March/April Favourites

So I haven't done a favourites post since February because of my Spring Makeup Shake Up post so today's post is my favourites over the months of March and April. I've tried to keep it as short as possible (it's still pretty long, not gonna lie) and pick out my main faves so I hope you enjoy reading!

Collection Primed and Ready Illuminating Primer £4.99

As you may know because of my whinging on twitter and also my Spring Makeup Shake Up post, some of my makeup favourites have stopped working for me. So I've been trying out all different makeup and this was the best primer I found and also happened to be the cheapest out of the ones I'd picked up. Because of it being "powered by Witch" it helps to calm down any breakouts. I also like that it mattifies any oily areas (My t-zone in particular) and adds a little healthy glow to my cheeks. I find it be to be similar to the Benefit POREfessional Primer. I'm not saying it's get rid of every blemish you have but it definitely is a good base before your foundation and my makeup has been lasting longer since using it.

Anatomicals Sleep Balm* £4

You can read my full review of some of the Anatomicals Skincare here but the stand out product from the review is definitely this sleep balm. I tend to struggle to sleep at night, mainly because it's when my anxiety takes over and I just can't switch off, also with me not working right now I haven't got to get up super early at like 6am. This sleep balm has definitely helped a lot. I've been falling asleep 2-3 hours earlier than usual and I've been waking up around 8-9am and I do think that this is what has been helping as well as drinking a sleep tea before bed most nights too.

Loreal Miss Hippie Mascara £7.99
I'll admit the name and the packaging drew me to it most but then after seeing people say how good it was it just made me want it more. But right now, I have a heck of mascaras and I didn't really need another to add to my collection so I thought I'd pop it on my birthday list and I got it, yay! I do like it, it definitely helps out my short, stubborn lashes that only stay curled for about 10 minutes before gravity takes a hold of them lol. The formula is a little bit clumpy but I know some people like that look, I personally don't so I tend to go in with an old Collection mascara brush which is quite spiky (I guess you could say) and just get any clumps out. I know that sounds like a hassle but I do really like this mascara, it works well for my lashes and it's definitely probably 2nd on my fave mascara list right now (I still love my Lash Sensational!).

Rimmel Rain Rain Go Away Nail Polish £2.99
I love these Rimmel nail polishes, I already own many and I don't know how I've not picked this one up before now. It's a pastel purple-grey colour and a very easy to wear shade. It compliments many colours/outfits and it does last well on the nails considering it's only £2.99 a bottle.


I started watching Reign at the beginning of last year and I just love it. The music, the costumes and obviously the drama. I know it doesn't follow the real history of what really happened but the majority of it is true.I think the casting is really good and I'm gutted that season 4 will be the last season. But If you're looking for something to watch on Netflix the I highly recommend this, especially if you like history but not the boring documentaries on tv (sorry if you're a fan, but they literally make me fall asleep 9/10 of the time).

So I saw the adverts for this before it began and thought it looked pretty interesting. So when it was aired I watched the first episode and I'll admit I almost turned it off because it is a little slow at the beginning, but the final 20 minutes or so of the first episode is what gripped me the most and because of it ending on a cliffhanger I just had to watch the next episode. It's a weird, psychological series and you probably won't understand what's really going on half of the time but it is really good and I'd also highly recommend watching it. The good news is that you can now binge watch it on BBC iplayer.

Radox Feel Lively Shower Gel £2.99
Again, the packaging is what made me buy this if I'm being honest. I also liked the concept of the scent lasting for 12 hours and I was intrigued and wanted to test it out for myself. So I picked this up when it was on at an introductory price and it just smells so nice, the peony smells so fresh and lovely but not overpowering at all, literally the perfect Spring scent. It also does as it says and you can smell the scent of the shower gel hours after using it. I wouldn't say it lasts for 12 hours but probably around 8 hours but I will definitely be picking this up again when my tube runs out!

The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter £15

The Moringa Shower Gel is probably my favourite product from The Body Shop but because I tend to just use the same body moisturisers and butter (Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter is my fave!) I don't really change it around and buy others, so when I won a Body Shop Giveaway and this was inside I was really excited about trying it and I was not disappointed. It's really creamy but absorbs fast and obviously smells lovely!

New Look Embroidered Bag

So I got this from Depop for just £8 (+£3 delivery) and the seller said she had only used it once. It's got lots of space and I really like that it zips up because since getting my new phone, I've been paranoid about it falling out my bag so I'm getting rid of bags which haven't got a zip purely for that reason. I obviously love the embroidered piece on the front and it looks so detailed in compassion to the Primark ones that I was eyeing up before getting this. Overall, I can't fault it and it looks lovely with my go-to denim jacket.

Simple Dual Effect Eye Makeup Remover £4.49
Because I've been wearing more eye makeup lately and actually putting more of an effort into trying out new eyeshadow looks and so on, I've realised how amazing this stuff is. I did do a full review on it when I first picked it up last year and you can read that here, but I just had to pop it on this list because it's just great, it removes a full on eye makeup look in literally seconds, it doesn't sting my sensitive eyes at all or make them red, it hasn't got any scent and it doesn't break me out so it's ticking all of the boxes for me. 110% recommend!

Coconut Oil £1
This is a short and sweet favourite, but I used to love coconut oil and I don't really know why I stopped using it. I picked this up from Home Bargains for just £1 and I've been using it on my mid lengths and ends of my hair either the night before/hours before I wash my hair just to make my hair look shinier and add a little bit of moisture. It's definitely helped a lot and I think it does look in a better condition.

So there are my favourites from over the past few months, I know I said I'd try and keep it short but let's face it, it still was a big favourites list lol. Hope you liked reading this! What have been your favourites over the past month or two? 

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  1. You just can't go wrong with the Rimmel nail polishes, they are so lovely and there are so many pretty shades especially in the Kate collection.

    Alice | alicemaysnell