The Body Shop | Summer Releases 2017 & #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting Campaign

A few weeks ago I was kindly sent some products from The Body Shop which I'm still in total shock about, to be honest. The Body Shop are one of my all time favourite brands and because of them being cruelty-free I love buying and trying their products and I rarely ever find anything that I don't like or don't get along with. I've been sent some of their new releases which whilst I'm writing this I don't think they are available right now but I thought I would still show you so you know what's coming soon. I've also been sent some other products which have been around for a little while now but I hadn't gotten around to trying them out, until now. 

Before I tell you what I thought about the products I received, I want to talk about the campaign The Body Shop are currently running #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting. You may have seen me tweet/instagram about this already but Animal Testing is something which shouldn't be happening in this day and age. 80% of countries still have no laws against animal testing for cosmetics products and ingredients. The Body Shop and Cruelty-Free International are wanting to achieve 8 million signatures to present the UN General Assembly in 2018. If you want to show your support then you can sign the petition here.

Instaglow CC Cream SPF 20 - Peachy Glow / Light to Medium Skin -  RRP £15*

First up is the Instaglow CC Cream in the shade, Peachy Glow. It claims to have a multi-benefit formula - Corrects skin tone, Illuminates, Moisturizes for 24hrs, Minimises the appearance of pores, Reduces shine and UVA/UVB protection. When I first tried this I thought "Oh god, this is going to give me an orange/pink undertone" lol but it does blend out nicely, you don't have to use too much either and it definitely awakens dull looking skin and it really does help to even out my skin tone a lot. It's great for those days when you haven't slept well and your whole face shows it. It works as a great primer before foundation and as I've mentioned before I'm terrible with remembering to apply sunscreen so I really like that this contains SPF 20 too. Also, it does say it's suitable for all skin types so if you're looking for something like this, then I would 100% recommend this. There are 3 different shades to choose from - Bright Glow, Peachy Glow and Warm Glow.

Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome - 01 Highlight - RRP £9*

I also got the Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome which is a cream highlighter, looking at the colour I did think it may be a little too dark for my super pale skin but surprisingly it suits my skin and it is so pretty and very subtle. It's a perfect everyday kind of shimmery highlighter. I think the concept is that you apply it straight on your face due to the handy packaging but I tap it onto my cheekbones with my finger just because I think for me it's more flattering and have a little more control where to pop it on. It also smells so nice too! You can pick it up in 01 Highlighter, 02 Blush and 03 Bronze. It's a great size to pop in your travel bag too and I just think the dome shaped packaging is really cute.

Coconut Hand Cream - £4*

I already knew I'd love this because I already own the Moringa, Shea and also the Fuji Green Tea hand creams from The Body Shop. So I knew this would be another fab hand cream to add to my ever growing collection. It's smell like proper coconut and not synthetic and it's creamy but dries very quickly and I just love these because they are a great size to pop in your bag. If you've never tried a hand cream from The Body Shop then you're definitely missing out, I also think they make great add-on gifts if you're like me and like buying a few different gifts for someone rather than one main gift.

Honey Bronze Bronzing Body BB Cream - £16*

First of the new Summer 2017 releases is this Bronzing Body BB Cream. I haven't properly tried this yet just because I rarely really wear any sort of fake tan products because I don't really bare my legs and arms enough if I'm being totally honest lol. But I have tested this on my wrist and it's very natural looking with some shimmer and it blended out really nicely. It is a wash off product which I personally prefer. I am looking forward to trying it properly and I will do a mini review on my instagram or twitter soon. It smells like honey too which I'm a fan of because one thing I do hate about fake tan products is that they always have that horrible fake tan smell that lingers onto everything you touch and it's just ew. I can't say if I do like this or not yet but all I can say right now is that it does look promising and it'll be great to find a no fuss kind of fake tan that suits my pale skin. 

Complexion Blender - Not sure of RRP yet because it's not yet released *

I also received this unusual looking makeup blender, I don't think I've seen a blender-shaped like this one before. I have tried to use this to apply my makeup but I don't know if it's because I've kind of gone off beauty blenders right now and prefer to use brushes but I didn't find it was the best one I've used, but I've found it to be great for finishing touches after applying my concealer and foundation just to kind of mesh the makeup into the skin and take away any excess foundation and give more of a natural, flawless finish. 

Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation - Railay Beach 014 - Not sure of RRP yet because it's not yet released *

This foundation is a new favourite, literally the first time I used this I just knew it was going to be a new favourite too, I would say the coverage is medium but is buildable, it's also a first time in a long time that a slightly darker shade suits my skin which means the lightest shade will be super pale which is great if you're pale like me! This stays in place all day and it also contains tea tree meaning it can promote clearer skin. It's one of those foundations which meshes with the skin nicely and you feel as if you're not wearing anything because it's so lightweight. Highly recommend trying this out when it is released! 

So there's what I thought about everything I was kindly sent out. I will keep you updated on the Bronzing BB Cream as I am intrigued to see if it'll work for me. Also, Don't forget to sign the #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting campaign here!

Hope you enjoyed this post!
What are your current favourite products from The Body Shop?
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*PR samples, all opinions are my own


  1. All of these products look amazing. I haven't tried a lot of things from The Body Shop but I really want to. I'm definitely going to check some of the products you mentioned. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  2. I definitely want to try out that coconut hand cream! I love The Body Shop and will definitely be taking a look at their summer collection thanks to this post :) - Kimberly

  3. Nice to see TBS releasing some new products. Might check out that hand cream!

  4. Congrats on such an exciting collab! I haven't been in the Body Shop for years -- I think it's more a UK thing than an American one these days, but hopefully that'll change as I love this cruelty-free campaign! I'd love to try out thehomey bronze highlighter!


  5. Oh I would love love love to try that clarifying foundation, and the instaglow too! I wish we still had a Body Shop where I lived but at least they have a website.

  6. I love the sound of the CC cream, I bet it'd be gorgeous to use whilst away on holiday! Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  7. You've got some great products there! I LOVE The Body Shop!!!!

    Britt |

  8. The sponge is so unique.. it looks like two sponges stuck together! I really like the sound of the Matte Clay Foundation, a foundation that has good coverage and can help improve spots is a winner in my eyes


  9. These products look great! I haven't used TBS makeup in ages!

    Emily xo

  10. I looooove this post! First of all, your photography is absolutely amazing. It's sooo pretty I love it. The blog props you use really compliments the products. Secondly, I love The Body Shop and I own just about everything from their! What's your all time favourite product? x