Simple Ways To Get Your Teeth Whiter & Healthier *

I'm quite self-conscious about my teeth, as I've mentioned before on my blog. Because I'm so pale, I feel like my teeth look slightly yellow all the time. So I'm always trying out new products or safe ways to make my teeth look a little whiter so I don't feel as self-conscious. If you're like me and feel a little self conscious about your teeth then today's post I will be sharing easy ways you can get your teeth looking more whiter and healthier and gain back some more confidence.

This sounds pretty obvious I know, but using teeth whitening products helps hugely. I do use a variety of teeth whitening products. I really like the Beverly Hills Formula toothpastes, they are a little more pricier than your usual toothpaste at £4.99 but you can definitely see and feel the difference after using them. I've also noticed that Superdrug have brought out a "Charcoal" range recently so I'm going to pick that up soon too to try it out. I also was recently sent some products from the Janina range which you can read all about here. The Extra Fresh Whitening Foam from Janina has been working really well for me and I use it a couple times a week and have definitely seen improvements since using it. Also remember to floss your teeth regularly, I do mine every other day. It's another thing that people forget to do to stop plague building up in between your teeth.

I came across this Pinterest hack a while ago and I still use it now... Using the inside of an Banana peel and rubbing it on your teeth for around 2 minutes then brush away inside of the banana peel and brush your teeth as normal. I'll admit it feels kind of weird but definitely worth it. Because the Banana peel is jam packed with Potassium, Magnesium and Manganese they all work together to whiten your teeth. Pretty impressive, right?

I know dentists can be pretty scary but visiting your dentists when you should (instead of making excuses, we've all done it) is really important. You could be missing out on an appointment which could potentially save your teeth in the long run. Also your dentist can tell you if you need to floss more or give you tips on products to use for your teeth.

If you're really not happy with your teeth because of discolouration or any other problem like - gaps in teeth, worn and chipped teeth, Flurosis and more then maybe Porcelain Veneers may be something to consider? At Harley Street Smile Clinic they offer Porcelain Veneers and you can get a free E-Consultation via the website too. 

Their Porcelain Veneers are hand crafted and wafer thin and help to improve the appearance of your teeth. The procedure is pain-free and you will not feel more than a scratch and you can go back to work pretty much straight away. An average treatment is 4-10 veneers on the front teeth and then a whitening treatment on the rest of your teeth. After just 2 pain-free appointments (90 minutes each) you can be walking be around with a brand new smile to show off. 
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