Ferrari-Lane Soy Wax Melts

Today's post is all about wax melts. As you may know by now, I love cute (and obviously lovely scented) wax melts and I was kindly sent these to try out and feature on my blog. 

Ferrari-Lane sells handmade soy wax melts, candles and also gifts. All of their products are made with high graded oils which are paraben and phthalate free. Any added glitter is non-toxic and they are also Kosher and Vegan-friendly.

I was sent over a box of the wax melt pots and they all smell amazing. Literally all of them. I love that the majority of the melts they sell contain glitter. They are highly scented but not in an overpowering way. Here are the scents I received and what I thought of each of them...

Violet Seduction, Fresh Cut Grass, Creme Brulee
Violet Seduction
So first of all, the smell of violets is one of my favourites scents ever (and weirdly it's one of my mums favourite floral scents too) and it's quite hard to find a real violet scent in wax melts, perfumes and so on. But I think that this melt does smell like violets and it literally smells like you're lying in a field full of violets in full bloom. 

Rock Salt & Driftwood
I really like this wax melt, it smells very fresh and would be a perfect wax melt to have on during the day. It's also got a small sprinkling of iridescent glitter and just looks really pretty.

Fresh Cut Grass
I do like this wax melt scent myself but it's a very strong scent and I think it could maybe come across as a little sickly to some people. It again has glitter over the top and also has a fluorescent green dusting too. I have used half of the wax melt and it does smell less strong when it's melting but the scent still fills the room and smells very fresh and it's one of those scents which I think will help you to focus.

Lime Cooler, Luxury Belgium Chocolate and Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach

This is a lightly scented wax melt but it still smells lovely. If you asked me to choose a Spring/Summer scented melt from the wax melt pots I received then I'd definitely say this one. I have picked up wax melts with similar names to this before and they literally smell like toilet cleaner or air freshener and thankfully this doesn't at all. It's a nice, fresh welcoming scent.

Lime Cooler
This is obviously a citrusy scent and it's got lots of glitter hearts sprinkled all over (woo!) but the thing I love most about this wax melt is that it smells so similar to the LUSH Whoosh Shower Jelly, which happens to be one of my favourite shower jellies. I love zingy scents and this smells so good!

Luxury Belgium Chocolate

This is the scent that I could smell when I first opened the package. I've finally found a wax melt that smells like real chocolate and not at all sickly. It smells amazing. It's full of glitter on the top and also on the bottom so not only does it smell lovely it also looks really pretty in a wax burner or melter. (Warning: this will make you crave chocolate!)

English Rose
I love the smell of rose, it's one of my favourite scents, this wax melt pot is a really delicate rose scent which I personally prefer. It's so pretty and photogenic with petals and glitter and I've only used half of the wax melt pot and yet the soft scent filled my room for hours on end and it's a very calming scent. 

Vanilla Sandalwood

This was the first wax melt I used out of the box I received, I popped in half of it and the scent lasted for over 8 hours! It smells lovely and I can't put my finger on it but this scent reminds me of something from when I was younger so I find this scent very nice and comforting I guess you could say.

Creme Brulee
This one smells really yummy. Probably not a good wax melt to have burning or melting away if you're on a diet because it will make you crave desserts. (I'm not even kidding lol) It has a little sprinkle of glitter over the top and the scent is quite strong but as I've already stated above not in an overpowering way.

Overall I'm really impressed with the wax melt pots I was sent, considering they are so affordable at £2 a pot and that with the ones I've used, I've only used half a wax pot at a time and yet the scent it still strong and fills the room with a lovely scent. I love the added in glitter/petals and dusting. These are definitely some of the best wax melts I've used and probably the most affordable too for the amount you get and the added touches of glitter, petals etc.

If you would like to have a browse at these wax melt pots or the other wax melts; including mermaid shaped melts and candles, waffle melts, chocolate bar shaped melts, unicorn melts plus more, then you can head on to the website here.

Ferrari-Lane also sells "Mermaid Splash Candles" which are currently on sale, as well as other candles with cute quotes on the jars. You can also buy gifts on the website too
from mugs, dream catchers, trinket dishes and more which are all available on the website too. 
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*gifted items for review purposes. All opinions are my own. not sponsored.