New Skincare Release Alert! | T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Range

I've been trying out some of the newly released Charcoal & Bamboo Range from T-Zone for someone who has oily/combination skin, this range sounded perfect when I got an email asking if I would like to try out some of the range.

The range consists of 8 new products - Face Wipes, Cleanser, Self-Heating Face Mask, Peel Off Mask, Face Scrub, Nose Strips and No Shine Papers. All of the products are ideal for oily and spot-prone skin. The activated charcoal works as a magnet to draw out impurities from the pores. Whilst the bamboo extract should help to control oil and dirt and the grapefruit present helps to soothe the skin. All of the products are Mineral Oil-Free too. Here's what I thought about the products I received to review.

Ultra Purifying Face Wash £3.25*
First up is the Purifying Face Wash. It's a water-based gel cleanser and smells absolutely lovely. The Bamboo and Grapefruit scent definitely comes through more than the Charcoal scent. It foams up nicely and is easy to wash off. It freshens up my skin nicely and does a good job and my skin feels lovely and clean afterwards. If you're looking for a really affordable cleanser then I'd definitely recommended this. I've actually already featured the cleanser in a blog post last week which you can read here.

No Shine Papers £2.99*
With no shine papers or "blotting paper", as I call them, I feel like they are all the same really. Obviously, with me having oily skin, I do use no shine papers and always have a pack in my bag. These definitely do the job and as stated on the package, they don't smudge makeup and controls any shine and it's great to have in your bag, especially during the summer when my skin gets even more oily.  

Self Heating Masks* (Not sure on price)
Lastly, I received a pack of Self Heating Masks There is 4 in a pack which I think is really good. Because of them being in a sachet, they are great for travelling. The mask is very thick and reacts to water. It's a great quick fix kind of mask - you massage it in for about a minute and then leave it an extra minute and then remove. It doesn't harden like a normal kind of face mask. I did have some redness on my face after removing because I'm guessing it's because of it being a self-heating mask. The redness went away after about 20 minutes. The mask left my skin really soft and felt like it had a really deep cleanse. 

I've really enjoyed trying everything I was sent from the new T-Zone range, I'm definitely going to pick up some more from the range to try out soon, I think my favourite is probably the cleanser and I can't believe how well it works for my skin and how affordable it is.

I think if you have oily/combination/spot prone skin then this range is going to be a new favourite to you. It's so cheap and easy to get hold of as it's available in Superdrug. Also if you're someone who wants the benefits from Activated Charcoal but not keen on the smell of Charcoal then you'll like these products because I personally cannot smell Charcoal and can only smell the Grapefruit and Bamboo. 

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*PR samples,  all opinions are my own

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  1. Sounds like a fab affordable range! Blotting papers is totally something I need. xx

    Lucy |