February Favourites

I can't believe February is over! I will admit, I've had a pretty uneventful month and I'm looking forward to Spring. I did go a little crazy on my January Favourites so I've tried to keep this favourites list as short as possible. 

Superdrug Style Expertise Salt Spray
So since having my hair cut into a kind of long lob (if that makes sense? lol) I've been wearing my hair with natural looking curls/waves but because I wanted my curls/waves to have some texture I decided to try this salt spray and I love it. It smells nice and a little goes a long way. It was only £2.99 too.

Schwarzkopf Got2b Playful Primer 
I don't usually use a primer on my hair, I usually use a heat protection spray and then styling sprays but since having my hair cut, I've changed up how I wear my hair. So now I tend to wear it wavy/curly and instead of using my heat protection sprays (which are usually for making your hair straight/sleek) I've decided to opt for a primer and then using the salt spray to style afterwards which I mentioned above. I love this Got2b primer, it smells like coconuts and it makes my hair feel smooth but heat protected. Plus it's in a cute little bottle. 


So I started watching this because I kept seeing people tweeting about how good it was on my twitter timeline. I totally get why people say "If you like Gossip Girl then you'll like Riverdale". It's not exactly the same but its got the bitchiness, secrets and mysteries, like Gossip Girl. It's available to watch on Netflix and a new episode is added every Friday.

My Mad Fat Diary

I know I'm a few years behind but My Mad Fat Diary has been something I've been meaning to watch for ages and this month I've finally got around to watching it. If you haven't watched it then it's set in the late 1990's and is focused on a music obsessed girl named Rae who has just been released from a psychiatric hospital after having a breakdown. She bumps into a old friend named Chloe who thinks she's been away in France and whilst Rae has been away "in France" Chloe made new friends and tries to get Rae in with the new gang. It's so funny! If you liked Skins then you'd definitely like this. The box set is on all4 if you feel like giving this a watch!

Garnier Skin Active Pure Active Sensitive Clarifying Tonic
I thought I'd try this for when my skin is oily/dry (like I've said before my skin type changes often). I've been using it twice a day, after I've cleansed my face and it takes off any remaining residue from the cleanser and it smooths my skin and tones it. It's not like toning water, it's more of a gel and It smells so nice! Definitely recommend it. 

Beauty Atelier #Perfectionist Blender Sponge*
I'm usually a die-hard fan of the Real Techniques sponges but since I tried this #Perfectionist sponge, I haven't used any of my Real Techniques sponges. This doesn't waste any product (like the RT ones do a little) and it applies make up and gives me a dewy, natural look. You can read my more detailed review about the make up sponge here

LUSH Charity Pot
I love this moisturiser. I did receive this pot for Christmas but I have bought it beforehand and I'd run out. It's smells lovely and it also dries quite fast which I like. Obviously the money goes to Charity too which is always a good thing! It's £3.50 for 45g / £13.50 for 240g (or you can buy a trial tin for just £1)

Fab Little Bag*
I was sent these fab little bags to try out. They are a discreet, stress-free bag to use when it's that time of the month. You can pop your used tampon/pad into the bag when you're out and about or are having one of those situations when you've gone into a bathroom with an overflowing bin or no bin at all! Another reason why I love these is because they aren't too noisy to use, they can be opened with one hand, because of the loops and they have a peel off sticky strip to secure the bag and they are also environmentally friendly. I just think they are a great thing to have in your bag during the time of the month just to avoid any disposable problems you may run into. 

You can pick them up in store at Waitrose or Whole Foods or online on Amazon or Ocado. They range between £1.99 and £3.50 depending which pack you buy. They offer a bathroom pack or a handbag pack.

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*products were sent to me to try out and review, all opinions are my own


  1. I've been loving Riverdale too! In fact I watched the latest episode earlier. :D I haven't tried that Garnier Micellar but I love the Oil one for dry/sensitive skin. Some great picks for faves! :D


  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one on this whole Riverdale craze! There is so much I have suspicions about, I need more than weekly episodes!

    As for the Lush face masks, I love them. They are amazing just like all their products (:


  3. I've heard so many good things about Riverdale, I need to start watching it!