. I can't say whether this bath bomb will be as good as the old design because I've never been able to get my hands on the old design. (Yes really) To put it blunt my local Lush shop is in an place which I hate and I only really go there if I really have to. So I tend to order online more than going the shop. But the last time they were in the Christmas range they always seemed to be out of stock online. I really like the new design though, it quite heavy considering it's cheaper than the Shoot For The Stars bath bomb. This one is £3.95. It smells very fresh and floral. It's really nice, definitely going to buy another one of these. I think this one would be a nice present too because it doesn't look like an usual round bath bomb because of it's unique shape.

Finally is the 100g Coalface facial soap.This isn't a Christmas product but I was running low and it's one of my holy grail skin care product. It's amazing. It's definitely made me skin less angry and it helps to calm down any breakouts. It's smells like Charcoal and Sandalwood mainly. But I have noticed in the past two of these I've had that they smell of licorice more and it kind of overrides the Charcoal scent. Some people may love that but I'm not a huge fan of licorice so it does let it down for me a little but I still swear by it. It's definitely something you should try if you have oily skin. I tend to cut mine up in thirds just because I find it easier to work with and they seem to last me around 5 months. So it's worth the money. The price of these is: £5.95 for 100g, £14.85 for 250g and £29.75 for 500g.

I did ask for some samples and I am going to write about them in an separate post in the next week or so. I have tried three of them before and then there's one I haven't tried because it's a new winter range product. The samples I got are: Fresh Farmacy soap, Sandstone soap, Fireside soap and Curly Wurly Shampoo. So keep a look out for the post about these soon! 

That's all of my mini haul. I thought I'd do a little chrismassy background for the Christmas range products because my cute little lights arrived lol. Hope you enjoyed the post! Remember to keep a look out for the samples review post coming either next week or the week after x

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