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I’m back with another skincare review and this time it’s all about Facetheory. I was recently sent three products from Facetheory to try out and they also gave me an exclusive 30% off discount code for my followers too, which I’ll talk more about later in the post. Their products are made in the UK and are 100% vegan, and cruelty-free and they’re also free of parabens, silicones, PEGs, SLS, SLES, and mineral oils. Here’s what I think about the products I’ve tried so far…
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Typology have recently launched their body and face scrub range and they asked if I would be interested in trying them out. I love using scrubs when you can feel the 'scrub' if you get what I mean so I obviously yes, please! The range consists of the Toning Body Scrub with Green Coffee Macerated Oil RRP £21.80, Nourishing Body Scrub with Sweet Almond Oil RRP £19.60, Radiance Face Scrub with Rosehip Oil RRP £20.40 and Regenerating Face Scrub with Olive Squalane RRP £20.40.

I was sent the Nourishing Body Scrub with Sweet Almond Oil* and the Regenerating Face Scrub with Olive Squalane* to give a whirl and here is my review...
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I reviewed some products from handmade and cruelty-free brand Fat & The Moon on my blog here last year and since then they've changed up their packaging a little and added more products to their evergrowing range so I'm back again with a review of three more products from them which are all available via Live in The LightTheir products are all handmade in California and their founder created the brand for people who prefer to use natural but effective alternatives to chemical-filled products. The brand is all about self-care, self-love and healing which I really like.

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I'm a big fan of Baylis & Harding, I feel like their products are at a luxury standard but with an affordable price tag and I already have quite a lot of products from B&H dotted around my house from hand wash, bath soak, hand and body lotion and more. So when they got in touch to tell me about their brand new GOODNESS range which is plant-based and also vegan and cruelty-free, I couldn't say no to giving the range a whirl.

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So...? are a brand that seem to have been around for all of my life, some of their body sprays which I think have been discontinued now such as Kiss Me... and Sinful were some of my faves when I was a pre-teen/early teen when I first started to get into beauty and doing my makeup and hair etc. So to be sent a PR package from them seems so weird but also exciting as I still use products by So...? many years later. Their Sorry Not Sorry range has everything you need in the bath and body care department and all of it is affordable and cruelty-free too. So here are the products I've been trying out from the range that is exclusively available from Superdrug...
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 Awarding winning ARK Skincare are fast becoming one of my favourite brands for skincare. They're cruelty-free and they make sure their formulations free from parabens, SLS, mineral oil, S.D, alcohol, formaldehyde and artificial colours and fragrances. They also cater for every age and skin concern. They kindly sent over two more products for me to try out towards the end of last year and I thought it was about time I reviewed them. I was planning on getting this review up around mid-December but I fell behind a little because I had quite a few paid opportunities with short deadlines and then I had some other life dramas going on over Christmas so I ended up taking almost two weeks off instead the four days I had initially planned.

The Advanced Action Plumping Lip Cream RRP £32* contains clinically proven plumping peptides which increase the lip volume appearance as well as adding hydration. I'm not going to lie, at first, it seems weird to be applying a cream to your lips as opposed to your standard lip balm but I really do feel like ARK Skincare's lip cream does a lot more than a balm and it also plumps up your lips (temporarily) too. Obviously, at £32 it does sound a bit pricey but I literally only use a pump per use and it's more than enough, so I can see it lasting pretty well. I really like to use it as a lip treatment at night too because the ingredients can help firm, smooth and reduce the appearance wrinkles on the lips and surrounding area and I feel like applying it a night lets the product get to work whilst you sleep. I'm a big fan!

They also sent over their Gua Sha Jade Facial Tool RRP £20* which ARK Skincare claims to help stimulate blood circulation and also encourage lymphatic drainage. With regular practice they also claim that the tool can help to make your jawline become more define, reduce fine lines and also help to lift and de-puff your skin. Now I'm not sure about it making my jawline become more defined, I think for me personally, I'd be looking more into having some sort of facelift if I wanted my jawline to look slimmer and more defined because I do have a chubby, round face and neck lol. But I do think there's some truth in it encouraging lymphatic drainage and here's why I think that... when I get ill or when I'm about to become ill, my cheeks, jaw and neck tend to swell up quite bad due to my lymph nodes getting infected and swollen (I'm guessing?). But when I got ill at the end of December (thanks to Christmas food and stress lol) I had already been using the Gua Sha Facial Tool for a few weeks and I found that my face didn't look and feel as swollen and sore as it usually does when I'm ill so I do think it helped a little in that respect. It also comes with a helpful guide which is super easy to follow to help you use it in the right way as well as a velvet pouch. 

Overall I'm really happy with both of the products, if you haven't already looked into ARK Skincare and what they offer then I highly recommend checking them out!

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New In From Lee Stafford!

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Lee Stafford are one of my go-to brands for hair products which work well, don't break the bank and smell bloody gorgeous. They kindly sent over some of the recent releases and I've been testing them all out over the past couple of weeks...

The Heat Protection Blow Dry Cream* is a lightweight cream that aims to protect and shield your hair from heat and breakage. So it sounds great for someone like me who literally has to use a hairdryer every time I wash my hair because if I leave it to air-dry, I will literally wake up with my hair resembling a bird's nest. You just pop it in the palm of your hands and then apply to towel-dried hair on the mid-lengths and ends. I've really been enjoying using this and I definitely think my hair looks less frizzy and feels smoother when I use it. I also love the smell of both of the products in this post. I don't even know what the scent is but it's so nice and it also stays in your hair too which I personally really like and think is an added bonus. I do use a lightweight heat protection spray from Maui Moisture in my roots for added heat protection when using this too.

The Lee Stafford Hair Growth Protein Cream RPR £7.99* aims to repair your hair from the inside out. The intensive nutrient-rich protein treatment helps to rebuild and repair damaged hair to make it healthier, longer and stronger. You apply it the same way as the Blow Dry Cream but only use a pea-size amount (remember less is more when it comes to hair treatments!). I don't feel like I've seen an increase in my hair growth (yet anyway) but I do think my hair feels a bit stronger and it doesn't break as easy as it used to and I think it's down to the Protein Cream which I've been using a couple times per week. It also smells lush, just like the Blow Dry Cream!

A paddle brush is definitely essential for day to day use as they are great to detangle and smooth your hair. The Lee Stafford Smooth & Polish Paddle Brush RRP £10.99* can be used on wet or dry hair has a soft cushion to ensure comfortable styling. I really like the Lee Stafford Paddle Brush because it's a lot bigger than my current everyday brush and it means it's easier and quicker to brush and style my hair, which is handy when I'm having a bad pain day with my back because even brushing my hair hurts me. It also means that it gives a smoother and straighter finish if you use it when drying your hair too. 

The Lee Stafford Blow Out Brush RRP £12.99* is for creating big, bouncy hair which is great for adding some volume to your roots as well as for styling your hair. It has a soft-touch grip and seamless capped design which prevents your hair from snagging when styling, which is such a pet hate of mine when it comes to hairbrushes! A couple days before receiving the Blow Out Brush I picked up a new roll brush from B&M to give my roots some lift and to style my fringe to the side and it was pretty much ripping my hair out every time I used it. It just shows how the design of any brush you buy really does matter in how they affect and style your hair. The Blow Out brush is a great brush to give your roots some volume, which I definitely need fyi! and I can just about get away with using it to style my fringe too.

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 The majority of the products below are ~new in~ give or take a few months. So I thought I'd do a big round-up post about them all because I really enjoy reading round-up blog posts particularly the "new in" beauty posts so I thought I'd give it a whirl on my own blog.

Over the past year or so I've been picking up the odd Barry M product here and there and I'm always amazed at how good they are for the price. I feel like Barry M products are massively overlooked because of other drugstore brands such as Revolution and I really feel like a lot of people are missing out. I picked up two of the Green Origin Nail Paints RRP £3.99 which are vegan and made from 70% certified natural ingredients including potato, corn and wheat. There's a decent range of shades to choose from but I definitely think there's room for some more staple everyday shades such as a nude pink, mint green or rose red. Overall I've been really enjoying wearing these polishes since I picked them up. I definitely prefer Mushroom (the mid-grey kind of shade) because Down to Earth just looks a bit too pale on my nails against my skin if that makes sense. Because of the low-chemical formulation, the polishes don't have that usual potent polish smell either which I like because everyone in my house moans when I paint my nails because of the smell haha. They also dry down really fast and last as well as a normal Barry M polish. 

When I saw the latest skincare drop from Soap & Glory I was really intrigued and decided to pick it up. The Puffy Eye Attack Eye Make-up Remover RRP £5 has a jelly-like formula that they claim helps to melt away the most stubborn eye make-up including waterproof mascara. It's also suitable for sensitive skin and the jelly-like texture soothes and cools whilst reducing the appearance of any puffiness around the eyes. The formula does feel weird and even after using it quite a few times, I'm still finding kind of odd. I'm used to using oil-based eye makeup remover usually. In terms of how it works, I would say it works pretty good. It does take longer to remove my eye makeup than it usually does with an oil-based formula but I do like the cooling and refreshing sensation. 

Bubu Skincare are a new brand to hit the shelves and their products are exclusively sold on Pretty Little Thing. They're vegan, environmentally friendly, paraben-free and cruelty-free. They currently have four different sheet masks (priced at £7 each) to choose from and also a lip plumping mask (priced at £5). Each mask comes with its own cheeky name such as #youpucker and #t-spot. I was sent over their #t-spot Blemish Busting Mask* which is formulated with a unique blend of Niacinamide (which I'm already a huge fan of!), natural actives and a potent secret serum, #feelingdirty Pollution Busting Sheet Mask* which protects your skin from grime and dirty as well as doubling up as a primer and #stripitoff Exfoliating Sheet Mask* which contains Charcoal, Clay and AHAs which all help to gobble up dead skin cells and leaves you with a fresh, glowy complexion. With it being an exfoliating treatment, always make sure you use an SPF after use because it does make your skin more sensitive to the sun. I've only tried the #stripitoff exfoliating sheet mud mask so far, just because I've not had the time to try all three, especially when I'm trying out other skincare products too. But I really liked #stripitoff and I feel like I could see a difference straight after using it which is always a good sign! My skin looked brighter and just more "awake" if that makes sense. I did wake up with a few new spots the next day but I guess that just proves that the ingredients in the mask worked and brought any rubbish in my pores to the surface.

If you follow me on insta then you may have noticed that I've been picking up/being sent quite a few different skin clearing products recently. The reason for this is because I'm trying to find some staple go-to products to help clear up my skin when it's being annoying and breaking out. One of the products I've been using is the ARK Skincare Clearing Serum RRP £45* and the reason why I was so intrigued about ARK Skincare's offering is because it doesn't contain the usual "spot busting" ingredients such as Tea Tree and Witch Hazel which my skin can be a little iffy with at times. They claim the serum helps to refine pores, banish bacteria, tighten pores and eliminate excess shine. The formula is plant-based and a great product to use if your skin is feeling oily. Margosa Leaf Extract has astringent and antibacterial properties and Watercress, Nettle and Horsetail all regulate sebum production and prevent acne. I have been enjoying using this serum and I do think it's a good one if you're not a fan of using Witch Hazel and/or Tea Tree but I do think it takes a bit longer to start working than the usual "spot busting" ingredients. I also found it works well at calming down those horrible, painful under the skin spots too. 

Top: Velvet Peach  Bottom: Pink Champagne
I was sent some products from Tropic a few weeks ago which is always exciting! I received the Tropic Lip Glazes in Velvet Peach* and Pink Champagne* RRP £14 and another product that I'm going to be talking about in a different blog post coming soon. I'm a fan of lip glosses (as long as they're not sticky!) because I think they're a great way to make your lips like a bit more plumper as well as being a great way to keep your lips nicely hydrated too. Both of the shades I was sent Velvet Peach and Pink Champagne are super pretty but I think for me personally Pink Champagne is probably more forgiving on my lips because the Velvet Peach is a bit pale and kind of washes me out a little. There are 6 shades to choose from overall so I do think that they could add a few more to the lineup. But overall I think they're nice and comfortable to wear and they definitely give a plumping effect as well as a boost of hydration! You could also use Pink Champagne as a lip topper because it's more of a sheen kind of lipgloss. I'm already a big fan!

Lavera has recently launched a range of 100% biodegradable sheet masks which I think is fab! Each one is priced at £6.95 and you can choose from either their Hydrating Mask* which contains hyaluronic acid, organic cucumber and glacier water, Firming Mask* which contains hyaluronic acid, karanja oil, aloe vera oil, lavender water and cotton extract, Illuminating Mask* which contains dragon fruit and raspberry and Purifying Mask* which contains salicylic acid and organic mint. Each fleece sheet mask is made from plant material which means it's 100% biodegradable. I've only tried the Illuminating sheet mask so far when I was having a bit of an "ugh" kind of day with my skin and it definitely gave me a nice healthy glow as well as leaving my skin feeling super soft. I can't wait to get around to trying the other sheet masks now and it's great that they are thinking of the environment too!

The Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara RRP £3.30* is an updated version of the original False Lash Effect which I already really like. But now it comes in a waterproof version. I always say that I find waterproof mascaras work better on my lashes so I couldn't wait to give the new and improved formula a whirl. It definitely worked even better than the original and I just think it's a great mascara for the price. If you're on a tight budget and want a mascara that works then you should give this one a try.

Lastly is the Mane n Tail Braid Sheen Ultimate Control Conditioning Spray RRP £8.99* which I received recently and I'm not going to lie, I very rarely wear my hair in any sort of braid, unless it's a loose side braid when I'm just in the house doing work or tidying etc. So instead of using it as a "Braid Sheen" I've been using it as a detangling product which adds a bit of shine and I've found it works well in that way. It also smells like their Hair Strengthener product which is one of my all-time fave products

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 Bali Body are an Australian cruelty-free, vegan friendly and paraben-free brand who mainly specialise in selling fake tan products. However I don't use fake tan because it literally always turns out patchy on me and I also don't think it looks "right" on me because I'm just used to looking pale if that makes sense. Also with having chronic pain it's probably more hassle than it's worth in terms of the application and removal process. However when Bali Body got in touch asking if I'd be interested in trying out their products I was really intrigued by their skincare and bodycare ranges. So I've been trying out three of their products for a few weeks and in this post I'm going to be talking about how I've been getting on with each one.

As I've mentioned in previous blog posts I've really gotten into wearing more of an minimal base this year. So I've been opting for BB creams, CC creams and tinted moisturisers instead of foundation. I think it's because I feel like my skin can breathe better with products that are more lightweight and I find that they're easier to apply because you can just use your fingertips if you want to. I've also been liking wearing them if I'm feeling a bit rubbish about my skin and just want something to even out my skin tone. So the Bali Body BB Cream SPF15 priced at £25.95* definitely piqued my interested when I saw it. There's 4 shades available and I chose the lightest option which is "Fair". They describe it as a multi-tasking cream as it can be used as your base, sunscreen and an anti-ageing moisturiser all in one. I'll be honest I wouldn't feel particularly safe wearing SPF15 on it's own, especially in the summer but I suppose if you've forgotten to put your SPF on in the morning then at least it's better than nothing. The BB Cream itself provides a nice, glowy, light coverage which evens out your skin tone nicely. I've also been using it with a few dabs of concealer wherever needed just for a bit of extra coverage here and there. I do sometimes find that BB Cream shades can come up a little too warm for someone like me who is quite pale so I like that it's one of those products that adapts to your natural skin colour because the mineral oxidises to match your skin tone. So overall I would pick this up again. I think it would make a great summer or holiday base product! 

I don't know why but I was expecting the Coconut Lip Balm SPF15 priced at £12.95* to be similar to the Glossier Balm Dot Com which I adore. However I would say that the Bali Body Coconut Lip Balm is somewhere in between the Glossier Balm Dot Com in terms of how hydrating it is as well as a lip oil which I actually really like. It's quite runny so you do have to be careful when you first apply it because it did take me by surprise. But I do like that it makes my lips look super plump as well as giving a nice amount of moisture because of all of the nourishing oils inside.

Lastly is the Luxe Moisturising Lotion priced at £16.95* and I'm not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed when I applied it and realised it doesn't really have a scent. I was really expecting it to have a tropical scent, especially for the price and size of the product but it doesn't. I've had a look on the website and it says that it gives a light grapefruit scent but I can't smell it. *Also note this product does contain nuts in the ingredients*. It's lightweight but definitely packs a punch on the hydration front which I do like and with it being lightweight it means it sinks into your skin quickly. It's main ingredients include soothing Aloe Vera, hydrating Shea Butter and age defying Camellia Tea oil. Something else which caught my eye on the ingredients list is that it contains Lactic Acid. The reason why I found this interesting is because I suffer with Kerotosis Pilaris (chicken skin) on my upper arms quite bad and I find that Lactic Acid, if I keep on top of using it, really helps to reduce it. So I think it's good that the moisturising lotion has that added in so if I forget or let's face it, can't be bothered to apply the lactic acid after I've had a shower or bath then I know that the lotion will make up for it in the mean time. I'll be honest I'm still kind of on the fence about this product because of it being pricier than my usual lightweight body moisturiser and the fact that it doesn't have a scent but I do like that it contains lactic acid and aloe vera which are two of my hero products.

Have you tried anything from Bali Body before? If so, what did you think?

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This year I seem to be really enjoying more of a natural/minimal base with either a nude lip or a bold lip. I just think it looks really nice! If I'm having a bit of a rubbish skin kind of day then I'll apply a dab of concealer where it's needed just to build up the coverage in the areas needed and then I apply the base. I just feel like my skin is happier when I'm wearing less makeup, especially in the summer. So when Tropic got in touch about some of their makeup products I was definitely intrigued. I've technically already tried some makeup products from Tropic because they kindly sent me across their customisable Colour Palette* a couple months ago which I really like - especially the highlighter and blusher. But in this post I'm talking about their Mineral Foundation and one of their Kiss Me Quick lipsticks.

I've been debating on trying out a mineral foundation for a while but there's always a few things which put me off... one being the colour match because in normal liquid foundations or CC creams I tend to have to use whitening drops to make the shade right for me (even if I buy the lightest shade) and I also worry because I have an oilier skin type, I don't know if I'm just going to look like a mottled, oily mess after I've been wearing a mineral foundation for a few hours. But I decided that it was time to bite the bullet and try it out. 

Tropic's Mineral Foundation in the shade "Porcelain" RRP £24* is SPF 25 and has 6 shades available which I do think could be better but I do also think the shade range isn't too bad. I feel like there is a good mixture of skin tones if you get what I mean. In the pan I did think that the "Porcelain" shade looked quite orange and I was like Uh oh when I first saw it but once you start applying it, it looks a lot lighter. It's really easy to apply with their Kabuki Brush* (sold separately RRP £22) and you just buff in it in circular motions from the centre outwards like it tells you to on the directions on the box. They do claim it's full coverage but I think it's more of an almost-medium coverage but it still looks nice. It doesn't look powdery or cakey and it's so comfortable too! Although I think it looks lovely as soon as you apply it, I feel like once it settles into your skin after 20-30 minutes, it looks even nicer. It still looks like your skin and you can also use concealer underneath if needed over blemishes or to cover dark under eye circles etc and it still works just as well. I also like that they sell refill pouches for £19.20 instead of buying the whole pot all over again. So far I'm really impressed with the Mineral Foundation, I'm definitely reaching for it more than I thought I would. It looks nice on it's own or over the top of a tinted moisturiser (I've been wearing it over Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturiser) when you just want a bit more coverage but also want to be comfortable and I think it will last a while with it being a powder foundation.

I also chose a Kiss Me Quick Lipstick to try which are RRP £20. I chose the shade Fresh Fig* which is just a lovely everyday kind of shade. It can be built up to a bolder colour if wanted or you can just sweep it on lightly for a glossy balm-like look. It's comfortable and gives you a nice plumping effect too. It also smells really fruity - I think it's the shea butter and passionfruit I can smell but I'm not sure. There's also a nice selection of shades if Fresh Fig doesn't tickle your fancy - there's 8 shades altogether.

Overall I'm really happy with both of the products I've tried. It's another thumbs up from me! I will definitely be picking up the Mineral Foundation again and I would buy a couple more shades from the Kiss Me Quick range if I wanted to add more glossy lipsticks to my lipstick collection.

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I've been a fan of Benecos for probably about two years, I haven't tried tons from them but the products I have tried I've thoroughly got along with and liked a lot. I love that they are cruelty free, vegan friendly and also organic. They've recently released a whole bunch of new products in their Spring/Summer collection and I was sent some bits to try out for myself so in today's post I'm going to be talking about how I've got on with them and if I'd recommend them.

First up is the Natural Face Primer* which I've really been enjoying using, especially whilst the weather has been a lot warmer. It's definitely more of a water-based primer which I personally like and it feels really hydrating upon application and it sinks in quickly. It does leave a slight tacky finish but I know people like that as it helps other base products to stick better. It also contains Aloe Vera which again, I really like because I do have redness in my cheeks and I can see a bit of a difference when using the Natural Face Primer. So overall I like it and would pick up again. You can pick it up for £6.95 on the Benecos website.

Next is the Natural Eyebrow Gel to fill, shape and define your brows. I received the clear option but you can also buy it in Brunette and Ash Brown. I think it's a nice brow gel and easy to use with a small brush which I personally prefer so it doesn't get everywhere. Will it be replacing my beloved Glossier Boy Brow? No. But I do think it's a good cheaper alternative but I do like the pomade kind of effect that Boy Brow offers whereas Benecos' eyebrow gel doesn't do that.

I also received the Natural Fun Size Mascara in Black Onyx* which is only £2.95 but unfortunately it just didn't anything to my stubborn lashes. It has a very basic straight up and down kind of brush, so as soon as I saw it I was like "hmmm that's not going to work for me". I think if you already have lovely long lashes which hold a curl pretty well then you'll probably like this mascara but it's just not the one for me.

-Shooting Star, Rose Please, Lilac Light and Muddy Olive-
Lastly is the gorgeous My Beauty "It-Pieces" Customisable Palette in Pretty Cold RRP £26.45* which would make a perfect travel companion. It contains a gorgeous highlight in the shade "Shooting Star", a pretty blush in the shade "Rose Please" and 4 eye shadows in the shades "Ballerina Glam", "Lilac Light", Muddy Olive" and "Blue Galaxy". First of all I love the names of the shades and I think they suit the colours so well. I love the highlighter in the palette and it's definitely the stand out product in the palette for me. It's so pretty and not too overpowering which I prefer from a highlighter. The blush is very nice and works well with my skin tone. I've also found the eye shadows to be nice too. They are pigmented but in a muted way if that makes sense and you can build them up to a more bolder colour. I've found that they also apply nicely and last well. I was sent a refill eyeshadow in Prismatic Pink RRP £3.95* aswell but I haven't got around to trying it yet because I've been using the other shades in the palette but I have swatched it and it's very pretty. I think it will work well with the shades "Ballerina Glam" and "Lilac Light". 

They've also released some other new products in their Spring/Summer releases which I'm interested in trying including their Foundation Stick, Matte Liquid Lipstick and their BB Cream too.

Have you tried anything from Benecos before? If so, what did you think?

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I think we all know by now that I'm a massive skincare fan. So when an email landed in my inbox last month about the award winning brand ARK Skincare who are natural, cruelty-free and basically free from all of the "baddies" including Parabens, SLS, Mineral Oil, S.D. Alcohol, Formaldehyde and also artificial colours and fragrances, I was excited to give them a try! They use bioactive natural ingredients, containing effective antioxidants, lipids and vitamins and have ranges which target for all age groups. Their Protect range is for teens & 20s, Defend is for 30s and 40s and Defy is for those who are over 50.

Because I am 25 I was sent over two products from their Protect range. So I was sent the Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser* and the Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturiser*. I was also sent their Skin Essential Pre Cleanse & Make-up Remover* which is for all ages. 

The first product I'm going to talk about is obviously the Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser RRP £25* (200ml) which comes in a pump bottle. I'm a bit of a cleanser hoarder so obviously it was the product I was most excited to try out. It's soap free, vegan friendly and I also really like the smell of the product as it's very calming and kind of reminds me of some products from Dermalogica who are one of my go-to fave skincare brands. It's lathers up a little and I've actually noticed I've been reaching for ARK Skincare's Skin Clear Cleanser more than my Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser which definitely says something as that's been one of my go-to cleansers since 2017. 

 The bio active ingredients in the cleanser include - Oat Amino Acids, Peach Lipids, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, White Tea, Watercress, Nettle and Horsetail. Has it done much for my skin in terms of helping to clear it? I'm not sure to be honest... but to be fair on the product I have been dealing with a lot whilst I've been trying out these bits from ARK Skincare which if you follow me on my social media then you'll know what I'm talking about. So I suppose the stress/upset and etc will have affected my skin and made it act up a bit. But I would definitely pick this cleanser up again anyway as I just feel like my skin likes it and it's just a nice lightweight daily gel cleanser. I've been using an oil based makeup remover first and then using the cleanser afterwards.

The Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturiser RRP £35* (50ml) contains similar ingredients as the cleanser and these include - Peach Lipids, Avocado Oil, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, White Tea, Creatine and Anti-Pollution Algae. It's jam packed with antioxidants and claims to offer a perfect balance of moisture. It's not super thick but it's not thin either which I do usually like in a moisturiser. I do think for me personally this would get on with my skin more when the weather gets cooler (so around Autumn time) just because my skin is oily and having oily skin in the summer is basically a curse. Right now I'm opting for more gel/lightweight moisturisers wherever possible whilst we're going through a weird on/off heatwave. I've actually rediscovered my love for the Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Gel Moisturiser. But the ARK Skincare moisturiser is a nice moisturiser overall and it also smells very similar to the cleanser which I'm a fan of. I'm not sure if I would pick it up again at £35 just because I do have cheaper moisturisers which work better for me personally but if I saw it on offer on Look Fantastic which is one of the places where ARK Skincare can be picked up then I would potentially buy it again.

I was also sent a travel size version of their Skin Essential Pre Cleanse Makeup Remover* which I found worked really well but unfortunately I seem to have had an allergic reaction and my eyes went all puffy and red after using it. This isn't any fault of the brand/product though, it's just me and my weird allergies. I'm really gutted as it worked so well and it took my waterproof mascara off a lot quicker than my usual makeup remover. So I would still say pick it up and give it a try if you're in the market for a cruelty-free makeup remover right now.

Have you heard of or tried anything from ARK Skincare before? 

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Tropic are definitely a brand who have been piquing my interest a lot lately. I love that their products are natural and cruelty-free and most of their products are within my price range too. I've tried various different products from them already and I've enjoyed using the vast majority of them and for someone who has temperamental skin, that is a big deal! I was recently emailed by Tropic's PR and was asked if I was interested in trying out their new Tropic Colour Palette which I had already seen popping up on my insta feed and I liked the idea of it being customisable and travel friendly. So here are my overall thoughts on the ease of use of the palette, the shades and products I chose for my own palette and also my thoughts on the two surprise brushes which also in my parcel when it arrived.

Making your own Tropic Colour Palette is super simple to do. There's four different case configurations to choose from and I chose the C option so I have 1 large, 2 Medium and 2 Small in my palette's layout. I did this so that I had a nice selection of products to try out. You can choose from eyeliner, eyebrow pomade or powder or eyeshadow in the smallest sections and then cream concealer, pressed blush, pressed bronzer, pressed highlighter, cream blush, cream highlighter, cream contour or powder contour for both your Medium and Large sections.   

In my palette I chose two of the Pressed Eye Shadows - Cashew* and Copper* (RRP £8 each), Blush Crush Pressed Colour in Golden Apricot* (RRP £16), Way To Glow Pressed Highlighter in Afterglow* (RRP £16) and the Undercover Cream Concealer in Macadamia* (RRP £20). Altogether my palette came to £68. It would of been £84 but Tropic are offering the Colour Palette case for free (worth £16).

Idk why my arm looks blue-ish in this photo btw lol 
I decided to opt for a more neutral, everyday kind of palette as that's usually my jam anyway. The eye shadows are nice and are definitely on the pigmented side, however I wish the Cashew shade was more similar to how it looks in the pan (a little more warmer). It's a lot paler when in use and I wanted a shade which was wearable on it's own but it just doesn't look right on it's own on me personally, so I've just been using it as a base shade. The Copper shade is what I would call a muted copper and it's really pretty and nice to wear alone and I think it helps to make my blue eyes pop!

The Golden Apricot looks like it's going to be super full-on but it blends out into a nice warm shade which definitely adds some colour to my pale complexion. It's also got a very slight golden sheen to it which is why I think it'll be a blusher I'll be using often in the summer months to give me a slight sun-kissed glow. I'm a big fan of the Way To Glow Highlighter in Afterglow. I did think it would be a scary blinding highlighter when I saw it in the pan but it's actually a subtle sheen with a golden undertone. It looks really nice when you're opting for a more natural, minimal day-to-day makeup look. I'm already a bit obsessed!

The Undercover Cream Concealer in Macadamia did have me worried when it first arrived as it looks quite warm but then once I took away the "top layer" it revealed a shade which is a lot more suitable for my skin. I do think they could expand the concealer shade range more though as of right now there's only three shades and Macadamia is the palest shade. I can build it up quite easily to a medium coverage and it stays in place well once it's powdered down a little. But if you do have some serious dark circles under your eyes you may need to go in with something else to give it a boost but it's good on redness and blemishes.  

So overall I think it's a great little palette which has a large mirror and you could easily pop it in your suitcase or overnight bag with a couple of brushes and be sorted (depending on what products you choose). 

The surprise brushes which came with the parcel have been so nice to use over the past couple of weeks. Particularly the FB2 Precision Face Brush priced at £18* which kind of reminds me of the It Cosmetics Hevenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush #7 which is a whopping £35! So the Tropic version is a lot nicer on your bank balance if you're looking for a precision complexion kind of brush. The brushes I received are both made from wood and soft vegan fibres and the FB2 brush can be used with creams, liquids and powder and I've found that it works really well with the concealer in the palette and it also works well with my CC Creams or Glossier's Perfecting Skin Tint which I've been using a lot over the past few weeks.   

The 3IN1 Eye Brush priced at £16* is a super handy multitasking brush as it contains an eyeshadow brush, an eyebrow brush and a spoolie brush. I haven't used the eyeshadow brush much as I tend to use the double-ended Lottie London Arch Rival (Similar to the ABH Brow Wiz) which you don't need a brush for and it also has a spoolie on the other side. But the 3IN1 brush is handy for products in which you need a spoolie before or after using the product. The eyeshadow brush is a great one to use for buffing, blending or packing on a colour as it's quite a flat brush which you always in your makeup bag. You can also use it with Tropic's Eyebrow Stencils too. 

What kind of palette would you make with the Tropic Colour Palette?

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I'm not going to lie, when I first saw the products in the Glossier Play range, I wasn't blown away. I'm not into full-on "out there" makeup, I'm very much a natural/minimal makeup kinda gal most of the time, which is why I like most of the original Glossier makeup range. I'm not really into glitter, bold colours and things like that. However after watching Lucy Jane Wood's video and also Joanna Spicer's video, I realised that a few of the products aren't as "out there" as they initially looked online, so I decided to try them for myself.

I decided to grab the NiteShine Highlighter Concentrate in Pale Pearl priced at £17 and Vinylic Lip in Pony priced at £14. The NiteShine Highlighter looks very OTT on Glossier's promo photos which is why I wasn't interested at first, however upon first application it's pretty natural and glowy looking which I really like and I think it will look really nice with my spring/summer makeup looks. I've found instead of applying it from with the applicator, I pop a little on my fingers and tap and blend it in that way, just to make it look more natural. You can build it up to more of an full-on highlighter too but as I've already mentioned that's just not my cup of tea. The weird but good thing about the NiteShine Highlighter Concentrate is that even though it looks like a cream, when you actually apply it, it almost feels powdery so it's really easy to blend out. There are 4 shades available right now - Pale Pearl, Platinum Rose, Deep Copper and Molten Umber. Some people have moaned about the size of the product with it only being a 10ml (not much bigger than a bog standard nail polish) but I personally think it's not a bad price. When you think about the size and price of Benefit's High Beam which is priced at £22 then the Glossier price seems better (and obvs Glossier are cruelty-free whereas Benefit are not).

I also decided to pick up the Vinylic Lip in Pony which is probably the most natural shade out of the 6 shades available as of right now. It's described as a "High Shine Lacquer" which kind of intrigued me but also scared me at the same time. I like that it's in a clicky pen format with a cushion applicator as I don't have many lipsticks like that. I feel like it looks and feels more like a balm than a lacquer, it does feel slightly sticky when you first apply it but after a few minutes the stickiness goes away and then you're left with a pretty shiny lip colour. It doesn't last all day with it being quite balm-like so you would have to apply throughout the day but I do think it's pretty and I hope they bring out more nude shades to the range as I would buy a few more. The 6 Shades available right now are called - Bank, Blow-Up, Disco, Casino, Baby and Pony.

The one thing which I feel lets the Glossier Play range down is the plastic packaging inside the box, although it's pretty, it's just not needed as the branding and product design is fine as it is. But overall, I do like the products I've tried from the range but I'll admit that's nothing else in the Glossier Play range right now I shall be buying and trying as they are just not for me. But if you are more into natural, minimal makeup then I would recommend the two products I've tried from the Glossier Play range.

If you want to get 10% off and free delivery on your order then click here and shop through my link (no code needed!*)

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 Although I have a fair amount of hair care products which have been my favourites for a while, I'm always up for trying out new products and different brands to see if they work for my hair type which is basically a bit of everything - it's quite thin although it doesn't look it really because I like my hair to be cut quite blunt to make it look thicker and it's also frizzy and dry but my roots get greasy quickly. So it's really hard to find products which work for everything. In today's post I'm writing about five products I've been trying recently and whether they worked for me.
-This post contains PR samples/gifted items but no paid content. All opinions are my own-

I think we all know by now how much I love skincare and trying out different skincare products and brands. So I thought I would talk about three products which have basically blown my mind over the past month or so including one which has knocked one of my all-time favourite products off the top spot too. 
-This post contains PR samples/Gifted items but no paid content. All opinions are my own-
I've recently been trying out Aussie brand NEEK Skin Organics skincare products who are vegan friendly and contain no nasties in any of their products. I have seen their lipsticks floating about on my insta feed a lot lately which btw look gorgeous and I'm definitely going to have to try out soon. But I didn't realise that they offer skincare products too so when I got an email about their skincare products I was quite surprised. They currently have just two products available in their skincare range which are the Cleanser and the Moisturiser which both come in minimal but cute packaging both declaring that the products are "tested on sisters not animals".

Korres Wild Rose Skincare

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Korres are a brand that I've not really explored properly and I don't really know why. I've never actively gone out to buy anything from Korres but I've tried some products because they've been in beauty boxes I've been subscribed to. All of the things I've tried so far from Korres have been lovely and I've never had any issues with them. I recently received some of their Wild Rose Brightening skincare range and we all know I'm a sucker for skincare, so I thought I would write a post about my thoughts on the three products from the Wild Rose range that I've been using for the month and if I would recommend the range.