Teatox Twist Detox Tea Review

Teatox Twist is a 28 days detox plan. The pack contains naturally blended Chinese Oolong tea and a variety of cleansing herbs with is in biodegradable teabags. All of the ingredients in the tea are believed to help rid the body of toxins and support your body's internal systems. 

The ingredients:
Chinese Oolong Tea, Liquorice, Ginger, Fennel, Schizandra Berries, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Dandelion Leaves.

Teatox Twist recommend to drink the tea one hour before meals or one hour after meals to help with digestion.  Also, because the tea contains Liquorice, people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption. (Note: the tea is also packed in a factory which contains nuts).

Brewing instructions:
 Pour hot water and steep for 2-4 minutes.

I've really enjoyed trying out the teatox, it tastes really refreshing, kind of minty with a hint of lemon and it's nice to come across a teatox which doesn't contain senna. I'm not a huge fan of liquorice but I couldn't really taste it in this tea. It's definitely helped with bloating but I wouldn't say it helped with weight loss but my diet hasn't been the greatest over the past month I'll admit. Also, when I first started the detox I noticed that my skin didn't break out much and my skin had a kind of glow going on.

Overall I would say to try this out if you are on the lookout for a teatox. Because it doesn't contain senna, it tastes very refreshing and it's only £13.99 on Amazon here, which probably makes it one of the cheaper teatox teas on the market right now.

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*product sent to me to review, all opinions are my own