Soy Wax Melts From Strawberry Melts

As you all probably know by now, I have a wax melt addiction. I love buying pretty looking and obviously lovely scented wax melts. I prefer to buy wax melts from small businesses/up and coming brands because I like to support them. I was very kindly sent these wax melts from Strawberry Melts to review.

Strawberry Melts sell their cruelty free, soy wax melts on Etsy but also have a website here. The melts can be bought in many different shapes and sizes from - heart shaped melts, wax loaves, ice cream scoops, brittle and chunks. Some contain glitter, petals and have a marble looking effect too.

They have lots of different scents to choose from too. Here's an example of a few available now - 

Candy Land, Caramel and Pistachio cheesecake, Baby Powder, Strawberry and Champagne, Sweet Almond and Macaroon, Cool Water, Rose. Plus lots more...

I received 7 bags of wax melts to try out*, which I really didn't expect (thanks Niki!). I could smell them all before I opened the package, I wish there was some way you could smell them through the screen because believe me, they all smell amazing!

The arrived in a box and they were packaged really nicely inside as you can see below.

The melts I received were* -

Lullaby Baby
A very soft, powdery scent which would be perfect to pop on after a stressful day or before bed time.

VIP Foxy Lady
A lovely fresh, floral scent, perfect for spring! It smells just like a perfume I had a while ago but I can't think what it was called. (so annoying!)

Red Roses
Can't go wrong with a traditional rose scent, right? These melts also have cute little petals and glitter inside too!

Tangerine Mojito

I love these melts! The smell very summery and are highly scented.

Sweet Almond and Macaroons
If you don't like sickly, sweet scents then these definitely won't be your cup of tea. Personally, I love really sweet scents and I love these melts. They kind of smell like Battenberg cake.

Apple Strudel
I'm not usually a huge fan of apple scents but I really like this. It's kind of a Christmassy, cosy scent and has a sprinkle of glitter over the melt. 

Fruit Tart
Obviously these melts smell very fruity. They literally smell like a fruit tart that's just been made. So yummy! 

I definitely recommend these wax melts if you're looking for a new place to buy some from and you'd also be supporting a small business too. I've been using the melts in my electric wax melt burner and they last for hours and the throw of all of them is really good. My mum has popped a few in the wax burner in the living room and is a big fan of them too.

The wax melts start from £2 (pack of 4) + p&p which is a flat rate of £2.85 no matter how many melts you order. Also they will be restocking on the 15th of March.

I've kindly been given a 15% OFF promo code for my followers too:


(expires 31/4)

You can browse Strawberry Melts on Etsy here.

You can also follow Strawberry Melts on TwitterInstagram and Facebook to keep up to date with their new wax melts and offers. 

Hope you liked this post!

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*samples were to sent to me to review, all opinions are my own

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  1. This is a great post! They look so super cute! Love the dish they are in! Xx