Wabi Skincare Mocha & Peppermint Body Scrub Review

Wabi Skincare got in touch with me last month asking if I would like to review their natural coffee scrub and I was given the option of trying either their Mocha and Peppermint scrub or the Sweet Orange. Because I'm not a huge Orange scent fan, I decided on the Mocha and Peppermint* scrub, plus I love anything minty and it definitely wakens up your body first thing in the morning. 

Wabi specialise in natural, ethical, coffee skincare. Which I love. I'm a huge fan of coffee scrubs, I've recently become a little obsessed on the Scrub Love body scrubs but I do think they are expensive for the amount of the product you get and I do prefer a body scrub tub rather than a sachet packaging. Especially if I'm spending £10+.

They source all of their coffee beans from small speciality farms and London's top independent coffee roasters' and make use of an excess product which would otherwise go to waste. Their products do NOT contain any chemicals, parabens, microbeads or palm oil. Everything is natural with biodegradable exfoilators.

I usually give products at least 2 weeks before reviewing on my blog but I've literally used this twice and I'm completely sold. It exfoliates really well and leaves my skin glowing and sooo soft. I'd say if you're not a fan of a gritty body scrub then maybe this isn't for you but I personally love a body scrub when you can tell it's doing it job and this definitely does. Because of it containing coconut oil and olive oil, it leaves my skin feeling so smooth. Also because of it containing Peppermint, it kind of takes the strong coffee scent edge off and replaces it with a more well, minty scent. Think candy canes and coffee and that's exactly what I think this smells like.  

I also really like the glass packaging and simplicity and it just looks so much more expensive than it really is at £14. Overall, I'm really impressed and I know if I do (finally) do another "monthly favourites" blog post soon that this will be in it, that's for sure.

Also if you would like to try out the body scrubs then Wabi has kindly given me a 20% off discount code - "WABIBEAUTYBLOGGER"

If you want to check out Wabi Skincare's website click here.

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*PR/gifted item, all opinions are my own

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  1. This sounds like it would make for a perfect pampering session! I always cheap out on body products though haha. Think I will be putting this on the Birthday List though!

    Thanks for sharing your review!

    Beccah xx