No More Sleepless Nights Due To Anxiety? | Dr Kimoto Warming Aromatherapy Eye Masks Review*

I recently was contacted by Lou the owner of and was kindly asked if I would be interested in reviewing an health/beauty item from the site. I had never heard of Loulou-loves before and was surprised to find that there are lots of items available on the website from - skincare, health, jewellery, personalised items and more. Everything I came across in the health and beauty section was really affordable and there is also a lot of items on the website overall that would be great for gifts too.

I decided to try out the Dr Kimoto Warming Aromatherapy Eye Masks* RRP £12.99. I was really intrigued to try these out because I have seen these about and other brands sell these and seeing and hearing so many people rave about them. I do struggle to sleep most nights and find it hard to fall asleep even if I'm absolutely shattered, thanks to my anxiety. I also have been unfortunate and seemed to have got the "headache gene" from my dad, so as soon as I hit 21 a few years ago, certain foods and drinks trigger headaches depending more on what brand they are from (I know, it's pretty odd). It's very annoying, so as you can imagine I want to find something which I can rely on to help me when I'm having a really bad night of not being able to get to sleep and/or crippling headaches. 

The Dr Kimoto micro-steam aromatherapy eye masks are disposable and only to be used once. They are activated by air and heat up quickly to a nice 40 degrees and lasts for around 15-20 minutes.  In the pack there are 8 masks (making them out to be just over £1.60 per mask, bargain!) According to Dr Kimoto they can provide relief from dry eye symptons, mild tension headaches, eye fatigue, jet-leg, travelling, insomnia and stress.

The masks are individually wrapped in a foil-like packet and once you open the packet the the mask starts to heat up. I'll admit, because of the print, they do kind of look like you're wearing a sanitary pad on your face but eh never mind (lol). Each mask also has loops for your ears and fit comfortably.

I can honestly say these have been a complete life saver, well sleep saver anyway. I've used three of them so far and each time they worked so well for me. Obviously I can't use these every single night because it would end up costing a lot of money per month but on nights when I'm literally clock watching because my anxiety is getting the better of me or I just can't drop off to sleep even though I'm shattered, these are great. The scent of the chamomile and lavender is very subtle but is there and it definitely helps promote relaxation. One of the times I wore the eye mask I actually fell asleep because it made me feel so relaxed. I will definitely use these from now on and always have some in my house for when I'm struggling to sleep. I can't comment on if it helps headaches because I haven't had one for a few weeks (very unusual, but yay). Overall, I really recommend these eye warming masks and also recommend browsing too to find more interesting products (I've already added an sonic facial cleanser on my wishlist from the website, oops).

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