Organic Shop Avocado & Honey Express Shine Hair Mask Review

Today's post is a little review about the Organic Shop Avocado & Honey Express Shine Hair Mask (£1.49), it's literally taken me weeks to get my hands on this because it's always out of stock on the Superdrug website (as well as the other available hair masks from Organic Shop). When I finally got it in my latest Superdrug order I couldn't wait to try it. The fact that it always seems to be out of stock gave me high hopes for the product.

The packaging is basically a clear pot and black lid with the labels on, but because the product is 99% natural and also parabens and silicone free, I think it suits it well. The lid being a pop on and off type of lid may not be the greatest thing for me personally, just because I'm super clumsy and forgetful and will probably pick it up by the lid and all of the product will go everywhere, yep, that's something which happens often lol. 

I think the scent doesn't really smell like honey or avocado, I think it smells more like sweet almond but that's not a bad thing at all! It's very thick and creamy but my hair didn't feel weighed down afterwards and it felt and looked really soft and shiny. My hair was much more manageable and it also gave me some added volume.

Overall I definitely recommend picking this up and even if it doesn't work for you at least it hasn't cost you an arm and leg. I am going to (try) and pick up the other hair masks and see what they are like too.

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  1. I always expect good things from brands that are usually out of stock too, I want to try some bits from The Ordinary at the moment. This mask sounds lovely however I am allergic to honey so maybe one to avoid for me!

    Alice | alicemaysnell