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So today's post is about Bidvine. Bidvine is a website and also an app you can find over 6000 services across the UK to choose from at the touch of your fingers. You can hire any of the following - Photographer, DJ, Makeup Artist, Domestic Cleaner, Personal Trainer and loads more too. 

It's so easy to use, you can either can use the website or just download the app (it's free!) and search for what you're looking for, select your requirements and budget, whether you would like the service provider to travel to you or if you're willing to travel to them and how many miles you're willing to travel, depending on the service you require, obviously. It's such a handy app to know about.

Once you submit your request, the quotes will start flooding in from people within hours who can complete the job you're asking for. They will reply with their quote and you can also see reviews from people who have already hired the professional service then you just choose which of the replies you found most suitable for what you are looking for and then set up a contract with them.

I wanted to find an affordable event makeup artist who was either willing to travel to me or close enough for me to travel to them for an upcoming event in a few months (which I can't really write more about because it's a surprise event lol). I found the app so fuss free and a breeze to use. You get asked your personal requirements - what makeup look you'd like, your age, additional add-ons (false lashes, tan etc) and more. I think it's great that they qualified service providers come to you rather than spending time hunting them down and I really like the fact you can see reviews too. I usually find that these type of apps don't usually cover around where I live and mainly focus on the main cities in the UK but this one does cater all over the country which I think is fab.

If you would like to check out the app/website more then click here.

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  1. What a neat idea for an app! Finding a makeup artist is one of those things that's so much harder than you think it'll be, since (at least for me) you only need to have your makeup done on rare occasions. How lovely that it covers the whole U.K., too!