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So I did a poll on Twitter probably around a month ago asking which of the blog posts you would like to see either "May-June Favourites" or "New In Drawer" and this got the most votes so here it is! Also just a disclaimer - I did take the photos for this blog post about two weeks ago so some of these products will have a review blog post on here already or they will be coming really soon. I do try out products anywhere between 2-3 weeks usually before reviewing or mentioning on my blog. 

Obviously looking at the photo above, I'm not going to be writing about every single product inside my New In Drawer because my hands would be falling off by the end of the post. Also some of these products I've not tried out at all yet or have only used once or twice. But I've decided to write about the products that I'm most excited to try out or have used a few times already and can give you my first impressions. So here goes.

Essence I Love Crazy Volume Mascara - Black - £2.80
I picked this up after seeing so many people rave about it. I've also become a huge fan of Essence makeup since receiving a few PR packages from them and I wanted to try some more products out so I picked a few things up whilst on a little shopping trip a few weeks ago. The brush is quite scary and intimidating which I know sounds silly but I'm one of the clumsiest people ever and having a spiky mascara brush is just asking for trouble and probably a trip the A&E. I've only tried it once and it was okay for me, nothing mind blowing but I think I need to get over my fear of the brush (lol) and try it a few more times before I give my final verdict. 

Benefit Shy Beam Highlighter - £21.50
First of all my highlighter is the mini not the full size. I'm not sure where you pick up the mini ones as I got mine brand new on Depop because I was intrigued to try it out. I have used this about 3 times now and it's actually really nice, perfect for pale skin as it's a light pink muted kind of highlighter. It gives me of a radiant, glowy look rather than a blinding, shimmery highlighter which is great for minimum makeup days. I think I will be picking up the full sized version once my mini runs out, I actually think I may like this more than my Benefit High Beam. 

Essence Colour Boost Nail Polish - Instant Match - £1.80* & Essence Out Of Space Stories Nail Polish - Across The Universe £2

I received the shade Instant Match in a PR package but have only just got around to using it the other day, it's definitely a statement kind of polish but I love it. I'm really loving these Colour Boost nail polishes from Essence as they are literally as stated '1 Coat and Go', if you're wearing a kind of bland outfit and want a pop of colour then you should definitely check out the shades available in this range.

I also picked up the gorgeous Out Of Space Stories Nail Polish in the shade Across The Universe. The whole area of these polishes was pretty much empty, so I picked up this one and it's so pretty. I've been wearing it a lot lately and again, I think it adds so much to an outift. It's kind of holographic and changes colours in different lighting, I'll definitely be picking up some more shades soon (if I can get my hands on them, that is).

Beauty Formulas Charcoal Clay Face Mask - 99p

I picked this up from B&M (my fave store if you didn't already know lol) just to see what it was like. I find products containing Charcoal work well for my oily skin, I've used this twice so far and it's actually pretty good. It smells lovely too, like fresh flowers which I'll admit with a Charcoal Face Mask, I didn't expect. It's also one of those masks when you can see where it's dried and where it's not because it does change colour slightly too. Fab for 99p!

The Body Shop - Super Volume Mascara - £10*

I love to try any mascara which has the word "volume" present in the title because boy, do my eyelashes need some volume (and a decent curl would be great too). My lashes are the most annoying, stubborn lashes known to man. They don't stay curled for long, no matter what technique I use, they just look rubbish. I'm not a huge fan of wearing fake lashes all the time either so yep, I just have to try and deal with it for now. I was really excited to try this and I do like it. I have only used it twice, it's not as volumising as I would've hoped but it definitely does something to my lashes, they unfortunately are still not staying curly for long but at least they look a little thicker when using this mascara which is always a plus.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder - Shade 01 - £14 
I did a little order online to "treat myself" (for the 5th time of the week) ad also because I I couldn't resist the 35% code I found and I picked up this Honey Bronze Bronzer in the shade 01 (as well as some other things). I'll admit It was a little more than I would normally pay for a bronzer but apparently they last for ages and also the shade is a lovely natural, barely there bronzer, which obviously because I'm so pale, is perfect. I've only used is a few times but so far I'm impressed and it definitely warms up my face and can be build up quite easily too. I'm really loving it so far!

Benefit GALifornia Blusher - £24.50

Ok so I'm been wanting to pick this up since first saw it and I've finally bit the bullet and got it. Spending £24 on (yet another) blusher I don't really need is something I couldn't really justify but it kept showing up everywhere on fellow bloggers blog posts or on my instagram feed and I gave in, I'm weak I know. I've only used it twice but it's just beautiful and I don't regret buying it at all. It's the most perfect blush for the Summer and it much smells like Summer too, thanks to the coconut and grapefruit-y scent.

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel - £5.99
I'm not usually someone who uses products you leave on overnight, apart from moisturiser obviously. Just because my skin is very problematic I always worry I'll wake up with a reaction/rash or break out. After reading the reviews about the Glycolic Overnight Peel I was intrigued, plus it was on offer at the time for £2.95 too. I've only used this twice I think so far and I can definitely see a difference after use. My skin looks more even and my pores look a little smaller too.

Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Lip Kit - Echelon - £6
I've heard so many mixed reviews about these lip kits from Makeup Revolution, some people say they're as good as the Kylie lip kits and some people say they are terrible. So far I'm really liking this. It's a pretty pink-brown nude colour and a lovely everyday kind of shade to wear. The staying power is good but not amazing but for £6, I think I'll definitely buy a few more shades. One thing I will say about this lip kit in particular which was a little disappointing, is that the lipliner doesn't go with liquid lipstick at all, I do have some more lipsticks that will just about match up to it though but obviously, the whole point of a lip kit is that both the lipstick and liner are either the same or very similar.

What new things are you currently loving?

 Also if there's anything in my "New In" Drawer that you'd like to see a full review or an instagram review on, let me know in the comments!
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