Affordable Blog Props Ideas

I'm writing this post because it's something a little different and also I do tend to often get asked about where my blog props are from too. I guess this blog post will give you an insight of my blog behind the scenes if you like. I'll be sharing my go to blog props, where I get them from (including freebies) and also a few of my favourite blogging tips at the end. So here goes...

I get my blog props from many different places but I mainly get them from B&M, Home Bargains, Amazon, The Range and Poundland. 

I've also turned into a DIY goddess (jokes). Because I got some new furniture in my bedroom I removed the top of the chest of drawers and also the bedside drawers and popped on some marble print vinyl over the top, so I now have a few permanent little blogging backgrounds which I can put away and get out when I need them. If you don't have an old table top lying around, then you could also buy some A3 card and stick a few sheets together to make it stronger and less flimsy and then stick on some printed vinyl of your choice or have a nosey in charity shops to see if you can pick up a cheap old table that you can turn into a blog background.

How cute is my baby succulent?!

Also for another blog prop hack, you can pick up free wallpaper samples from many places like B&M, Wilko, The Range and use them to take your snazzy flatlays on. I tend to stick with clean looking backgrounds but I really like the wood wallpaper sample I picked up in B&M (which you may have noticed as I have been using it a lot lately).

Fairy Lights from Amazon here. (They were only £1.99 + £1.99 delivery when I bought them)

Copper Ball Lights from Poundland here. Plant & Star Dish from B&M // Spring Makeup Shakeup Post here.
Fairy Lights
I'm a huge fan of lights in my blog photos, I think the most of my blog posts since the end of last year have lights in. But I don't think I've spent more than about £5 on any of the fairy lights I use on my blog. The majority of them are from Poundland and then there's a few from Amazon and The Range. I picked up the copper ball ones from Poundland not too long ago and they've already become a firm blogging prop favourite (which I'm sure you know if you read my blog often or follow me on Instagram lol).

Plants and Flowers
I feel as if my fake succulent that features in the majority of my blog photos should have a name or something. I don't know why I love it so much but I just do. A little bit of greenery or colour definitely adds something to blog photos. You can pick up fake flowers and plants from Wilko, B&M, Asda, ASOS plus loads more. Obviously, you can use real flowers too!

Heart Tray (£4), Succulent (£3?) & Tealight Holder (£2) from B&M // Shills Mask Review here.
Wooden Star Lights from Poundland here.

Books, Magazines and Notebooks
This is a pretty new one to me but I've loved adding in notebooks or magazines in my blog photos lately. Magazines are super cheap and you can either use the front covers or a pretty picture inside as the blog prop just to add something different to photos. I tend to pick up either Cosmopolitan or Glamour, plus obviously, you get samples inside some magazines too, win. Notebooks are a cute added touch to blog photos and you don't have to spend a fortune to get a pretty notebook and I sometimes use books I'm currently reading or just books I love in general which have nice or eye-catching covers.

Tealight Holders and Candles
I also love using tealight holders and candles in my blog photos, especially when I'm using my cute little cut out love heart tray from B&M. I think all of them together look so cute in the background of a photo or in a flatlay. I pick up my tealight holders and candles from lots of different places but my faves are B&M, New Look, Primark etc.

Jewellery from Primark and Trinket Dish from Matalan // Joan Collins Lash Growth Mascara review here.

Jewellery from Boohoo & ASOS and Trinket Dish was £1 from B&M // PurpleSharks review here.

Trinket Dishes
I'm a huge fan of trinket dishes in blog photos. Some of my "trinket dishes" are just cute dishes from B&M (as you can probs tell by now, I'm a huge B&M fan, I'd hate to think how much money I've spent in that shop).  My favourites are the "K" dish from Matalan which I got last Christmas and my star dishes from B&M. 

Jewellery either sitting in the trinket dishes or just a few rings in a flatlay is a nice added touch just to fill in a gap or two. I do use jewellery here and there but I feel like it's something I don't use enough in my blog photos. 

Scarf from H&M (not available anymore) // similar ones here and here
Blankets, Jumpers and Scarves
I use my new furry blanket and also pretty jumpers or scarves just to add in textures to my blog photos. My H&M scarf, in particular, comes in handy because of it have 4 different colours on it. So I can make it seem like it's a grey blanket one day and then a pastel pink the next day. (I'm spilling my blog secrets here lol, shh).

Glue Dots Are Your Best Friend (Or Will Be)

You can pick up glue dots from pretty much anywhere (I get mine from Poundland, B&M or Sainsburys). They are pretty self explanatory and are complete life savers if you're a blogger. Got a lipstick or nail polish (etc) that keeps rolling around everywhere whilst trying to take the perfect flatlay? Not anymore! They range from £1-£3 for about 200 dots per pack depending where you shop. 

Natural Lighting (Yay for daylight saving!)

If you're struggling to take a bright-ish photo then try taking your blog photos near a window. I have a table right under my window so I take the majority of my blog photos on there on my blogging backgrounds, plus obviously it's nice and flat. Because of daylight saving I find that I can take my blog photos in the morning or afternoon now and still get a pretty good photo or two.

Use your "Curves"

Ok so I'll admit I'm no photographer or a pro at editing photos and I've literally only come across this in the past few weeks thanks to Maria, but this tip is basically just using the curves tool in whatever photo editor you use and moving the little blip to make your photo go lighter. Doing this doesn't alter your photo too harshly or wash it out but makes it look naturally lighter. It's fab. Great for photos taken on a cloudy, miserable day. You can read Maria's blog post all about it here

So there's some of my blog prop ideas and also some secrets/hacks I guess you could say.  I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

What are your favourite blog props to use? 

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  1. This was so helpful! I love B&M so definitely going to look out for some blog props there :) I always love your photos X

    Tiffany X

    1. Glad you liked the post! I'm literally obsessed with B&M lol x

  2. I really need to start getting some more blog props to spice up my pictures haha! I love using things like magazines and jewellery. X


    1. Haha I think I need declutter my blog props tbh lol and I really want to start using jewellery more in my photos :) x

  3. Great post! I really need to up my prop game! My fake succulent is my favourite! But other than it I don't have a lot of props. That is such a smart idea with your backgrounds!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading the post! I keep trying to find another cute fake succulent but I just can't seemed to find one. And I'm really happy with my new background tables, plus I've kind of hidden them out of the way in my room so that's good too lol x

  4. Lovely post Kirsty! I love reading what other bloggers use to make their photographs pretty. I love using notebooks and throws at the moment, I'm loving the pastel/nude tones.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  5. Love this post Kirsty!! I love using magazines aswell!! I also use pot pouri (if that's how you spell it??!! Haha) - and it smells nice - bonus!!

    1. Ooo Pot Pourri is a good idea! (I literally almost typed pot noodle oops haha) x

  6. This is amazing! I'm always wondering where everyone gets their blog props from and I never come across any affordable ones from such local shops like this! I cannot wait to go to B&M and Matalan now! I've literally been wanting some trinket dishes for the longest time and couldn't find any anywhere! This post has made my day, thank you so much for sharing Kirsty

    Ellie x

    1. Aw thank you! Glad you liked this post :) B&M is probs my fave shop in my town lol and I love Matalan too but I have to drive about 10 miles to get to my closest one, which is a pain but definitely worth it lol x

  7. Nice post. Unfortunately, I don't have a camera yet. So, I'll just stick to stock photos..for now.

    Your pictures are amazing!


  8. Lovely post I didn't even think about the range or Wilkos for flatlay items or Poundland (I'm not sure what's wrong with me!) for lights! Such a fantastic idea and so cheap, thanks for the inspo!

  9. The scarf seems pretty a good idea (why I haven't think of that?) I usually use my white fluffy rug and whiten a little bit I should use some of your tips.

  10. aah what a great post, you take such beautiful photos and I'm loving these ideas. I like using magazines, flowers, bits of jewelry etc. I've not thought of using a scalf or blanket to add texture though & the glue dots sound so handy. The fairy lights seems like they would make such a pretty photo prop too, I think I may have to invest in some of those. I love reading these kind of posts, thanks for sharing :).

    Ellie Xx |

  11. I've been trying to find cute trinket dishes for ages now without much success, so thank you very much for your recommendations! 💕 Primark has so many cute homewares that it is usually my first stop when I'm looking to buy new props - it's cheap as chips there too! Fab post!

    Abbey ✨

    1. ASOS and boohoo have some cute trinket dishes at the minute, last time I checked anyway :) and I love primark too, I try not to go too much because I spend way too money there lol x

  12. Amazing photos! Get post for budding bloggers :) My post is very similar! Great minds think alike :) xx

  13. I always struggle to think of what to use for props! I think I've used everything in my home ten times over. I think I just need to start being a little more creative in what I use or popping down a charity shop as I don't like to buy more things just for the sake of it.

    Great post :)

    Rebecca, xo

    1. I do re use a lot of my blog props too. I like to have 'staple' props and then buy some new bits every month or so too and yes! charity shops are another place to get some nice props too x

  14. I've been thinking a lot recently about getting some things to use as blog photo props so this post was super helpful! Thank you xo

  15. I have a habit of not using any props other than the actual products that I am featuring in the blog post, but these props are so cute that I might consider investing in some. Thank you for the tips at the end. They are wonderful.